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When you are looking to make a move you want to use a service that you can rely on to give you the best possible service at the best possible prices.

Moving Feedback helps you find and connect with the top moving companies in Omaha, NE, and gives you all of the advice and guidance you need to make your next move a successful one.

You will be able to easily sort through the licensing, reviews, safety records, and more of Omaha movers that fit your exact needs. If you need professional moving services, you need Moving Feedback

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Omaha, NE Moving Guide  

Omaha is simultaneously an old and young American city. Omaha contains both a rich history and young, vibrant and exciting culture that is attracting people from all over the country.

The city has amazing cultural centers and museums and has one of the world’s best zoos. There is no shortage of amazing sights, attractions, and people to meet in Omaha.

Finding the Best Movers in Omaha, NE

Professional movers can make a process that is typically stressful and fraught with pitfalls into one that is easy, smooth, and time-efficient. The trick is finding moving companies in Omaha that both fit your needs and offer you above-average quality services. 

Services you should look for when hiring Omaha movers include:

  • Options for help with packing and unpacking
  • Options for help with furniture disassembly and assembly
  • Special options for delicate belongings
  • Optional storage services
  • Local or long-distance transportation services

Look for a Comprehensive Moving Service

Finding a comprehensive moving service will be a great help in minimizing your points of contact and in keeping the whole process simple and straightforward.

When you have the same company store, break down, load, unload, and rebuild your items in your new location you can rest assured that you will have less chance of anything going missing, getting broken, or having the move simply be bogged down with logistical issues between services.

Qualities of a Great Moving Service

When you are comparing moving companies in Omaha that provide the services you require, you should be looking at these important qualities:

Look for Insured and Licensed Movers

Perhaps the first and most important quality you should look for in a moving company is whether or not they have the proper registration and certifications.

Typically this means certification from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation.

There are plenty of quality movers in Omaha that are properly insured and licensed, so there is no reason you need to settle for less.

Focus on Affordable Rates

Once you have made sure that you have chosen a properly certified mover, you will then want to make sure that the services you want are within your price range.

Many companies also try to upsell you or sneak in hidden fees, so look for any sign of this when you are looking through reviews or pricing matrices. 

Also, be sure to make note of the fact that long-distance and local moves will be calculated differently and will have different rates for the items you wish to move. Most moving companies in Omaha will be pretty clear about what you will be paying for their services but you still need to be diligent. 

Find Companies With Positive Reviews

This may seem obvious, but you want to focus on movers that have good reviews. Try and find recent reviews from trusted clientele that share similarities with your situation or needs. This will give you the best possible feedback on what you can expect working with that business. 

You Want Outstanding Customer Service

This ties in with the reviews (bad customer service rarely gets good reviews) but be sure to see if this is something that past customers have focused on. You want to work with a moving company that respects you, your belongings, and your needs. You want movers who are punctual, helpful, respectful, and clean. 

Make Sure They Have the Proper Availability

A simple oversight that can cause huge issues is expecting the moving company to be able to accommodate you when they do not have any openings. You need moving companies in Omaha that fit your needs in terms of location, expertise, time, and calendar date.

Keep in mind that when you need professional moving services (for both the home or office), including help with furniture and other packing options, you need to plan ahead in order to verify a team’s availability. The spring and summer months are typically peak moving seasons.

Other Tips for a Successful Move

Regardless of your specific need, experts often suggest these tips when beginning to arrange a move.

Reduce and Simplify

Use your move as a chance to declutter and streamline your life. Most movers will suggest that you take this opportunity to get rid of things you don’t need. This will help reduce moving costs and will help you move to your new place feeling lighter and less overburdened with things. 

Many homeowners like to use the do-it-yourself transportation pods that allow you to simply pack things up and then unpack them at the new location.

These are great, however, using full-service moving companies in Omaha will free up your time so you can handle other issues related to starting a new life in a new place. It really depends on your priorities and the logistical demands of your move. 

Moving at the Right Time

The time of year that you move can have greater effects than just the availability of the movers. For example, Omaha has snowy and icy winters and these can cause severe weather delays when trying to make a big move.

While the busy seasons have less availability, they are generally more predictable. Most movers in Omaha will suggest moving in the warmer months to avoid these unpredictable delays.

Costs of Living in Omaha, NE

As the nation continues to recover from the pandemic, Omaha has been at the forefront of the bounce back and has become a new booming market in recent years. The pricing of various neighborhoods can fluctuate greatly as demand rises and more people look to take advantage of this region.

More people are now working remotely and are moving into Omaha from the big cities and coasts, looking for something a bit simpler. 

With all that said, the place that you choose to buy or rent can vary greatly in price throughout Nebraska. Make sure to do research into the local area, as well as the activities and qualities of life you are used to and their availability in the area. 

Renting Property in Omaha

Right now, the standard rent in Omaha is about $1,120. That’s roughly $350 below the national average. However, renting is not the best option for your long-term financial health. Renting in Omaha is not a bad decision as the prices are very competitive. 

Owning Property in Omaha

There are still greater long term benefits to owning your own home rather than renting it and the average home price in Omaha is typically around $329,500 in December 2021, which jumped significantly from $220,000 in 2020.

As recently as 2017 Omaha was in the top ten list for cheapest places to buy, but now prices have been growing as demand rises. Buying property in Omaha is currently a great long-term investment. 

Moving companies in Omaha specialize in getting you into your new home quickly and easily, and can also help you with the unique needs of the Omaha area. Make sure you get trained experts to help you move into your exciting new home. 

