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Goliath Moving & Storage

1702L Meridian Ave Ste 114 San Jose CA 95125

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MK Moving

1457 Alegria Loop San Jose CA 95128 USA

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Brokaw Self Storage

445 E Brokaw Rd San Jose CA 95112

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San Jose CA 95112

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Trek Movers – San Jose

1624 The Alameda Unit G San Jose CA 95126

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GoPro Moving & Storage

2331 S 7th St San Jose CA 95112 United States

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Fairprice Movers

446 Saratoga Ave San Jose CA 95129 United States

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Moving City Guide San Jose, CA

San Jose is known for being the capital of Silicon Valley, boasting many top tech and financial companies. With more millionaires per capita than other U.S. cities, it has one of the most expensive housing markets as a result.

It is famous for museums, Great America, and the Winchester Mystery House. In this article we will be discussing a couple of important things that you need to do before hiring a moving company, we go into detail and break down a typical San Jose moving company’s quote and how we can reduce costs.

We also discuss things to do before moving and highlight a couple of places to visit once you have settled in San Jose, California.

Things To Do Before Hiring Moving Company in San Jose

1. Make a moving list

The best way to cut down moving costs and save time is to plan out your move, as soon as you know you have to move, plan ahead of time and make a list of all the things you’re supposed to do and what you need to move.

With more time on your hands, you can sort through your things better to reduce your load and eventually pay a lesser amount to move your things. You would also have more time to find the best moving company in San Jose and negotiate with them to utilize their services at reasonably priced costs.

2. Declutter your things before moving

One of the first things to do when planning to move is to sort through your belongings and separate the things you don’t need anymore. The important thing to remember is – the fewer things you have to take along with you, the lesser you’ll have to pay.

So, the easiest way to reduce San Jose moving company charges is to get rid of things that you haven’t used in a long time or will not use in the future.

3. Plan your moving time

Choosing the right day and time to move will also help you cut down on moving costs. During weekends and month-ends, moving companies quote high prices due to an increase in high demand as a lot of people move during this period because of holidays or breaks.

Scheduling your move during weekdays in the middle of the month will be your best bet as it’s much easier to find moving companies in San Jose during this time and you don’t need to pay unnecessarily high charges.

4. Compare prices

Making the decision to hire the services of a moving company in San Jose will seem expensive at first, but by hiring the services of a mover, you can save a lot of time and effort but only if you hire the right moving company which offers good services at affordable prices.

No two movers will quote similar prices, so you need to get cost estimates from at least three companies. After comparing their company profiles and quotes, you can select the right moving company that fits your budget and shifting requirements.

5. Make a budget

Having a budget before you hire a moving company in San Jose will help you control your expenses and avoid unnecessary spending, though you will have to be a little flexible at times because it’s not always possible to find quality relocation services within your budget.

6. Prepare your appliances for moving

Moving companies in San Jose will charge to help dismantle and prepare appliances like your fridge or Air Conditioning unit for transportation. If you have the right knowledge and skills, you could reduce the disassembling costs by doing it yourself.

However, if you’re not sure how to do this in the right way, it’s better left to the professionals who use the right tools and have the technological know-how to avoid any damage.

About San Jose

San Jose is the third most populous city in California with a population of 1.029 million people, it is notable for its opulent lifestyle, cultural diversity, natural landscape, and thriving job market.

It is the capital of Silicon Valley which is considered the leader of the technological revolution making it the desired location for innovators and leaders of many software companies. While a lot of people move to San Jose for job opportunities, most stay for the weather.

It has over 300 days of sunshine each year and during winter temperature rarely dips below freezing.

The cost of living in San Jose is quite high, it ranks 31st on the list of most expensive cities in the world, as such housing prices are not cheap with the median housing price at $1.5 million according to

Since its residents are business-minded you may be disappointed with its lack of nightlife, this doesn’t mean there is nothing to do in San Jose, you could check out a couple of its famous spots:

  • The Winchester Mystery House
  • San Jose Museum of Art
  • Santana Row
  • The Tech Interactive

Things To Do Before Arrive in San Jose

1. Hire a reputable mover

While it may be tempting to hire movers with mouth-wateringly low prices, you also need to know that there are a lot of unlicensed movers with no experience. Look for moving companies in San Jose that have been around.

2. Cut down on things you are going to move

Packing all you own into boxes and bags could be quite draining, reduce clutter as much as you possibly can so you can pack and unpack with ease, it also reduces moving costs.

3. Determine your budget

Before hiring a moving company to San Jose, you need to have already drawn out a budget. Moving companies are not cheap, especially for long-distance moves. if you can’t afford full-service movers you should consider less expensive options like truck or storage container rentals

4. Visit the community

Before hiring a moving company, make sure you do your homework, read local media sources, visit the community and carry out a bit of research online.

