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Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC Claimed

15 N Oxford St Brooklyn NY 11205

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ZeroMax Movers

289 24th St Brooklyn NY 11232

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Tri State Moving Services

1645 Sycamore Avenue Bohemia NY 11716

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Sprinter Van Lines Inc Claimed


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Big Strong Back

Ithaca NY 14850

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J & J Movers

52 W. Winspear Ave. Buffalo NY 14214

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NY State Moving Costs

When considering how much to budget for moving companies in New York to relocate your belongings to a new residence, the cost of a move can vary significantly from $200-$1000+ for a local move and $2500-$5000+ for a long-distance move.

To get the best estimate from moving companies in New York, it’s essential to provide the following information when requesting detailed quotes through Moving Feedback:

Weight of items

Be as detailed as possible about the inventory of items you want to move. Moving companies in New York charge per pound ($0.50-$1.00+), and the more things you have, the more it will cost.

Be sure also to include information about heavy, oversized, or valuable items that may require additional labor or protective measures during transport. In some cases, these items, such as pool tables, spas, and pianos, have an additional cost on top of the total weight of your other belongings.

Distance of move

The distance of your move will also affect the overall cost, with long-distance moves generally costing more than local moves. If you are unsure about the mileage between your old and new residences, our moving cost calculator can help determine the approximate price based on the distance of your move.

Expect to pay between $.50-$1.00+ per mile traveled. Local movers in New York will usually charge towards the higher end of this price range, while long-distance movers will be towards the lower end to accommodate for the increased fuel costs.

Access fees

Outside of additional services such as packing, pet transport, or dealing with oversized objects, moving companies in New York may also charge access service fees for a number of reasons, including:

  • loading/unloading on multiple flights of stairs
  • elevators access
  • shuttling items from moving van to residence if parking near the residence isn’t possible
  • parking permit fees for oversized transport vehicles

When requesting quotes from moving companies in New York, inquire about any possible access service fees that may apply to your move. By being aware of these potential charges, you can budget accordingly and avoid unexpected expenses.

Time of the move

The time of year and day of the week that you are moving can also increase or decrease the overall costs to hire moving companies in New York. For example, peak moving season during the summer and fall months can be 10-30 percent higher than arranging a move during the winter.

Similarly, moving on a weekend can be more expensive than moving during the week. So if your move is time-sensitive, be sure to ask about these potential price increases when requesting quotes from moving companies in New York.

Additional moving costs

In addition to the costs associated with the weight of your items, the distance traveled, access fees, and the time of year you want to move, it's also recommended to include other smaller fees into your moving budget, such as:

  • Tip for movers (10%-20% of the total cost or 20-40 dollars per person)
  • Specialty packing materials (wardrobe boxes, mattress bags, and dish packs)
  • Food and accommodation fees if traveling long-distance with your car

By understanding all of the fees charged by moving companies in New York, you can ensure that you have a realistic estimate of your total moving costs.