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We provide up-to-date appraisals of the moving costs, and an ongoing review of the best moving companies in North Dakota, in addition to keeping you abreast of all the things you’ll need to know when planning your relocation and during your negotiations with your movers in North Dakota. At the end of this article, it’ll feel like you’ve actually done it before with all the attendant benefits that foresight will bring to the table.

North Dakota Moving Companies

Moving to North Dakota: All You Need to Know

North Dakota might be one of the best places to live in the country, but love, better job opportunities or plain old wanderlust may make you want to relocate.

Regardless of if you’re on your way out of North Dakota or planning a move to the Flickertail State, we’ve compiled all you need to know about moving from North Dakota, including how to spot the best moving companies in North Dakota, how to pay less for better service and how to make sure your property makes it through unscathed.

The most important thing you’ll need to consider during your relocation is the moving company, as your choice will determine if your relocation will be a success or failure.

How To Choose The Best Movers In North Dakota 

Well, there are a lot of moving companies in North Dakota, and they all have their own unique offerings and pricing. The first thing you need to know is how the pricing is structured.

Moving companies in North Dakota, and indeed anywhere else, typically charge based on distance, labor, and other ancillary services which we’ll go into later on in this article. 

What’s more relevant is that moving companies in North Dakota typically classify moves into short distance (usually within 50 miles) and long-distance moves.

Short-distance moves will typically cost less than long-distance moves, and movers in North Dakota have been known to tack on additional charges for interstate or long-distance moves.

Distance also depends on the route chosen by your mover, so be sure to talk to them about when they set out in order to avoid the additional costs associated with rush hour traffic. 

Tips For Moving In North Dakota

1. While you can generally take most moving companies in North Dakota at their word, there may be some that may indulge in the highly unethical practice of including hidden credit card fees and other charges you may not be aware of until it’s too late.

As a general rule of thumb, always request to see a breakdown of all charges and ask to see and sign a moving contract before you commit to any moving company in North Dakota.

2. Keep an eye out for the reviews. If you’re interested in finding out which of the moving companies in North Dakota offer the best customer experience, then customer reviews are generally the best way to do so.

You can either check out the reviews on the Google page, take a look at their listing on Yelp or just Google the company name to see what past customers have to say about them in forums like Reddit.

3. Find out the exact services your moving company offers. Moving companies in North Dakota may differ from moving companies in other states in both the services they render and the prices they charge for these services, so make sure to ask before you commit. 

4. If you hire a moving company in North Dakota, it stands to reason that they’ll have a better idea of the environment and routes than a moving company from out of town.

Movers in North Dakota can save costs and have your property delivered in a timely manner simply because it’s their city and they know their way around it.

Activities In North Dakota

It might not seem like it on the surface, but North Dakota can be a pretty fun place. While most people might think otherwise (one of the most popular Google searches about North Dakota is the question “is there anything fun to do in North Dakota?), we can assure you that you’ll have a great time there.

To start with, you can hike through Theodore Roosevelt National Park and get a feel for the lay of the land as well as a first-hand glimpse of how it must have felt to live in the age of the American forefathers.

If that doesn’t quite scratch the itch, you can visit the Scandinavian Heritage Park for a day of running, biking, and paddling with your family and friends. The North Dakota Zoo is also a very popular spot for family fun, and you can enjoy an afternoon out with animals cared for in a humane fashion and bask in the admittedly reflected glory of nature.

If your tastes are more urban, however, you can enjoy North Dakota’s Outdoor Art, a collection of vivid and evocative art pieces that tell the city’s story and hint at the richness of culture lying beneath its surface.

Finally, if all this talk of culture and space bores you and you wish for the comfort of the past, check out the Revolver or the Carmine and Hayworth Vintage store where you can get transported into the clothing, furnishings, and general paraphernalia of the past.


In conclusion, we hope that we have been able to give you a better understanding of the relocation process, and some idea of why you’re paying a moving company thousands of dollars to help you move. Remember the tips and tricks we discussed in this article, and don’t hesitate to ruthlessly employ them against the moving companies to get a fairer deal. Best of luck!

Moving Cost North Dakota

It generally costs an average of $1,400 (with prices generally ranging between $800 to $2,150) for a long-distance move in North Dakota while a short distance move will cost between $500 to $800.

You've probably noticed that these prices are way cheaper than average, and this is because of the lower hourly rate charged by the movers in North Dakota ($25 to $50 per hour compared to $150 to $200 in other states).

So if you live in a two-bedroom apartment with belongings that'll take a two-man team about 6 hours to move, and you select a moving company in North Dakota with hourly rates of  $25 you'll end up paying just $300 for labor.

This is non-inclusive of transportation costs or the materials that any of the movers in North Dakota will use in the process of packing and moving, which just makes it even more imperative that you choose the right moving company and you come well informed to the negotiation table.

Extra Services 

Now, here are some things that will affect the prices the average moving company in North Dakota will charge for their services, and we'll go on to discuss how you can use this knowledge to get a fair price.

These services typically involve having the moving company in North Dakota help you with packing your property into moving boxes, lending a hand with furniture disassembly and transportation, and taking special care with delicate items so that they do not get damaged during the move.

Accessorial Services 

These are extra services associated with moving that you may not have considered, but play a role in relocation. For instance, if you live in an area with poor vehicular access or you live in a high-rise apartment, it's probably going to be more difficult to access your building and transport your property than it would otherwise have been.

Don't fret, however, because some of the more enterprising moving companies in North Dakota offer accessorial services designed to take care of these hindrances. This is why movers in North Dakota will typically want to know if your building has multiple floors, or elevators.

Some of the accessorial services charged by moving companies in North Dakota with fixed costs include:

  • Stairs and elevator carry: if you intend to move heavy property through more than 5 to 7 steps, then expect to pay a fee of $75 per flight of stairs or a flat rate of $75 at the origin and destination place (unless otherwise disclosed).
  • Long carry: moving companies in Pittsburgh will require an added fee of $1 per foot if they have to carry your property more than 75 feet from the exit of your home to the moving truck, or $75 for each additional 75 feet.
  • Shuttle service: if your moving company in North Dakota needs to use a smaller vehicle to gain access to your home, then you guessed it, you'll be required to pay extra.

It generally costs an average of $1,400 (with prices generally ranging between $800 to $2,150) for a long distance move in North Dakota while a short distance move will cost between $500 to $800.

So add the cost of hiring the best moving company in North Dakota (roughly $2,000,  depending on how well you negotiate), to tips for workers and cost of materials (about  $500) and there you go.

North Dakota is a great place to live, and while the cost of living in North Dakota is actually 3 percent less than the average in the United States.

While utilities and housing costs are lower than average, the cost of groceries is 2 percent higher than you would find in most American states.

You’ll need an annual income of $27,100 to live comfortably, with the median home price hovering around $323,000 and the average rent standing at just over $1,000 per month.

Movers in North Dakota typically offer a full service option that takes care of all the hassle associated with relocation, giving you the opportunity to kick back, relax and maybe enjoy some of the sights that North Dakota is so famous for, all it’ll cost is an additional fee.

If you’re moving delicate items, you may want to pay the moving company to take extra care while transporting your property.

Moving companies in North Dakota that offer these “special care” options, and that it’s usually quoted as a fixed charge in their service menu.

Tipping movers in North Dakota follows the same guideline as tipping for excellent service in a restaurant or a hotel. Ideally,  between $100 to $150 per mover would be a decent amount.

Workers in moving companies in North Dakota typically get paid pretty well, and as such may not be dependent on tips, but the gesture is always appreciated.