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At, we strongly believe in prioritizing. We understand that making a decision to relocate can be a difficult task involving a lot of planning and logistics, but we also understand that – with rising real estate prices and the pressures of living in a new town – you’ve got enough to worry about. This is why we consider it to be our top priority to make your relocation to Orlando as straightforward as possible. 

This means that we’ll help you pick the best moving companies in Orlando, give you a quick crash course on all the things you’ll need to know before you sign a moving contract, and provide relevant, up-to-date, and accurate rates for most of the costs you’re going to encounter during your move.

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How To Move To/From Orlando

We wrote this article to serve as a sort of cheat sheet for your move to Orlando, so whether you’re moving into or out of Orlando, or even if you’re just moving from one part of town to the other, you’ll find something you can use to make your move easier and stress-free.

We will cover topics like how you can get a cheaper quote, what a non-binding estimate actually means, how you can find and hire the best moving companies in Orlando, and tons of other tips that will help make your move as smooth as possible.

So, if you’re moving for the first time, don’t worry too much about it because we’ve got you covered. Just pour out a glass of wine, dust off your reading glasses, and take notes on how you can make your move in Orlando an enjoyable experience.

How To Hire The Best Moving Companies in Orlando

Finding a moving company in Orlando to handle your relocation needs isn’t particularly difficult; as at our last count, there were dozens of moving companies working in the area, each with their own claims of competence.

You probably already know that they are companies that help you move, but that’s not the full extent of their services. Moving companies in Orlando give you the opportunity to handle some or all of your moving needs, and in essence, they can take pretty much all the work involved in relocation off your hands. 

But should you let them?

You’ve probably noted that you’ll be (literally) leaving all the physical belongings you’ve spent your life accumulating in the hands of a virtual stranger, and it isn’t cynical at all to wonder if they are in safe hands.

Well, that’s just one of the things you need to consider when choosing a moving company in Orlando and we don’t need to tell you that this choice will significantly influence the course of your move as well as the early days of your life in a new city.

So without further ado, here are some of the best ways to spot the right moving company in Orlando to suit your moving needs:

Customized Services 

At, we like to say that each move is as individual as the mover. Every move will have its own unique requirements and specifications, and one way to make sure that the moving company in Orlando renders a service that suits your specific need is by service customization.

This way, you can choose the particular services you want, for example, you can have the moving company take care of just transportation while you handle the packing, installation, and disassembly yourself.


Since you’re going to be entrusting thousands of dollars in property to your mover in Orlando, it’s absolutely not too much to ask that they should be worthy of that trust. You get a fair idea of the reputation of various movers by taking a look at the reviews previous clients leave on their Google or social media pages.

Insurance and Licensing 

You should only choose a mover in Orlando that is fully insured according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation laws.

This way, you’ll at least get some compensation in the event of an unavoidable loss of property, and, let’s be honest, you’ll sleep better knowing that you’ve entrusted your property to a company that is licensed to do their job.


Absolutely no one likes to spend money if they can help it. While you shouldn’t base your decision on the right moving company in Orlando on price alone, you should definitely always choose a moving company that offers value for your money.

A quick way to do this is by comparing the binding estimates they provide to the average quote by other movers in the state.

Tips For Moving In Orlando

Moving is all about planning, and your move-in Orlando would be significantly smoother if you take the following tips to heart. 

  • Always begin to plan for your move up to 4 months before your preferred moving date. Give yourself one month to declutter and sell some of the property you’ll no longer need, and remember to engage the services of a moving company in Orlando up to 11 weeks in advance, as you might not be able to get one on short notice.
  • Don’t be scared to haggle. Moving companies will often give you something called a non-binding estimate which is a tentative amount that they’ll expect you to pay for the move. If this figure isn’t to your liking, you can always negotiate and seek a second opinion from another moving company.

Cost of Living In Orlando 

Life in Orlando, Florida is pretty affordable. A survey of the cost of living across American states determined that the cost of living in Orlando is 5 percent lower than the national average.

This means that the cost of utilities, transportation, and rent would be relatively lower in Orlando than in most American cities. 

The median home price in Orlando is $308,483 while the median rent, energy, and phone bills are $966, $186, and $198 respectively


In conclusion, hope you enjoyed the tips and tricks you’ll need to make the most of your move to Orlando. Remember that the moving companies work for your convenience and not the other way round, and never forget to plan well, have fun and take it easy.

