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For those of you who have made a big move in the past, you know just how stressful and tiring the whole process can be, especially when you do not have the proper help.

This is why Moving Feedback has put so much effort into creating the absolute best service for finding and comparing the top moving companies in Vermont.

In addition, our quick and helpful advice guides are designed to ensure that you know exactly what your next move should be every step of the way.

Vermont Moving Companies

Simple Tips When Moving to Vermont

Vermont is known for its beautiful green forests, hiking trails, amazing skiing destinations, and the over one hundred 19th-century wooden bridges that dot the landscape. It is an amazing and picturesque locale that takes up thousands of acres of prime forestland in the New England area. 

With that said, it is no wonder that people are moving into Vermont in numbers not seen before in a very long time. With this renewed interest comes some questions. To help you out we have compiled some essential information for making a move to Vermont. 

Pick the Correct Movers

While this may at first seem obvious, it is the actual process for deciding which moving companies in Vermont are actually “correct” for your unique needs. No two moving companies are the same, and no two moves are completely identical.

Some movers in Vermont may be “perfect” for one family, but another may need a different set of movers. Some commercial buildings will need a whole team of specialists. 

The point is, you need to have a process for deciding which moving companies are offering you high-quality services that match your needs.

The following are some criteria that we look for when deciding which brands deserve a place at the top of our lists. 

Look for: A Comprehensive Set of Relevant Services

Make a list of the items you need moving and where they are coming from/going to. This will allow you to see if you may require the need of any special skills or tools.

For example, if you have a great number of expensive heirlooms, you may want to seek out a company that can specialize in handling fragile goods. 

Look for: Properly Licensed and Insured Movers

There are a lot of moving companies in Vermont that simply do not take the time to get regularly licensed, registered, and insured in the proper ways and this can be an issue for a few reasons.

The first reason is that it shows a lack of motivation when it comes to the work, and the second is that you may have issues getting items properly insured or covered if you are using unlicensed movers. 

Look For: Positive Reviews

Just like you would if you were buying a product on Amazon, you should check the reviews for the services that you are planning to use in your move.

These reviews can give you an idea of what to expect from a company and if they have a history of leaving happy or unsatisfied customers.

The Good Life in Vermont

The people of Vermont are very outdoorsy and active and the state is full of national parks and excursion locales. If you are thinking about moving to Vermont you should take advantage of the many wonderful bed and breakfasts or resorts and get to know the area firsthand.

The more you learn about the area, the better prepared you will be when it comes time to decide where, how, and when you plan to move.

For example, it is often cheaper to move in the winter months, but if you have never experienced how punishing Vermont snows can be, it may not understand exactly what you are asking to happen.

Beautiful snowy winters aside, Vermont is booming in popularity and there are tons of social groups and communities of new arrivals that you can also think about interacting with as you get to know your new home.

As our guide explains, the costs of moving are very hard to pin down and moving companies in Vermont will charge you very different prices depending on the circumstances of your move.

A very rough estimate for Vermont is about $500 if you are looking at a single bedroom home being moved by 2 movers over the course of three or four hours.

While Vermont has been seeing a resurgence thanks to the growth of remote work and people seeking more rural and cost-effective family homes, traditionally many would move out of the state seeking better work prospects.

While Vermont has great living standards, low crime, and beautiful scenery it just didn’t have the economy to maintain huge population numbers. With remote and online work growing, Vermont is now becoming a prime destination.

While Vermont is largely rural and has really only a basic bus system for the majority of regions, it does have an amazing ferry service that allows you to take a leisurely stroll along the rivers of the state.

This is a highly recommended mode of travel for anyone new to the area.

If you go by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the standard household (single) in Vermont pays around $47,397 per year to live in the state. This makes Vermont slightly more expensive than many other states in the country.

If you are looking for good, reliable moving companies in Vermont than you cannot simply Google the topic or use the phone book.

There are just too many options and it would take forever to compare them all.

Luckily we already did that for you! allows you to quickly and easily review and compare the best movers in Vermont.