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Accurate Express Movers

Accurate Express Movers
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Accurate Express Movers
Accurate Express Movers
Accurate Express Movers


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At first, this company seems pretty great. Their quote staff is responsive (as one would be when trying to secure paying contracts). Their preshipment staff is top notch. The guys who came to the origination point were great too. They loaded my household goods and took care to wrap and stack things nicely (note: we were present at this point). This is where the value and good stewardship ends. My things were taken to a depot to await assignment to a driver. What happened at the depot, I will never know. We get to our destination (it was a CA to MO move) and the driver calls 24 hrs in advance to give me a delivery window. The next day, the window is nearly over and no driver and no call. So we call. An he is rude but says he will be there in an hour. Okay, no problem. We wait. He arrives and is rude from the outset. After he is here for at least 30 minutes trying to situate his truck, a random man walks up and it turns out this is his help for the day! Not a professional mover, but a random day laborer. They open the truck and my husband is shocked. Why are our plastic totes upside down, have holes, and are shoved into spaces? They weren't loaded in such a manner at origination. Why is a statue my husband created unboxed on the floor? Why does the driver proceed to toss the statue and all of the boxes, regardless of how they are labelled, of the truck? Why are my new moving boxes that were pristine and packed correctly at the outset all trashed and crushed and shoved into spaces too? The day laborer? Why does this guy, supposedly a network of professionals known to the driver, look like he is going to die a few hours into the work and doesn't know how to lift properly and assemble furniture? Why does my husband have to stand over the driver to insist that he reassembles our furniture when that is a contracted service? Why does the husband have to reassemble things that were done incorrectly after they leave? whoosaaa... right? The driver is rude and dismissive and careless the entire time, so much so that the day laborer apologizes FOR HIM at the end. The office is closed weekends, so Monday morning I call to complain. At first, it sounds like they are appalled too, and I am relieved. I am assured that the operations manager will call me within the hour. He does not, but it's busy so I am patient. I call again Tues. I am told that I am on his published schedule and will be getting a call that day. I wait. No call. No call Wednesday either. So I am now really frustrated and irritated. I call again Thursday. This day is the first time I am advised on the claims process. I will fill out the claim, but I can't submit it until all of the belongings are unpacked and checked because you cannot submit another claim nor can you add to the claim once it is submitted. I finally get to speak to the "operations manager" who is conveniently also the dispatch operator. He also has no boss over him, so my complaint dies there. So, I might get $0.60/lb for the damaged items... maybe. But I didn't keep the crushed statue to weigh it. I paid over 8 grand to this company and was promised a professional moving experience. I did not get that. They have a lot of 5 star reviews on a lot of sites, but that has to be some kind of falsity if this is their usual method of business. I am including the photos I have available. In case anyone is wondering, that black wrapped object on the bottom of the pile, under the BOOKCASE and other HEAVY FURNITURE (Why is is that on top???) is my husband's TRAEGAR smoker. I tried to resolve this but the company clearly has no interest in customer experience once the money is in their hands. I was told as much when the "operations manager" said "you already paid for the delivery, there isn't anything I'm going to do now." Which I find funny, because had I not paid the driver nearly 3 grand (IN CASH or postal money order ONLY) he would not have delivered my goods, there would have been a $700 fee for re-delivery, and storage fees... so it's not like I had a choice to not pay, take it, and try to resolve it later.

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    Just as the name suggests, Accurate Express Movers not only move your belongings safe but also offer express services. We are the most prompt and reliable moving services providers in the region. From moving services to packing and storage services, we specialize in making your entire moving experience successful. Moving a house or office can be troublesome and you need professional guidance.

    At Accurate Express Movers, we come with the right knowledge, skills, experience, and equipment to help you move efficiently. Moving Services we offer include Interstate moving, cross country moving services, long-distance moving services, household moving services, corporate relocation, and more.

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    You can call them at (800) 646-1347 or visit their website

    The address of Accurate Express Movers is: 641 S Pickett St Alexandria, VA 22304-4619.

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