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Find Professional Moving Companies in Washington

There is no shortage of moving companies in Washington for you to choose from when you are ready to make that next move in life, however, not all of these companies are created equal.

Moving Feedback understands the needs of those moving to Washington and we allow you to quickly browse the very best moving companies based on a unique series of criteria.

We understand what a move to Washington takes, and which companies offer you the very best service. If you are looking for movers in Washington, you need Moving Feedback

Washington Moving Companies

Simba Movers LLC

3 Reviews

Renton WA 98057

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Scout Moving & Storage

2 Reviews

span class=_Xbe8633 S 208th St Kent WA 98031 USAspan

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Three Brothers Moving

1395 George Washington Way Richland WA 99354

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Muscle Moving & Cleaning

2017 E 1st Ave Spokane WA 99202

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Helpful Movers

3435 52nd Ave NE Tacoma WA 98422

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Orca Expeditors

6964 McKinley Ave Tacoma WA 98404

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Sound Moving NW

1616 Ninth St Marysville WA 98270

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Auto Shipping Group

2168 700 NE 4th Ave #203 Camas WA 98607

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A Guide for Moving to Washington 

Washington State is one of the most beautiful places on earth and contains a vast array of flora and fauna, as well as cultural centers and breathtaking landscapes, which all make for an amazing quality of life for both socialites as well as the outdoorsy types.

We are proud of the role we serve in helping people find new homes in Washington and we take our role in sourcing moving companies in Washington very seriously. The following is both a helpful guide as well as some insight into what criteria we use to select our choices for top movers in Washington.

Take the Time to Find the Best Moving Service for You

The very first thing you need to realize is that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ moving service. Different people have different needs and different companies specialize in different services.

You need to find a service that is perfect for your unique needs. Of course, no company may fit your needs exactly but there are criteria you can follow to begin to narrow down your options to the very best choices. 

  • The correct insurance and licenses

It is not rare for moving companies in Washington to let their certifications and licenses expire. This will also typically correlate with poor or unreliable service. You want your moving service to at least be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation. 

  • Outstanding reviews

This may seem obvious but many people overlook the fact that you can now easily see feedback from previous customers across a number of review sites. Make sure to check how past customers have responded to these movers before you commit to hitting them.

  • Full array of relevant services

Take into account the building you are moving out of, the building you are moving into, and the objects you are moving. If you can think of a lot of little difficulties, like very awkward belongings or a stairway that is too small to get the piano up the stairs, you can expect that to be a more niche service that will have its own costs and specialists.

Simply put, you want to use moving companies in Washington that offer you the services that you will need. If you need to move fragile objects, find movers in Washington who are capable of efficiently executing that task. 

Why People Love Living in Washington

Moving companies in Washington are constantly busy simply because people want to live here. It may be due to the beautiful landscape, picturesque mountains, forward-thinking culture, or the complex immersion of tech and rustic living.

It may also be the 3,000 miles of perfect coastline. Whatever their reason, something millions of people have in common is that they love living in Washington.

Something many people are truly surprised to learn is just how hard it is to predict the price of a move without looking very closely at a number of factors. Moving companies in Washington will often charge extra fees for a number of hurdles that may or may not show up. The following are some factors that can drastically affect the cost of your move. 

  • The month you move

Moving costs actually change depending on what time of year you decide to move. When you move in the colder months you can expect your costs to be lower than if you tried to move between April and October. 

  • Do you need packing supplies?

Boxes, tape, straps, and more; packing supplies are essential for a successful move but moving companies often charge you large fees if they use their own boxes to pack your items. If you want to save money, buy good quality (but cost-effective) moving boxes ahead of time and do some spring cleaning. You will have fewer items to move, and the movers won't have to charge you for packing or the boxes.

  • The size and type of move

The distance you are moving and the quantity (or weight) of the items you are moving will greatly affect the price. This is another reason that we recommend some spring cleaning ahead of packing. This way you can reduce the weight and volume of what needs to be brought to the new location. 

  • Be aware of other hidden fees

There are tons of other fees that moving companies in Washington will charge in certain circumstances. For example, hoisting fees will be needed if you require the movers to hoist a large item through a window (if it cannot fit through a doorway or upstairs). 

There are also long carry fees that can occur if the moving truck is forced to park an extra-long way away from the home. A loose rule for long-carry fees is about $100 for every 75 extra feet. Similar, but vertical rather than horizontal, are flight fees and elevator fees.

Depending on the serviceability of the elevator in your building or the need for movers to use stairs, you may be paying flight fees and/or elevator fees.

As you might imagine, there are a ton of questions that need to be answered in order to answer this question. How far are you moving? How much are you moving? The general cost of moving companies in Washington is about average for the rest of the country.

While there are the Central Link Light Rail, the Seattle Center Monorail, and many other unique forms of public transportation throughout the state, it is very much a vehicle-based area (very much like most of the West Coast).

If you live in a city like Seattle, though, then you will have a very reliable bus service that will allow you to easily get around the city and wider county.

Right now our culture and our economy are undergoing historic changes due to changes in technology and shifts in trends. More people are now working remote and many are now moving away from the coasts in order to take advantage of cheaper land prices inland.

While for many the cheaper prices are a draw, for others, money is a small price to pay to live amongst the beauty of Washington. That said, Washington is still not as expensive as some other locations on the West Coast and many amazing deals can still be found here.

While Washington is slightly more expensive than some other areas of the country, it is still less expensive than places like New York or San Francisco and offers many of the same benefits, especially when it comes to the beautiful coastline and landscape.

With Moving Feedback it is now easier than ever to find the perfect moving company for your exact needs.

You can rest assured that when you use, your next move will be the easiest that you have ever had.