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Hire Professional Moving Companies in Tulsa

Moving is one of the hardest things to do even at the best of times, which is why it is important to enlist the help of a moving company; hiring the right one often results in a much safer moving process.

This article goes over the essential details you would need to know before hiring a professional moving company in Tulsa, we go over some of the factors influencing moving costs from the number of movers to accessorial services which are charged by movers in Tulsa-to licenses and accreditation the company must have to avoid being scammed.

In the later part of this article, we also discuss some of the best places you can choose to get a house or an apartment and some of the frequently asked questions asked about moving.

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How To Hire The Best Moving Company in Tulsa

Moving is a lot more complicated than it appears it goes beyond just moving your possessions from one place to another, which is why you should have a proper plan for this and get the help of professional movers in Tulsa.

To get the best service from a moving company, it is important that you hire the best. Below are some of the things you need to consider before hiring a moving company in Tulsa.

1. Understand Your Requirements

The Moving company in Tulsa that is going to be the best match for your relocation depends on the type of move you would be making (either local moves or long-distance), the size of your belongings, and the distance you will be traveling. However, there are a number of things to consider before contacting one

2. Company reputation

Hiring movers in Tulsa with a strong reputation and good reviews can assure you that your belongings will be in safe hands.

This is why it is very important to check how good their services are and how they handle complaints-there are bound to be, no moving company can have perfect record-from disgruntled customers.

3. Level of experience

This is one of the major things to factor in before hiring a Tulsa moving company, a long track record demonstrates that they know what they’re doing and will take have adequate experience required to take good care of your belongings. Make sure to ask if they have experience in specialty moving such as moving delicate or invaluable items.

You should also check if they offer services that align with the ones you need for your moving process, for example, if you need to store your belongings for a while pending when you get an apartment or for one reason or the other, ask if they provide storage facilities. It would be more convenient to get all the services you will require from one Tulsa moving company.

4. Licensing and insurance

Another way to check if the moving company you plan to hire is not sub-par will be to check if they have been legally licensed and insured, good moving companies in Tulsa have cargo insurance which means they will be responsible if anything goes wrong and your belongings get either lost or damaged while in transit.

5. Deposits

If you are not moving a relatively high volume of goods, movers in Tulsa should not require a significant deposit before working, but depending on the size of your move some movers may require a little deposit which is acceptable.

Most moving companies in Tulsa will collect their fees once the service is completed. If the company you are planning to hire requires a large deposit upfront, you should think twice about hiring them.

Places To Visit Atleast Once in Tulsa

Tulsa is bursting with culture and when you move there, you will find a city that’s full of natural beauty and welcoming neighbors.

While Tulsa has always been known as an oil-producing town, its rapidly growing aerospace and energy tech business scene brings in quite a number of newcomers wanting to settle down and it is no surprise why.

Here are some of the popular spots to visit when you are in Tula:

1. The Woody Guthrie Center

This museum named after the folk musician Woody Guthrie gives a glimpse into his mind and life. Guthrie turned complex songs about human rights and democracy into simple songs that gave strength to those who had lost hope. if you ever visit, just know you will be inspired by his message.

2. Tulsa Arts District

Tulsa has an entire district dedicated to the artistry and cultural awareness. Tulsa’s arts district celebrates innovation through beautiful artworks across different art forms and there is nowhere that you can turn without seeing something eccentric.

3. Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Tulsa is also home to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center composed of four theatres along with a studio and an art gallery.

Depending on when you come, you might see a ballet performance, a touring production or a symphony, so if you ever have the opportunity to drop by, make sure to take it.

Places To Live in Tulsa

1. Downtown Tulsa

This area is home to a lot of young professionals, but there is also a lot to do if you plan on settling down. It is just minutes away from the Tulsa Performing Arts Center and is filled with affordable homes and lovely Art Deco buildings. Median home value according to is $86,300.

2. Riverview Historic District

If you love architecture, you are going to love this neighborhood. This historic district has home as old as 100 years, Riverview is what you are looking for if you like to your home to have an old-world feel. House prices in this area ranges from $175,000 to $470,000.

3. Brookside

This upscale neighborhood is ideal for the socially active, if you love to go out to wineries and martini bars you will definitely want to move to Brookside. The cost of living here is 10% less than anywhere else in the United States, making it a pretty great place for anyone to stay.

4. Pearl District

This is where the city’s young elites have decided to call home, it is a vibrant and active location where you would find startups and the famous Pearl Street Farmers Market. Median home pricing in this area is $200,000.


