19 Reviews for Colonial Van Lines Inc

Wendy Ellison

Sales Won’t Stop Calling

1/ 5

I put in a request for a quote but decided to go with another moving company. They keep calling 2-3x a week asking for my business. I told them I chose another company and to stop contacting me, but they continue to call and send emails. It’s the same woman, Hannah, who continues to call and will not take no for an answer. Please, do not even engage with this company because they will continue calling you long after you’ve chosen another company and have asked to be left alone.

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John Folsom

Successful move

4/ 5

Although my wife and I have moved several times, because of the distance we decided to hire movers this time. Although there were a few concerns prior to and after the move, the actual moving experience was a good one. The movers who came to our house and loaded and unloaded They were very professional and courteous. We really enjoyed working with them. Although we had a number of highly fragile items we only had one minor issue.
My wife and I agreed that we wouldn’t have wanted to do this on our own and were glad we had gotten Colonial.

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1/ 5

-Sales rep are a bunch of scammers (Leonard Mcgarvey is awful)
-Doubled my weight and cost after my estimate was “absolute highest possible”
-showed up a day early
-damaged flooring at my new place
-stole an autographed football from a zipped up bag I packed myself
-lost multiple boxes

Colonial is a classic bate and switch moving company that doesn’t care about anything but their own numbers

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Michael Wehr

Awful experience

1/ 5

First they were late to pick up 2 weeks, picked up day before closing. Put furniture in storage for 3 months. When we moved in our new house it took then 4 weeks to deliver. Excuse after excuse. They told us to deduct 600$ from the bill but word never got to the driver ,subbed to Boost Express, he refused to deliver and threatened to take it back. We needed our stuff so we signed off. Complained to Colonial and after 3 more weeks they said Boost wouldn’t respond and I would have to call credit card company to stop payments. They said they couldn’t do so was told in essence ,so sad to bad. Most all furniture was damaged but they said since it looks useable to them they gave us 120 $ lol. What a joke of a company. Beware

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Shawn Holman


1/ 5

Company gets your household goods and money, then doesn’t care. Will flat out lie about deliver dates. Would not give me the inventory list I signed when items picked up, and did not have an inventory list at delivery making it difficult to determine what was missing. Items damaged in shipment, driver just shrugged his shoulders and left. Company is garbage.

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Mary Shaver

Absolute crooks!

1/ 5

This company is rubbish!! I was quoted $4000 for a 1 bedroom condo plus garage. When they came to move me, they upped it to $11000!!!! More than double the original quote! Then, once I could get into my new storage unit and look thru my belongings, I see that my queen bed mattress and box spring is missing! Missing!! I also had other things that don’t belong to me.
I can understand the original quote being a bit off, but $7000 off?!?!
I recommend steering clear of this company. If I could give negative stars I would. -5stars

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Mike – we are in the same boat (same truck?). We are being told that their truck has “broken down.” We keep being fed false information, with empty promises on delivery. We don’t know if we are ever going to see our belongings again, and if we do – what condition they are going to be in. I have gone the route of filing complaints since Colonial keeps lying to us. I’m seriously considering legal action against them if we don’t receive our belongings soon or at least told where they are located. (We were also told we would owe thousands above what our original estimate was – and we don’t even have our stuff yet…)

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1/ 5

Truck broken down over 2 weeks ago. We still don’t know when we are getting our things. We were called from their finance department that we would owe an additional $4,000. Worst experience ever…

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1/ 5

Colonial Van Lines has not taken any initiative to inform us that the truck transporting our goods was broken down 1500 miles from our destination, nor has taken any proactive steps to remedy the situation. The best consolation I have received is an undetermined delivery date, “once they are able to get the truck back on the road.” If we hadn’t have called on the last day of their 14 day delivery window, we still would have had no update to what the status of our shipment is. The customer service reps provided numerous inaccurate estimates and updates to the status of the truck and estimated delivery. Our belongings are essentially being held hostage indefinitely.

