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Find The Best Moving Services In South Carolina

Moving is always a stressful experience no matter how prepared you are. This is why at we ensure that you have access to the absolute best and most experienced moving companies in South Carolina.

We also make sure to have helpful guides put together for areas we serve so you have the best possible service every step of the way.

South Carolina Moving Companies

D&D Movers

3 Reviews

111 Elders Pond Cir Apt A Columbia SC 29229-8160

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Jega Movers

3 Reviews

Jega Movers LLC Address: Columbia SC 29209

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Palmetto Specialty Transfer

3 Reviews

1220 Cook St Columbia SC 29203

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Soda City Movers

3 Reviews

3100 N Main St Columbia SC 29201

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Rogers moving specialist LLC.

2 Reviews

561 Whaley CT Rock Hill SC 29732 United States

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KP Haulings

141 Perigon Ct Greenville SC 29607

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Timmy Hayes Moving

1418 Lieben Rd Mount Pleasant SC 29466

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Tips for Moving to South Carolina

There are a million reasons that people are moving to South Carolina, from the beaches to the golf courses and beautiful historic downtown districts, South Carolina has something to offer everyone. We are seeing people move to South Carolina in numbers not seen in a long time.

To help out all of these new movers we have put together this quick but useful guide to ensure you are covering all of your bases when it comes to choosing South Carolina movers and planning your move.

Picking the Correct Moving Company

The first step for any successful move is to make sure you have the experts in your corner that you can rely on. There are a ton of moving companies in South Carolina but not all of them will be able to offer the services or the professionalism that you will want when it comes time to make your move.

You need to take the time to figure out what type of services your move requires, and then look for the companies that specialize in those types of services.

Once you have the basic criteria for how you begin to rate moving companies you can begin to browse through them.

The following are criteria that we focus on when choosing the brands we partner with.

1. Look for movers in South Carolina with relevant services

As we touched on, you want to find a company that is able to provide you with all of the unique services that your move may require. So you will want to jot down a bullet list of the more critical aspects of your move and which services you may need, such as packing, special crating for antiques or artwork, or hoisting services.

2. Make sure you use licensed and insured movers

While there are a ton of great moving companies in South Carolina, you’d be surprised to learn just how many do not have the proper insurance or licensing. A moving company that fails to properly update its licenses is also probably not very good at keeping its employees properly trained.

3. Use South Carolina movers with positive reviews

Just like when you are buying a product from an online store, you will want to check and make sure that the movers you use are getting positive reviews from the customers they have worked with.

Take the time to find customers who have had similar needs to yours so you can see how a service may deal with your needs.

Living in South Carolina

South Carolina provides residents with a plethora of beautiful sites, fun attractions, and memorable events. There are a ton of lovely sunny beaches as well as nature trails to explore and historic downtown areas full of cute and fun shops.

People love to start families or retire in South Carolina due to the mild climate and affordable prices as well as the easy access to beaches.

There are a ton of new young communities now popping up in South Carolina as well, all looking to take advantage of the affordable lifestyle mixed with fun in the sun options.

Moving Costs South Carolina

If you have ever dealt extensively with a moving company before during a longer or more complex move, then you know that there are tons of factors that go into the pricing, as well as numerous fees that moving companies need to add on. Even relatively similar moves can cost drastically differently with only one or two differing factors.

Most moving companies in South Carolina suggest that you have a pretty good idea of what sort of costs your move will accrue before agreeing to a moving date.

Here are some examples of things that can dramatically affect the pricing of a move.

1. The size and distance of your move

The distance of your move and the size or volume of the items being moved will have the most dramatic effect on pricing. The heavier the items and the farther this weight needs to be driven, the more you will have to pay the movers.

More stuff also means more time loading and unloading and more cost in-person hours for those needs. A local move will cost less on average than a long-distance move which has a lot more unique logistical challenges.

2. Who is providing the packing supplies?

Moving companies in South Carolina will generally be able to provide packing supplies, but they will often charge you a premium. It is suggested that if you are doing your own packing, buy boxes and general moving supplies ahead of time as this will save you a great deal of cost.

Pro Tip: To save money on packing supplies, check your local U-Haul store for used boxes. They have a recycling program for people to drop off or pick up gently used supplies.

3. The time of year you move

Moving companies in South Carolina are much busier in between the months of April and October than they are in the colder winter. Prices will also be higher in the warmer months to account for the increase in demand and you will probably have a harder time getting availability exactly when you want it. Move in the off-season if possible.

4. Hidden or extra fees

There are quite a few extra fees that moving companies in South Carolina may charge you. The more you can plan ahead or be aware of these possible fees, the more you will be able to avoid them -although some are simply inevitable.

For example, if you are moving items either into or out of a taller building you will likely have to pay an extra fee if the movers have to walk up several flights of stairs or use an elevator.

You can also expect to pay an extra fee if the moving truck is forced to park far away from the building and the movers need to haul the items by foot or use a shuttle van. This long carry fee will typically come out to about $100 for every extra 75ft.

Do your best to research what extra fees your unique move may require ahead of time.

There is no standard cost to movers as it is highly dependent on the move, but you can generally expect to pay about $350 per room (estimating about 2 movers taking 2 hours per room). This is, of course, very rough and subject to change.

For South Carolina, a car is going to be very welcome as there is a lot of space between locals unless you are downtown proper in most cities.

There are city buses and trolleys in many areas as well as taxis that are able to get you to and from the airport, but you’ll probably want your own vehicle.

South Carolina has a general cost of living that is lower than the national average by a significant percentage – more than 10% cheaper by most estimates.

Healthcare, housing and food costs are all better for the most part in South Carolina than in the majority of states in the country.

South Carolina has seen a big surge of interest as more people leave the larger cities and look for affordable and safe living in the less populated areas. Part of this reason is the increase of digital work options and remote work options.

However, at the same time, many are still drawn away from the state for work and it is not uncommon for people to be forced to leave ideal homes for work requirement.

If you are on the hunt for the top moving companies in South Carolina then you need to do more than simply Google “South Carolina movers near me” and hope for the best.

You will be bombarded with a ton of options and it will take ages to find quality choices that fit your needs.

Luckily we already did that for you! allows you to quickly and easily review and compare the best movers in South Carolina.