Choosing the perfect moving company is crucial, following our guide will help you make the right decisions in hiring professional movers in Tulsa that suits your needs.

Moving Cost Tulsa, OK

1. Moving routes

Make sure your movers are planning to take the most efficient route. They need to factor in traffic and rough terrain as you travel. The right route shortens the total move time you would have to pay for (from loading and unloading to time spent on the road).

2. Shipment weight

Your shipment weight is what the moving company transports to your new home. This is one of the most important factors that determines your final price. As you would have guessed, the heavier your shipment, the higher your moving charge will be.

3. Hourly labor

If you are going for a full-service move, movers in Tulsa will load your household goods into their truck, drive them to your new home, and unload them. Moving companies in Tulsa charge hourly rates of $80 - $90 per worker until the move is completed.

4. Accessorial charges

Accessorial charges are fees for additional services performed by the Tulsa moving company beyond pick-up and delivery. Accessorial charges are also known as extra circumstances, they include:

5. Storage services

You may need to store your belongings for further transportation or pending when you get a place to stay, moving companies in Tulsa offer storage containers specifically for this purpose.

6. Moving Supplies

One of the extra services that add up to moving costs is the amount of moving supplies you need to pack and transport your possessions safely.

You will need to purchase boxes, lots of tapes, bubble wrap or packing paper, and possibly moving blankets or specialty boxes for china and glassware.

While it’s common to toss everything in the back of your car when moving short distances, it is not as feasible for interstate moves.

7. Stairs carry

Many moving companies in Tulsa will add charges for stairs they come upon-between 5 to 7 steps-when moving. The first flight of stairs will be free at pick-up and delivery, each additional flight will be charged at $75 per flight or will be based on the carrier’s tariff.

8. Elevator use

Standard practice for moving companies in Tulsa is there will be a one-time charge of $75 for using an elevator at the origin and destination place. Unless otherwise stated in the contract.

9. Long carry

If the Tulsa moving company has to park their truck greater than 75 feet from the entrance to your new home has a narrow road or is in a location that prevents access to the moving truck, an added charge must be included before they help you. Additional charges are calculated at the rate of $1 per foot.

10. Shuttle services

Charges will be included to your moving costs where the use of a smaller vehicle is needed to provide service to places inaccessible to a normal truck.

How much does it cost to hire moving companies in Tulsa?

Moving companies in Tulsa offer a variety of services to suit customer needs and as a result, their prices differ.

The average price movers in Tulsa will charge is about $3,000 dollars for moving a 5-bedroom home within a radius of 500 miles, an inter-state move for a similar apartment size will go for as much as $9,000.

Does all that seem a bit heavy? You can lower moving costs by doing any of these:

Planning your move

Try to move during the non-peak season. Demand is often higher in the summer as more people are relocating. Moving the first or last days of every month is also expensive as this is typically when rents expire.

So try moving during fall/winter when demand is lower or you will be paying more if your move is slated to occur during peak season.

Do Research

Make sure you look around for quotes from more than one moving company in Tulsa, getting moving quotes from different movers in Tulsa helps you weigh options on which one can give you the best value for your money.


You could use your move as an excuse to get rid of items you don’t need anymore. Movers in Tulsa charge by the weight of the items you will be moving, decluttering helps you save a few dollars by making sure you are only taking along what you need.

Moving companies in Tulsa offers a variety of services to suit customer needs and as a result, their prices differ.

The average price movers in Tulsa will charge is about $3,000 dollars for moving a 5-bedroom home within a radius of 500 miles, an inter-state move for a similar apartment size will go for as much as $9,000.

Majority of long-distance moving companies in Tulsa will offer you with insurance options. These options ensure compensation in the case of damage or loss to your belongings.

Most movers in Tulsa will only provide you with the quote for the moving expenses and services. However, insurance, liability or potential discounts are to be discussed with the moving company personally once you contact them.

Most Tulsa moving companies will ask you to provide a deposit for the move. This serves to ensure that the moving date is booked and reserved for your residential or commercial relocation, this deposit is usually up to 30 percent of the overall cost serves.

Once you have booked a date with a moving company in Tulsa, a few weeks before they arrive make an effort to thoroughly clean your house.
Purchase packing supplies-unless you are going for a full-service move-, pack your things and label the boxes wisely to let the movers know which boxes contain fragile or invaluable items.