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David Dooling

Smooth Move

5/ 5

I decided to go with Colonial due to their good reviews and the only guys I talked to that went by the department of transportation unit of measurement which would be weight. I have used United in the past and they went by weight but everyone I talked to went by space. They were very informative in what to expect and they exceeded my expectations. Everything went well and I would definitely use them again.

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We deeply regret choosing Colonial Van Lines

1/ 5

I rarely write reviews. But it would be a disservice to other prospective Colonial Van Lines customers not to share a review in as many forums as possible. I’m a senior professional. One dedicated to helping companies shape their brands, their offering and ultimately succeed in fulfilling their mission and vision, grounded in what’s ultimately most important: quality products and service that delivers on what they promise, grounded in exceptional customer service. Our initial experience with Colonial Van Lines, when exploring our shipping options, receiving a cost estimate and executing the contract seemed to have gone smoothly. From the moment the truck and drivers arrived it went down-hill. From careless handling of our boxes and treasured furniture pieces to suspicious weighing of the trucks, missing weight tickets, additional $574 in charges that could not be confirmed as accurate, holding our shipment hostage until we paid the additional charges. Upon delivery, smashed boxes, broken designer dresser, ruined, scratched and cracked designer chair, entire stereo system no longer working, broken glass… the list goes on. We couldn’t have been any more careful in packing our items. Everything was bubble wrapped, reinforced with foam and all delicate pieces additionally wrapped in padding. The boxes looked like they were driven cross-country under the truck not inside. It was clear that the handling of the boxes was done with absolutely no regard for people’s property. It’s sad to trust a company and other people with your property only to witness that they really don’t care at all. Once you hand over your deposit, they really don’t care. Lastly, I’ve been dealing with a manager by the name of Monica Cruz who has been diligent about reading me and writing me scripted talking points in response to our concerns. But it’s evident she also doesn’t care. It’s now been two weeks since our boxes and furniture were delivered and the weight ticket is still “being located.” Two weeks for a driver to email or text a weight ticket. It’s absurd and unacceptable across the board. We trusted Colonial Van Lines with our property and we deeply regret it. I advise that you look at other options if you would like your property in the hands of drivers that care.

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Amy Chan

Worst moving company!

1/ 5

Colonial Van Lines uses 3rd party movers who are not professional movers. They cheated on their estimates.
Account Number:641793-CV-R1 5404
My husband and I have moved across the US at least 5 times the last 15 years, each time we used either Ally or Mayflower. We moved from Upstate NY to Philadelphia and decided to save cost and went with Colonial Van Lines this time and ultimately regretted the decision. Below are the details:
1. They do estimates and not quotes like other companies, which means they could charge more (usually not less) after the move. They do not perform in person home evaluation. Everything was done through a phone call. Because of that, we were uncomfortable how accurate that might be, therefore we had another company Corrigan to come evaluate. They quoted us to be within 6000 lbs range. Their quote is final and that’s the price you pay. We sent Corrigan’s quote to Colonial and asked them to beat the price. They assured us that our items should be less than 5000 lbs and could save us $2000.

2. When the movers came to pick up they mentioned that it has to be within 75 ft of the apt and the truck, and will be charged a fee if more than that distance, this was never disclosed to us.

3. During the delivery the driver panicked and kept calling my husband about parking in Philadelphia and caused a lot of stress when he later told us that we should have gotten a permit. This was ridiculous to us and this is usually taken care by by the movers. We did not have any issues with Mayflower when we moved to Chicago city area.

4. The driver later told us that they have to charge us extra because we have more than 21 flights of steps to the apt by counting the basement to the top, not from the truck to the apt, which was different from pick up. He had no idea how much to charge us since it was a Sunday. He said the office told him to charge us the maximum of $150 and will call us back to sort out the detail and refund us money. Long story short, they never called us and charged us in full of $150.

5. The contracted movers are Beast Coast Moving, who do not hire professionally trained movers. They flipped a lot of our boxes upside down, which was frustrating. They severely bent one of our desk metal legs, which I decided to document by taking photos. The driver bent the leg back and took another picture. I told him I’m going to submit a claim, but he told me that the claim dept will never believe me as he bent it back and took a better picture!!! My husband and I were speechless at that point and what just came out of his mouth.

