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Find Professional Moving Companies in New Orleans

There are a variety of time-consuming tasks that are associated with moving such as packing, disassembling, and assembling or rigging/hoisting, not to mention finding the right movers in New Orleans can be an extremely difficult situation as needs differ and you need to make quick decisions with the limited information you have at your disposal.

In this article we will go over a couple of factors that affect moving costs, popular neighborhoods to live in New Orleans, cost of living, and some of the Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to hiring a moving company in New Orleans.

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Tips For Hiring The Best Moving Company

1. Make sure they do a thorough walk-through

A moving company that does a quick walk-through isn’t giving your items the attention they need. A good mover in New Orleans will take stock and ask questions about your move.

They will want to know what items you will be taking and the items that you will not be, this helps them to make an accurate estimate.

2. Don’t Pay Up a Huge Deposit

Any reputable moving company in New Orleans will not ask for a big deposit before the move.

You should only hand over cash when your items make it to the new house. If you pay up in advance, you can’t control when or even if you’ll see your items again. A good tip is to use a credit card to pay, this will offer an extra layer of protection for any fraudulent activities.

3. Avoid companies that have recently changed names

Some moving companies avoid a Better Business Bureau (this is a non-profit organization that rates business and handles customer complaints about firms) assessment by trading under different names. It’s always best to choose from moving companies in New Orleans that have a local address. Check if they have insurance and a license to operate in your state.

4. Check References and Reviews

If you can’t get New Orleans moving company recommendations from friends or family, check online for reviews. Ask movers in New Orleans you speak with to provide references from past customers if possible. If the company cannot disclose past customer details as part of a privacy policy, check online for reviews.

5. Don’t Accept a Guaranteed Quote

A Guaranteed quote doesn’t exist if movers in New Orleans offer it to you, it’s a good idea to walk away. There are 3 kinds of moving contracts that reputable companies use.

6. Non-Binding Estimate

These contracts mean that the moving company in New Orleans can’t ask for payments over 10% of the estimate given. You then have 30 days to pay that extra amount.

7. Non-Binding to Exceed Estimate

This means that you won’t have to pay any overages from the estimate. The estimate you got will be the most you have to pay for the services you receive.

8. Binding Estimate

This means that the price quoted by the New Orleans moving company should be the guaranteed price for all the extras, services, and your move. If you then ask for added extras (like unpacking), you will have 30 days after delivery to pay those fees.

Places to live in New Orleans

1. Freret Corridor

Pronounced fur-RET, this stretch of uptown barely existed 10 years ago. Now the residential area anchored along Freret Street boasts cafes, bars, boutiques, and music venues. Think Magazine Street, but more affordable. The median home price in this area is $592,000 according to

2. Bywater

Twenty years ago, this section of the Upper Ninth Ward seemed very backwater. Now this formerly ramshackle neighborhood that follows the river to the Industrial Canal is beyond discovery.

Architecturally intriguing, Bywater is a residential haven of small, locally-owned restaurants and businesses that are full of New Orleans vitality. The average home price here is $420,000.

3. Marigny

The Marigny is just a few blocks from Bourbon Street, an original Creole neighborhood named after aristocrat Bernard de Marigny de Mandeville.

Marigny lost the family plantation to gambling (he’s credited with creating the game of craps), but his loss was the city’s gain. Marigny with its Creole cottages, music venues along Frenchmen Street, indie shops, and eclectic restaurants, is popular and pricey. Median home prices are at $585,000.

4. Gentilly

Although it’s central to just about everything, Gentilly offers quiet, suburban scene minutes from downtown, along with lots of single-family houses with yards and driveways. Popular with families, this isn’t the scene if walking to bars and restaurants is a priority.

Things to do when you arrive in New Orleans

1. Food

New Orleans is a famous food town. In the 14 years since the flood reconfigured the city’s landscape, that is truer now than ever. Before the storm, there were roughly 800 restaurants.

Case in point, Top Chef contender and James Beard award winner Nina Compton moved from Miami to New Orleans four years ago. She’s since opened two restaurants one of which is nominated for Best New Restaurant in this year’s Beard Awards.

2. Live Music

Jazz was also invented in New Orleans. Dancing in the street is pretty common, Jazz Fest brings more than 450,000 people to the Fair Grounds in Mid-City.

And that’s just for starters, New Orleans is known around the world as a music Mecca, a deep pool of talent not only energizes the club scene but enervates sidewalks from Royal to Frenchmen. There is music from afternoon into the wee hours, every single day and night, all over town.

3. Two Words: Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras begins January 6, and culminates on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. The locals know that Mardi Gras is a marathon, not a sprint.

Besides all the balls, parties, and king cake to eat, there are more than 80 parades in and around New Orleans, and it’s impossible to catch them all. Regardless, you’ll find that Mardi Gras is one of the best things to do in New Orleans.

