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Congratulations, you’ve finally decided to relocate. We’re sure it wasn’t easy and required a ton of thought and planning, but you should probably know that it’s a virtual walk in the park compared to the move itself. Much like any other potentially life-changing decision, relocating will involve a lot of logistics, financial commitment, and patience.

At, we strongly believe in the delegation, and we are of the opinion that the time and energy spent on the various activities involved in relocation can be more fruitfully invested in more fruitful ventures.

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Why spend hours on the internet researching and reviewing moving companies in South Dakota when we can do it for you? Why waste energy packing and transporting property when the moving companies in South Dakota can do it for you?

At, we consider it to be our top priority to make your relocation to South Dakota as straightforward as possible. This means that we’ll help you pick the best moving companies in South Dakota, give you a quick crash course on all the things you’ll need to know before you sign a moving contract, and provide relevant, up-to-date, and accurate rates for most of the costs you’re going to encounter during your move.

Moving Guide to South Dakota

Contrary to what you may have heard, South Dakota is no flyover state. Famous for being the home of Mount Rushmore, life in South Dakota offers various comforts that can’t be found in more densely populated states.

Regardless of if you’re moving into South Dakota or planning your way out of it, you’ll need the services of moving companies if you want your relocation to be a success.

You might be wondering just what a moving company is, and why it is so necessary for a successful move. Don’t worry, we’ll answer this question further on in the article in addition to giving you tips on how to choose the right mover in South Dakota, and discussing other relevant information you’ll need while planning your move.

What Is A Moving Company?

A moving company is an organization that helps you with relocation in exchange for payment. There are dozens of moving companies in South Dakota, each with its own unique service offerings as well as its specific strengths and weaknesses.

Choosing the right mover in South Dakota will ultimately determine the fate of your move, as it will affect the total amount spent on your relocation, as well as the ease with which you start living in your new home.

How Do I Prepare For A Move?

Preparing for a move to South Dakota primarily involves getting your property organized, choosing a moving company in South Dakota, and signing a moving contract. You’ll need to select the items you intend to take to your new home, carry out decluttering (which is fancy talk for getting rid of things you no longer need), and pick a date for your move.

Booking a moving company 

Since signing a contract with a moving company in South Dakota is generally regarded as the most important part of the relocation process, you should make your decision on a mover in South Dakota months in advance.

You’ll also need to give them enough time to inspect your home and give you either a non-binding or a binding estimate, and then review their service offerings to see what options you’d like to pick in your move.

Choosing a Moving Company

When choosing a mover in South Dakota, you need to consider your specific requirements as the single most important criteria. I know it seems a bit counterintuitive to ignore costs and the quality of customer service, but trust me, focusing on how well the moving company meets your needs will never lead you wrong.

Other important criteria to consider include the status of licensing and insurance, and the opinions of previous clients as seen on Google reviews as seen on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.

Activities in South Dakota

South Dakota is known as the home of Mount Rushmore; a monument that gets constantly referenced in social media. What you might not know is that, aside from Mount Rushmore, South Dakota has tons of natural attractions that back up its reputation as one of the foremost tourist destinations in the United States.

The Badlands National Park is a stunning natural landscape slowly sculpted over billions of years by water and wind. This stunning vista is home to a tribe of bison that, together with the virtually untouched land, transport hikers to prehistoric times.

The Custer State National Park has more variable terrain, including Sylvan Lake which serves as a nice break from the unrelenting beauty of the land around South Dakota. If you’re interested in more subterranean adventures, the Wind Cave National Park is home to a karstic cave system that is guaranteed to thrill and awe in equal measure.

If you’re feeling a bit peckish after hiking and wish to replenish your calories in true South Dakota style, visit the Cattleman’s Club Steakhouse for food that sticks to your ribs and fills your belly. If you are on the hunt for something more refined, try out the appropriately named Tally’s Silver Spoon for more upscale New American fare.

Cost of Living In South Dakota

The cost of living in South Dakota is about six percent lower than the national average. Housing and groceries are 20 and  7 percent less expensive than the national average while utilities are 11 percent higher than the average.

What this means is that you’ll be expected to pay more for these goods and services than in any average state or city in the United States. Expect to pay $13.88 for a meal in an inexpensive restaurant while dinner for two at a decent restaurant will probably cost around $50.

A monthly pass for transportation will cost you about $32.50 while you’ll be asked to pay about $148.25 for monthly utilities consisting of heating, electricity, water, and garbage. Find out the prices of groceries and fitness here.


