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A Pennsylvania Guide for Moving 

Pennsylvania is one of the original American colonies and provides its residents with a rich and enjoyable combination of traditional living with new-age amenities and features.

Many of the towns and cities in Pennsylvania date back centuries, but many are modern examples of state-of-the-art living and a generally high quality of life. Every year thousands of people choose to begin a life in Pennsylvania and they rely on movers in Pennsylvania to make it happen.

Choosing the Right Moving Company

The first step to making a successful move in the area is to find the best moving companies in Pennsylvania and then select the one from that list that offers you the features you most need or desire. This can be easier said than done however. There is no shortage of moving companies in Pennsylvania that all want your attention and will claim to be the very best at what they do.

The trick is to know what to look for. The following are some basic criteria we use when making our lists of the very best moving company options. 

  • Comprehensive services

You will typically want a full-service moving company that will be able to help you with the more complex and challenging tasks such as the handling of fragile objects, the moving of large and awkward furniture, or the disassembly and reassembly of furniture. Of course, there are dozens of different services that could be listed or sought out. You need to focus on those that are most relevant to your needs. 

  • Properly licensed and insured

A surprising number of moving companies in Pennsylvania are not properly licensed or certified and you want to make sure that this is not the case for a company that you plan to use. Look for them to be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation. 

  • Track record of happy customers 

Another simple way to see how good a moving service is, is to see how their past customers felt about the experience. Look for reviews across multiple locations if possible, this way you get a good cross-section of responses to the company in question. Look for reviews left by customers who need the same or similar services.

Living in Pennsylvania

While many think of historic battlefields and century-old cities when they think of Pennsylvania, the truth is that the state is so much more. Pennsylvania is currently home to some of the best colleges and universities in the world and all of the benefits that go along with those institutions. Pennsylvania also has some of the best health facilities in the country and presents residents with a very high-quality life. 

Many moving companies in Pennsylvania say that their clients are choosing to come to the state for a number of reasons including better costs, and even so that they can experience the beautiful Pennsylvania seasons.

Regardless of why so many are moving to Pennsylvania, it is hard to deny that the state is currently a draw for thousands across the country looking to make a move.

When you talk candidly with movers in Pennsylvania you may be surprised to find out just how much guesswork and opinion goes into their pricing policies. The truth is that costs can be incredibly hard to calculate ahead of time due to the nature of moving between two locations. 

For example, the following are just a small number of factors that will affect pricing: 

  • The size and type of move

Are you moving locally or on a long-distance? How many rooms worth of items are you moving? How many truckloads? How long will it take to unload these items?

Are these items bulky and awkward? Do you need extra storage? There are a seemingly endless number of questions that movers may ask, all of which can affect pricing. Some companies charge by the pound, some give you a flat rate. 

  • The time of year you move

There are moving seasons and pricing will fluctuate depending on how in-demand the moving services currently are. Between April and October the demand is highest as are the acreage prices. While less comfortable, it is generally more affordable to make your move in the winter. 

  • Packing supplies

In most cases, the moving company will offer packing supplies at an inflated rate or will offer to pack items for you at a great cost. Typically you will want to buy packing supplies from a third party and do the vast majority of the packing yourself to save money and time on moving day. 

  • Other hidden fees

There are also other hidden fees that you will want to be aware of. If you are moving into a taller building, you should be aware of elevator fees. These fees may occur if an elevator is out of service or cannot accommodate large items and the movers will have to take the items up many flights. 

The same kind of issue can occur with long carry fees which occur when you are forced to park the moving trucks an above-average distance from the building you are moving into or out of. A rough estimate for long carry fees amongst moving companies in Pennsylvania is around $100 for every 75 extra feet.

Movers in Pennsylvania may also be required to charge you a hoisting fee if they need to take larger pieces of furniture in through a larger window rather than through a small doorway. This is common when moving items like pianos into downtown flats and second-story rooms.

The circumstances of your move will dictate the eventual costs that you are likely to pay. The average cost of a single bedroom home is roughly $650 or about $180/ an hour which includes the work of multiple people.

Keep in mind that you can reduce the time taken to move by pre-packing and by cleaning out unwanted items ahead of time.

The costs of living in PA are just about on average with the rest of the company landing almost right in the middle. The average cost of living in Pennsylvania was estimated to be roughly $45,000 per year.

While PA has a great many things to offer people, we live in a time of great change. Because of technology and shifting industries, many people are now relocating both into and outside of PA.

In most cases, those who move out of the state are doing so for work reasons, not necessarily for better living conditions. offers you the best and easiest place to browse through all of the top moving companies in your area and find the one that is perfect for your needs.

If you are planning on making a move in the PA area anytime soon, you need to use

While Philadelphia has a solid public transportation system, and the buses are relatively available throughout the state, you will generally need a vehicle to get around.

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