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Aaron Arnold 1 Reviews
Nope, never

So…I after reviewing a few companies online for a local 42 mile move, I chose the Good Greek Moving company. I made the call a spoke to a gentleman named Ace and let him know that the whole reason I am hiring a moving company is because I have an 867lb+ safe that needs to be moved. He said no problem, I said sign me up! When the day came 4 guys show up on a 26’ box truck with no lift gate. At that point I said how do they expect to get it done? The said they will try but couldn’t understand why they didn’t send them with a lift gate truck. So after everything else was loaded, we once again looked at the safe, the area that they would have to pull to was a little wet so I had a neighbor use his tractor to place it on the back of the truck so they didn’t have to fight it. So now my safe is on their truck. On the way over the office of the moving company called to see how things are going and I told them the story and asked why they didn’t send a lift gate truck for an 867lbs safe. He said oh the guys can handle it, I said are you sure he (his name was Gorgio) stated that oh yeah they can handle it. I said ok. Well we got to the destination and after everything else was unloaded I got a call from the company stating that I will have to pay another $475 to get my safe off of their truck….what the hell. The manager there stated that he understands how I must feel, I said oh, so you understand that you’re holding my safe hostage for a sum of $475. He stated they didn’t realize that the safe was that big….WTH!!! So after a long deliberation that I got fed up with, I ended up paying $275 to have another truck with a lift gate. I deal with a lot of the public and I will be VERY vigilant in my influence to others on what moving company to not use……now for the record…the actual workers were awesome…the office lost a customer for life.

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