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Moving Costs In Texas

At, we like to think of moving costs as more than just fixed figures. So even as research states that it'll cost between $1,700 to $2,000 as total moving costs in Texas, we want to go a step further to explain what this price will cover and what it will not.

For your potential move, you need to think of moving in two distinct stages. Let's call them the pre-move, and the move itself. For the pre-move, you'll need to consider the preparation you'll need to make for the move itself and this includes things like costs of materials like boxes, duct-tape and cushioning like packing peanuts for more delicate items. You may be able to make up the cost of these materials by carrying out a garage sale, which is a handy way to raise money as well as reduce the number of things you'll need to take to your new home.

The move itself is where the moving companies in Texas come to play, and the cost implications in this stage of your move will typically depend on the following factors:

Time (Of The Season)

Do you think moving would be really convenient for you during the summer months when it's warm and cozy? Well, so those everybody else. The result of this is that the moving companies in Texas typically experience a higher demand for their services during these months and you'll be asked to pay more for your move. The same applies, albeit to a lesser extent on weekends, holidays, and during times of anticipated traffic congestion.


Moves are typically classified as either local or long distance depending on the distance traveled. Local moves are typically intrastate, and range between 50 to 100 miles. Long-distance moves, on the other hand, exceed 100 miles and often require crossing state lines. You shouldn't be surprised to learn that moving companies in Texas will charge a higher price for longer distances, and some of the factors contributing to this price include fuel costs, tolls, and additional driver wages.

Labor Costs

You'll spend most of the money during the move itself on labor costs, and wages paid to workers in moving companies generally vary according to the state. In Texas, expect to pay between  $75 to $150 per hour for a single worker, and although this may not seem like a lot at first, the total amount can be startling when you consider that you may need to hire more than one worker for multiple hours.

Extra Services

Your typical contract with a moving company in Texas will generally involve moving your property from poi

point A to point B. This does not mean that they only offer those services though, as movers in Texas are designed to render extra services to make your move easier for an additional cost. These services include full packing services where the moving company helps you pack and move your property, handling delicate items, furniture (dis)assembly, and transport.

Accessorial Services

You can think about accessorial services as extra services that may not be explicitly covered by the contract but will require a significant expenditure of time and effort on the part of the moving company in Texas.

These services include stair carry, elevator carry, and long carry services. Stair and elevator carry are useful in situations where the property they moved is located in high-rise buildings and the workers in the moving company will need to maneuver property through either stairs or elevators. Long carry services come into play when the moving company can't move property directly from the home to the moving truck due to poor access and having to carry these properties by hand.