Other Omaha Expenses

Of course, in addition to your rent, you will also have the other expenses associated with living such as utilities, cable, and internet. The cost of living in Omaha is currently slightly lower than the average in the country.

This is a good place to go in order to help your money travel further and last longer. Many moving companies in Omaha say they are getting a large influx of retirees looking to rest easy in the good life, and young families looking to start their new life off in a big way.

Why live in Omaha, NE?

Omaha has an amazing assortment of museums, cultural centers, and parks. Many love strolling on the spectacularly modern pedestrian bridge named after Senator Bob Kerrey that spans the Missouri River, and the nearby Zoo is considered amongst the best in the world.

You can even hit the cobblestone streets of the Old Market for great shopping, restaurants and breweries. The people are friendly, the prices are good, and the weather reminds you what season you are in. There is a whole lot of love in Omaha.

Why move out from Omaha?

There are a ton of reasons that you may want to move out of Omaha, though few of them have to do with the city itself. While Omaha is bustling and booming, there are a ton of locations and industries in our country that are going through big changes and it is not rare for people to find work or opportunity elsewhere in the country.

However, times have changed quite a bit and no longer are young people fleeing Nebraska for New York and California, rather we are seeing an influx of young homeowners taking advantage of new technology and the ability to work from anywhere.

Moving Cost Omaha

Perhaps the best way to fully understand what a move entails is to break down the costs involved with moving.

Let's take a quick look at what factors contribute to Omaha moving costs. We touched on this a bit before, but a lot of things can affect the pricing of your move ranging from the weather and time of year to the size of the move, the distance you are covering, and any unique or additional services you have enlisted the help of.

For example, a long-distance winter move with full packing and unpacking services will be a different price altogether from a short distance move in the summer using a pod.

Check with the local moving companies in Omaha to see how their pricing may fluctuate throughout the year and according to different needs. 


One of the most important factors that movers will look at when deciding on pricing will be the size and weight of the items you will be relocating. Most companies will charge somewhere between fifty and eighty cents per pound, while others will simply charge a flat rate after taking a look at the amount of stuff you have. To save money, do some Spring Cleaning ahead of time. 


Local Omaha movers are typically priced at an hourly rate while long-distance moving companies in Omaha (usually moving over 100 miles or across state lines) are typically more expensive and will have unique costs associated with the move.

Packing and Moving Supplies

You will typically need to pay for packing supplies unless these costs are included in a comprehensive moving service. The supplies and items needed can vary greatly, from boxes to specialized lifting equipment.

Many people will try and buy discounted packing supplies ahead of time, just be sure to check with the moving company to be sure they are ok with this as many prefer to use supplies they trust and are familiar with. 

Common Access Services and Hidden Costs

There are many additional costs you may run into when making a move. Everything from elevator fees and parking fees to prices per flight of stairs can be added to your costs. Make sure you understand the policy of the movers you plan to work with. 

There are all kinds of hidden fees and it can be impossible to summarize them all. Instead, we will give you a couple of common examples.

Elevator Fee (Flight Charge)

If the building you are moving into has a certain size and weight limitations on the elevator that makes it unusable for the move, you will likely have to pay a fee of some type.

The amount you will pay and the justification will vary from company to company, but generally, going up large numbers of awkward stairs will increase costs. If you live in a high-rise building it may be smart to reserve an elevator exclusively for the move.

Long Carry Fee

In some cases, you may be required to park the moving truck an above-average distance from the building you are moving into (or from) and the movers will need to do a great deal of extra carrying. Often you can expect to pay an extra $90 to $130 per additional 75 ft. This, of course, is just a rough estimate of what is standard amongst moving companies in Omaha.

Try and reserve parking spots or make plans ahead with the property to avoid these issues. 

Hoisting Fee

Another common, but often unexpected expense is a hoisting fee. When movers in Omaha need to move very large pieces of furniture like a piano or antique desk that cannot fit through a doorway or stairwell, then they are often able to offer to host or rigging services able to lift the item inside through a window or balcony. Doing this can save time, reduce internal property damage, and help avoid injuries. 

As our guide should have made clear, pricing will vary greatly depending on the type, size, and distance of the move you are making.

A standard local move into a studio apartment that takes 3 hours will cost about $300 dollars. This is the absolute minimum and can be the basis for you scaling your estimation up. 

While some areas of Omaha have issues like any major city, as a whole this area is much safer than other locations within the country.

In fact, 71% of Nebraska residents say that they feel safe in their area, something only 55% of Americans will typically report.

Nebraska is only 1 of 8 states where the number of “safe” feeling residents is above 70%. 

If you want to move to a larger city but wish to avoid a lot of the crime and danger that comes with it, Omaha is a fantastic compromise.

While you can offer moving services without a license in some rare circumstances, moving companies in Omaha should be fully licensed and insured in order to offer you a safe and legal moving experience. Ask to see proof of credentials before making any deals with your movers.

While you have no shortage of options, we urge you to take advantage of Moving Feedback as the absolute best place for you to get information and make an informed decision about your move and the movers that you want to employ.

You will be able to rate and compare movers across a wide range of key metrics to help you find that company perfect for your needs. 

Living in Omaha is a bit easier financially than most other places in the country, and while Nebraska isn’t in the top ten cheapest states, it isn’t far from that list.

The costs for a family of four are estimated at about $3,750 a month without rent and a single person is estimated at roughly $1,000 without rent.