6. They also charged us an additional $1300 as they claimed it was over 5000 lbs, which was not what they assured us the first place.

7. We found out that the overweight was because they combined our boxes with other client’s as we were unpacking we found boxes of stuff that belong to other clients and not ours, which lead us to believe they combined other client’s boxes with ours and became overweight. We were extremely baffled by their unprofessionalism. In the process, we also found out we were missing one of our boxes.

8. Additionally, the delivery guy charged us 4 additional boxes and packing materials for $80 which do not exist. We were so furious at this point.

8. Altogether we overpaid by $1089.06 (none existent packing material and overweight charges).

9. When my husband tried to call and dispute with Tiara.morgan@colonialvanlines.com, she would tell us she needs to investigate, but never call back. We left additional messages and she never returns them.

10. They were suppose to put our beds together since they were the ones who took it apart. When I moved the bed to re-position it, 2 metals fell off the bottom frame because they never tighten the screws. We were horrified by how bad they did their jobs.

Long story short, we will never go with Colonial van lines ever again. This is most stressful time working with them. Ultimately they did not beat other company’s quote, and left us dissatisfied, angered, and frustrated.

We also left a review on the Better Business Bureau to help us investigate. A guy name Leon gave us his number to call back. We called everyday the last 2 weeks and left multiple messages and nobody ever calls back.

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Run away! Run away!

1/ 5

We’re missing entire boxes of our goods. What arrived was broken. The crew left trash strewn all over our property. This is a third party, middle man moving company. Once they have your money–you are NOTHING to them. The communication is awful. How do they stay in business? They pay off their customers. Run away! Run away!

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Dennis DiLosa

Still have not received my belongings

1/ 5

Booked a move with Colonial in May. First…they are not a moving company. They subcontract to 3rd party moving companies. In this case Boost Express.

My items were picked up in New Orleans, LA 5/17/2019. I was given a delivery window of 5/23-6/1. As of today, 6/18, my belongings still have not been delivered.

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Norman Powers

Bad services received !!!

2/ 5

Worst company ever, why you ask? We had many issues with delivery of our furniture and moving boxes. First, the driver called to let us know he would not be able to drive the semi down our street and that we would need to pay extra for a shuttle. We explained that another company had no problems but driver still refused. During the move, Waster kept calling to make sure we paid the extra cost. There were issues with the driver paying the men hired to move our items furniture and also re-assembling. We ended up paying out of pocket for someone to stay to re-assemble our furniture and are still trying to recoup the cost from Westar. Furniture was damaged and worse, someone broke into one of the moving boxes and my wife’s gold jewelry and watches was stolen. I would not recommend this company.

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Jerrod Pearce

Worst experience ever !!! Colonial Van Lines

1/ 5

Hands down, the worst contracting experience of my life, of any type. We scheduled our move over a month in advance with Colonial Van Lines- the day before our scheduled pickup, everything is packed and ready to go. Then I get a call, less than 24 hours before our pickup, that says the truck that was scheduled got overloaded by another customer, and wouldn’t have room for our stuff; as such, they wouldn’t be able to get our stuff on the agreed date.

That in and of itself was horrible, but the experience that followed was even worse. I could not get anyone on the phone to provide an update, and no one would respond to my emails. All I wanted was an update of any sort, and to just be given an idea of what the solution was. Finally they admitted they had no idea, and it could conceivably be another week before they’d have a truck.

These moves aren’t like rescheduling a dentist appointment. My lease was up, and I had to be out. New tenants were moving in. I had to be in my new city to start my new job. And Colonial had absolutely no solution, no response, no service, and no idea of when they’d have anything.

Thankfully, another storage/moving company was able to get me a unit delivered the same day, so I had to scramble deep into the night to improvise and get the unit loaded by myself so I could be out. The only positive thing I’ll say about Colonial is they were very eager to let me cancel my order.

