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Chipman Relocations

Chipman Relocations
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Chipman Relocations


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I am a "Disabled USAF War Veteran and a female who served my country honorably. CHIPMAN packed and moved my item with the help of the leader, Mr. UNCLE TOM PLANTATION NEGROE. MILITARY AND MILITARY VETERANS AND FEMALES DO NOT PATRONIZE this KLU KLUX KLAN company (Descendants of the Slaveowners). CHIPMAN, they have the correct name, we are the White Man that Chips, Cracks,Damage, and Steal your irreplaceable valuables. They use military, Veterans, and people of correct for their personal property, yet the ances6of the Chipmans benefited from slavery, were Slaveowners and received ed descendants of the slaves money to start their business and become millionaires. They refuse to however or the lawsuit, nor PAY $8996.00 in STOLEN and DAMAGED Furniture and Funishings. They were blessed with a Klan Judge(descendants of the slaveowners, with Black people who have their SURNAMES including CHIPMAN. Dear MILITARY and MILITARY VETERANS and Afro-Americans, B O Y C O T T CHIPMAN movers. They employ "street ghetto low class thugs"as movers. VETERANS and BLACK PEOPLE YOU MUST BOYCOTT these people, they surely do not appreciate the freedoms and rights that was earned by the VETERANS and BLACKS who sacrificed their LIFE for them to be greedy, selfish, nefarious, and racist; understandable they are privileged and rich off of the backs of the Military and the VETERANS, yet they have privileges and luxurious jobs and businesses we can only dream of, Immigrants NEVER built America, it was the SLAVES who BUILT AMERICA from "Free Labor"; Brick by Brick, Stone by Stone, Rock but Rock, Rail by Rail, Bridge by Bridge, Road but Road, Lampost by Lampost, and Inch by Inch and yet we are still HATED and MISTREATED and DISRESPECTED WORSE THAN ANIMALS. So if this is the America you want for your offspring, then there should be a MASS EXODUS similar to "La Amistad" and we should seek ASYLUM and REFUGEE status to escape this "brutal subjugation " and "inbred HATE and BLACKS, FIGHT for your REPARATIONS and file HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS again6your descendants of the sla9. It is time to WAKE THE HE'LL UP and stop being submissive to DNA INCORPORATED Savage BEASTLY BEHAVIOR!!

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    You can call them at 866 513 3359 or visit their website

    The address of Chipman Relocations is: 1040, Marina Village, Pkwy. Ste. 100, Alameda, CA 94501.

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