5. Find a place to live

Finding a place to live isn’t an easy task, especially if you aren’t familiar with the city. Start by looking for living options a couple of months before you hire a moving company to San Jose, look at neighborhood reviews, and average prices and explore as much of the city as you can.


Proper research is paramount before any move, it is also important to know what services you require so you can make a budget and not be overwhelmed by moving costs.

Moving Cost San Jose, CA

Moving to a new place requires making a lot of decisions and when not planned properly, moving can become very stressful. One of the most important parts of every move is the money required to relocate your belongings from one place to another safely.

Most people hire experienced and reputable moving companies to carry out the process smoothly. They offer accurate estimates after inspection and also suggest ways to cut down moving expenses.

For people who want to get a precise idea of what moving companies in San Jose consider when making a quote to predict their moving expense, we list some of the top factors that impact the cost of a move:

1. Distance

One of the primary factors that determine the moving cost is distance. A local move is a cheaper and less complex than an interstate one. The greater the distance between the starting and destination point, the higher the moving cost

2. Size of the move

The second thing moving companies in San Jose ask before giving a cost estimate is the move size. The weight and quantity of household goods affect the moving cost. A higher volume of goods requires more people and more trucks to carry them to the destination, adding to the moving bill.

This is why it is advisable to declutter before the move to avoid moving unnecessary objects and increasing costs. Similarly, the moving cost of a small apartment is much lower than a three- or four-bedroom flat or a mansion.

3. Required moving services

Not all moving companies provide all services. The final moving cost largely depends on the services required. A full-service moving company in San Jose charges higher than the ones providing specific services.

Packing, unpacking, insurance, warehouse for storage, and vehicle loading and unloading add to the cost. A way to reduce expenses on moving is to do a few tasks like packing and disassembling to avoid paying for these services to the movers.

4. Time

Moving time also affects moving costs. Moving companies in San Jose charge differently based on how in-demand they are during a particular time.

Usually, moving during the summers, around holidays, and the first and the last days of the month is more expensive as these are the most common times to move, and the demand for moving services is high.

Also, relocating during the weekday costs less than relocating over the weekend. To save money, move during the week and avoid peak seasons.

5. Accessorial charges

Accessorial charges are fees for additional services performed by the carrier beyond pick-up and delivery. Accessorial charges are known as extra circumstances.

  • Loading and unloading services:

You could decide to pack and transport your things yourself, but you may be unable to do the heavy lifting required to pack and load into the vehicle. Moving companies in San Jose will offer loading and unloading services to assist you with loading and unloading at your new place

  • Storage services

You may need to store your belongings for further transportation or pending when you get a place to stay, moving companies offer storage containers specifically for this purpose.

  • Stairs carry

Many moving companies will add charges for stairs they come upon between 5 to 7 steps-when moving. The first flight of stairs will be free at pick-up and delivery, each additional flight will be charged $75 per flight or will be based on the carrier’s tariff.

  • Elevator use

Standard practice for San Jose moving companies is there will be a one-time charge of $75 for using an elevator at the origin and destination place. Unless otherwise stated in the contract.

  • Long carry

If the movers must park greater than 75 feet from the entrance to your new home/destination, an added charge must be included before they help you. Additional charges are calculated at the rate of $1 per foot.

  • Shuttle services

Charges will be included to your moving costs where the use of a smaller vehicle is needed to provide service to places inaccessible to a normal van.

How much does it cost to hire a moving company in San Jose?

Moving companies in San Jose base their charges on the number of hours it takes for the moving company to load the truck and unload at the destination, this will cost between $84 – $97 per hour.

An out-of-state move will cost between $4,879 – $10,600. This price is based largely on the number of goods moved and the distance to your destination.

Moving companies in San Jose base their charges on the number of hours it takes for the moving company to load the truck and unload at destination, this will cost between $84 – $97 per hour.

An out of state move will cost be between $4,879 – $10,600. This price is based largely on the amount of goods moved and the distance to your destination.

We recommend contacting a moving company in San Jose two months prior to the date you actually want to move, if you are going to be moving during peak seasons-when there is an influx in the demand for services of moving companies-it is advisable to book two months early.

While hiring movers can be an expense, the professional help is worth the extra cost, you should tip movers when you are happy with their service.

While the amount to tip depends on you, most people agree on tipping 10 to 20% of the amount paid to the moving company, typically shared equally between the movers.

Hiring a moving company often results in a safer moving process. Experienced movers understand how to properly transport items, load and unload boxes to prevent any damage to your belongings.

Rates charged by moving companies in San Jose may differ, but they have similar factors that they take into consideration when calculating moving costs:

  • The quantity of goods you are moving
  • The distance to your destination.
  • Accessorial services.