The big parades are known for intricate floats, high-tech wizardry, awesome throws, and grand costumes and themes.


New Orleans moving companies charge prices based on the difficulty of the move and any of the additional services you might require to keep your relocation process as stress-free as possible. Always research a moving company before you make the decision to hire their services.

Moving Cost New Orleans, LA

New Orleans moving company prices vary based on the type of move or the extra services you require apart from loading and unloading.

A local move by movers in New Orleans will cost between $500 to $5,000, this price depends on your apartment size and the number of movers working.

A long-distance move could be as expensive as $10,000.

Factors affecting moving costs

1. Route

While some routes and destinations are common, others are less familiar, common routes attract lower charges due to high competition so you will likely find several New Orleans moving companies that could relocate you to a familiar place. Similarly, unfamiliar routes attract higher charges.

This is because roads may not be highly developed, and there is a higher possibility of damage. So, fewer moving companies in New Orleans will want to travel such routes. Any additional risk or uncertainties increases moving costs.

2. Relocation Distance

Longer distances are more complicated as New Orleans moving companies have to take care of tolls, higher fuel consumption, and increased risk of damage. In addition, if you move to a different state, your relocation company may require specific licenses and insurance policies, depending on the state. Therefore, as a general principle, the longer the relocation distance, the higher the cost.

3. Volume and Nature of Goods

The quantity and weight of your household goods determine the number and type of vehicles required. Heavy goods need a larger crew to pack, load, unload, and unpack. If you have many delicate items, you'll require special packages to keep them in good condition.

Large goods like your furniture or refrigerators consume more space and might require more vehicles. Typically, moving heavy and many delicate items costs more than a standard volume load.

4. Difficulty level

The ease of access to the pick-up and drop-off location and the difficulty of carrying objects affect the moving price. Moving costs more for homes located on a narrow lane or having long and multiple stairs and narrow hallways and doors. These factors make it tough to move belongings and may require the use of special equipment.

5. Required moving services

Not all New Orleans moving companies provide all the services you will require. Full-service movers in New Orleans will charge higher than the ones providing specific services.

Packing, unpacking, insurance, warehouse for storage, and vehicle loading and unloading add to the cost. A way to reduce expenses on moving is to do a few tasks like packing and disassembling to avoid paying for these services to the movers.

6. Accessorial charges

Accessorial charges are fees for additional services performed by the New Orleans moving company beyond pick-up and delivery. Accessorial charges are also known as extra circumstances and add to moving costs.

  • Insurance

To be on the safer side, if you are relocating goods over a long distance it is best to select one of the moving insurance plans offered by the moving company in New Orleans. That way if anything were to happen to your things, you can be reimbursed.

  • Storage services

You may need to store your belongings for further transportation or pending when you get a place to stay, New Orleans moving companies could offer storage containers specifically for this purpose. Storage fees could be between $70 to $400 per 30 days.

  • Stairs carry

Many movers in New Orleans will add charges for stairs they come upon between 5 to 7 steps-when moving. The first flight of stairs will be free at pick-up and delivery, each additional flight will be charged at $75 per flight or will be based on the carrier’s tariff.

  • Elevator use

Moving companies in New Orleans will typically collect a one-time charge of $75 for using an elevator at the origin and destination place. Unless otherwise stated in the contract.

  • Long carry

If the movers in New Orleans must park greater than 75 feet from the entrance to your new home/destination, an added charge must be included before they help you. Additional charges are calculated at the rate of $1 per foot.

  • Shuttle services

Charges will be included to your moving costs where the use of a smaller vehicle is needed to provide service to places inaccessible to a normal van.

New Orleans moving company prices vary based on the type of move or the extra services you require apart from loading and unloading.

A local move by movers in New Orleans will cost between $500 to $5,000, this price depends your apartment size and the number of movers working.

A long-distance move could be as expensive as $10,000.

Moving companies in New Orleans will charge for packing things like strangely shaped or awkward items or for accessorial charges.

You may also be expected to pay fuel surcharges or transportation surcharges. If your items need to be stored, additional fees like warehouse handling charges may apply. Find out in advance so you can be prepared and avoid any surprises.

Packing perishable, dangerous or hazardous materials with your household goods without your moving company’s knowledge is not a good idea.

Seemingly innocent items such as nail polish remover, paint and automotive maintenance products can limit their liability if something goes wrong, so be sure you know which items are on the hazardous materials list.

Fragile items should be those defined by you to be breakable or high-value (such as dishes, glassware, artwork, fragile furniture, mirrors, etc.).

Ensure that all the items in your home are packed by experts using the most up-to-date packing methods and materials in the industry.

Find out if the New Orleans moving company offers satellite tracking capabilities that will allow you to trace the whereabouts of your shipment and driver over the internet.