Moving Cost Orlando, FL

Based on client reports and a survey of the top moving companies in Orlando, it'll cost between $1,490 to $2,230 for an average move.

Bear in mind that the average move is typically intra-state (that is, within 200 miles), requires few, if any extra services, and is calculated as the cost of moving the contents of a two-bedroom apartment in the city.

Part of this cost will include the preparation you'll need to make for the move itself and this includes things like costs of materials like boxes, duct tape, and cushioning like packing peanuts for more delicate items. 

A large chunk of the payment will go to the moving company in Orlando, and even though these costs will vary depending on the particular mover in Orlando that you choose to go with, you can estimate the total amount you'll be asked to pay by considering the following factors:

The Season

Moving during the summer months is generally a bad idea if you're trying to be frugal. During this time - as well as during weekends, holidays, and times of anticipated traffic congestion - movers in Orlando typically experience a higher demand for their services and you can be sure that they'll raise the cost of their moving services to match.

In order to avoid this, it is prudent to book for your move up to 3 months in advance in order to avoid the moving season rush.

Moving Distance 

It seems kind of obvious that you'll be charged more by the moving company if you intend to move a longer distance. For this reason, moves are typically classified as either local or long distance with local moves being typically intrastate and ranging between 50 to 100 miles.

Long-distance moves, on the other hand, exceed 100 miles and often require crossing state lines.

Labor Costs

Labor costs are the single most significant component of your total financial investment in relocation.  They can represent up to 70 percent of your bill and can be calculated by multiplying the hourly wage charged by movers in your state.

In Orlando, expect to pay between $100 to $150 per hour for a single worker, and although this may not seem like a lot at first, it can quickly add up to a significant figure if you need to hire more than one worker.

Extra Services 

While a typical move in Orlando may require the moving company to just transport your property from your old home to your new one. Some moving companies in Orlando provide extra services that will definitely help make your move easier.

These services include full packing services where the moving company helps you pack and move your property, handling delicate items, furniture assembly, and transportation to storage facilities, all for an additional fee.

Accessorial Services 

You can think about accessorial services as extra services that may not be explicitly covered by the contract but will require a significant expenditure of time and effort. 

  • Stair and elevator carry are useful in situations where the property to be moved is located in high-rise buildings. Expect to pay a fee of $75 per flight of stairs or a flat rate of $75 at the origin and destination (unless otherwise disclosed).
  • Long carry services come into play when the moving company can't move property directly from the home to the moving truck due to poor access and having to carry these properties by hand. Movers in Orlando will require an added fee of $1 per foot if they have to carry your property more than 75 feet from the exit of your home to the moving truck.
  • Shuttle services apply if the moving company in Orlando needs to hire a smaller vehicle to move the contents of your home from your door to the place where the moving truck is parked.

Based on client reports and a survey of the top moving companies in Orlando, it’ll cost between $1,490 to $2,230 for an average move.

Bear in mind that the average move is typically intra-state (that is, within 200 miles), requires few, if any extra services, and is calculated as the cost of moving the contents of a two-bedroom apartment in the city.

Part of this cost will include the preparation you’ll need to make for the move itself and this includes things like costs of materials like boxes, duct-tape and cushioning like packing peanuts for more delicate items.

If you have property that’ll require careful handling, then you’ll have to pay a bit extra so that the movers will be aware and pay special attention to your delicate items.

Similar fees apply if you want the moving company to help with things not strictly related to moving like assembling your home gym or your furniture and helping you pack.

If your property is lost or damaged during your move, you may have to seek recompense by filing a moving insurance claim.

Before you file this claim, please ensure that you have a complete inventory of the items you intend to move as well as their monetary value, inform the moving company that you intend to file a moving insurance claim, and then file it within 9 months of the date when your items were delivered.

When you’re moving across state lines or cross-country, you’ll be expected to pay more for your move for several reasons.

First off, longer distances will require more fuel, which as we know, doesn’t come cheap.

It’ll also mean that the driver of the moving truck will have to work for longer hours, which will inevitably increase the amount you pay as labor wage.

Definitely. The moving company can add to your bill if they discover that there are aspects of the move that’ll require more work than they had anticipated.

However, according to the 110 percent rule, they can only charge up to 110 percent of your non-binding estimate, so you should be safe.