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Really Amazing to Work with!

5/ 5

I planned to move from Pennsylvania to Dallas TX because my company’s production space needed to be enlarged. I actually have massive production equipment that has been given me concern in terms of relocation. When I was referred to Colonial Van Lines, I never believed they could help me move to the new site. To my greatest surprise, their team of experts helped me moved all my equipment and they helped me in setting them up without any extra charges. They are amazing to work with.

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I had a good experience with them

5/ 5

I would always recommend Colonial Van Lines. When I spoke with a customer care rep, she asked me for my intended delivery time. Because I had an on-going project that I have to complete in 20days, I asked for a maximum of 3days to fully relocate. They agreed to meet up with my stipulated time but to my amazement, they finished before time, in 2days and the job was perfect without any fault. Am really impressed

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Sung K.

Will not recommend on Colonial Van Lines at all

1/ 5

Please consider carefully to choose your movers! It could make you headache!

I don’t know how I would express my disappointment about Colonial Van Lines’ moving service.

I have moved from Buena Park CA to Dallas/Richardson TX recently, and my stuff were picked up on 6/14. When the pickup trucker came for pickup, they asked me additional cost for Satellite truck because it’s not allowed 53′ full truck in the area. But it was reasonable and I accepted the request.

I initially contacted the customer care rep at Colonial Val Lines, around on the end of June (6/29 or 6/30) to arrange for the delivery, and the rep said you would need 15 days delivery window. Since I had to leave for a business travel at that time, I explained my situation and asked if it’s possible to shorten the window to make deliver between 7/14-7/15, and she said she would try but it’s not guaranteed for that short window. Anyways, I arranged the delivery window starting from 7/14.

I got called from their trucker or mover’s dispatch around 7/11, and he asked me the delivery window again. I told it should be 7/14-7/15 because of my business travel, and he said that’s too short to arrange because their minimum delivery window should be 6 days. I told him it’s ok to keep the current delivery window as 7/14-7/19 because I could ask one of my colleague to receive the delivery for me.

I got noticed the delivery wouldn’t be made during my request window around 7/12 once I called to their customer care. My packages were not even departed from CA at that time, and they were planned to departing CA during the weekend (7/14~).

I was in Pennsylvania at the time and came back to Dallas TX during the weekend just for my initial delivery plan, and had to go back to Pennsylvania again on 7/16, and tried to make another delivery appointment for the following weekend (7/21-7/22). It was ok by then because I already took the risk of miss delivery with my initial delivery request. But, when I checked back with their customer service on 7/16 and heard my packages were still not departed CA, my disappointment begun. She said she would update me once it’s planned to move my packages, and there’s no any update until I called back to them on 7/19 or 7/20. She said although my packages were still in CA, they would be departed at least during the weekend (7/21-7/22) because the last day of my 15 days window will be 7/28.

I again came back from my business travel on 7/20 to prepare to receive my packages on the following week days or weekend. I never doubt it because the last day of delivery window will be anyway 7/28.

When I checked with them on 7/25 (it was pretty hard to reach out to them), my packages were still in AZ and their mover was trying to deliver another customer’s stuff and there’s no even plan to depart AZ at that time until they completed another customer’s delivery. She also said they would compensate for the dates over the deliver window, but I don’t know how they could compensate for the mess that they caused on my packages.

I had spent frequent flight cost to return back from my business travel, and I was having to staying at hotel even though my apt lease has been started from 7/14 just because they had not yet to bring my stuffs here to Dallas.

Finally, my packages were delivered on 8/11, after 44 days from my initial delivery request, with some damages or missing stuff (End table, Fan, Lamp, Box springs were damaged, and Dining table’s legs were missing).

They have deducted $30/day compensation for the delay for 13 days when I had to spend more than $2,000 additional money for the delay. The worst things are the sales person as well as the customer care agent could not be even reached out from the end of July until my packages were delivered.

I’m now processing for the damage claim, and I do not even know how long this will be taken or if it will be processed.

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