In conclusion, at, we like to say that no two moves are exactly the same and that potential movers should consider three key factors in their choice of a moving company.

These factors are: customer satisfaction as evidenced by Google and social media site reviews, competitive pricing especially when compared to their rivals, and the presence of insurance and federal licensing

Moving Costs South Dakota

While the total cost of moving to South Dakota will ultimately depend on a number of personal factors, expect to spend between $700 to $1,600 for a local move. Long-distance or interstate moves outside of South Dakota may cost up to $4,000. Most of this will be paid to the moving company in South Dakota for their services while the rest will go towards moving supplies, fuel, and tips.

The amount paid to the movers in South Dakota will go towards a number of accessorial services, labor costs as well as extra or additional costs that add up to your total bill.

Labor Costs

As the name implies, labor costs are what the moving company in South Dakota will charge for the manual labor performed by their employees. Generally, moving companies charge between $30 to $100 per hour depending on the moving company.

So, if you intend to move the contents of a two-bedroom apartment that the mover in South Dakota has estimated will take a three-man team four hours to move, you'll pay 3×4×100 = $1,200 for labor alone.

Extra Services 

Extra services include things like packing, waiting time, furniture assembly (and disassembly) as well as extra charges for distance, amount of property to be moved, and for handling delicate items that aren't strictly related to moving.

Most moving companies in South Dakota offer these extra services as a way to make your move easier. In fact, there's an ultra-convenient full-service option where you simply pay the moving company a specified amount of money and they handle everything relating to your relocation including packing, furniture disassembly, and even clean up.

Accessorial Services 

Accessorial services are extra services that aren't covered by the moving contract but are vital to the success of your move. You might need to make sure that the moving company you choose actually offers these services as they might spell the difference between a successful move and one that stops literally on your doorstep.

While the cost of these accessorial services is dependent on the whims of whatever moving company you choose, some of these services have fixed rates and will be described below:

  • Shuttle service fees: these apply only if your moving company needs to rent or use a smaller vehicle to move the contents of your home to a different place where the moving truck is parked. Sometimes the location of your home does not have parking nearby and hiring a shuttle is the only way to move your things. This is where this type of fee would apply. Perhaps make sure there is parking near your home before you tally up all the potential moving costs.
  • Long carry: this accessorial service will only apply if your home cannot be accessed by the moving company's truck. In order to make your move possible, the moving company in South Dakota will have to get a smaller vehicle to move the contents of your home from your door to the truck or move it by hand as long as the distance exceeds 75 feet. Expect to pay about $1 per foot with $75 for each additional increment of up to 75 feet.
  • Stair and elevator carry: if you live in an apartment on a high rise, expect to pay $75 per flight of stairs or a one-time fee of $75 for elevator carry. This accessorial charge only applies if you have stairs exceeding more than seven steps, and, of course, if your home has an elevator.

While the total cost of moving in South Dakota will ultimately depend on a number of personal factors, expect to spend between $700 to $1,600 for a local move. Long distance or interstate moves outside of South Dakota may cost up to $4,000.

Most of this will be paid to the moving company in South Dakota for their services while the rest will go towards moving supplies, fuel and tips.

The amount paid to the movers in South Dakota will go towards a number of accessorial services, labor costs as well as extra or additional costs that add up to your total bill.

This average figure compares quite favorably with the amount charged by movers in other states across the country, and is dependent on just how much you want the moving company in South Dakota to do for you during your move.

The cheapest way to relocate in South Dakota is by carrying out something called a hybrid move. This means that you’ll hire a moving company in South Dakota to help you with some of the more onerous tasks associated with moving while you handle the rest by yourself.

For instance, you can hire the moving company to help with transportation while you pack and disassemble furniture by yourself.

A binding estimate is a fairly firm offer that cannot be changed without having an additional clause added to your moving contract, while a non-binding estimate is pretty much flexible.

You should note, however, that even if you are given a non-binding estimate, something called a 110 percent rule still applies, so you can’t be billed anything more than 110 percent of the non-binding estimate.

Accessorial services are extra services that are essential to the success of your move. They are usually not covered by the moving contract, and you may not even be aware that you need them until the movers arrive at your home. Some of the more popular accessorial services include long carry services as well as stair and elevator carry services.

If the unexpected happens, and you lose some or all of your property in the process of your move, the only way you’ll be able to get proper compensation would be if your mover is fully insured according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation laws.