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Moving Costs Illinois

Moving companies in Illinois charge hourly and fixed rates depending on the type of move you are completing.

The most affordable moves will be local or intrastate moves. These are typically charged at an hourly rate of $35-$100 for a few movers, moving equipment, and a transport vehicle.

Long-distance or interstate moves will be charged a flat rate based on the weight of your belongings and the distance traveled between the starting and destination points. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay about $0.50-$1 per pound/mile for these types of moves.

In addition to these charges, you may opt to pay for additional services from moving companies in Illinois to help expedite or ease the moving process, including but not limited to:

  • Packing and unpacking services $25-$50 per hour
  • Loading and unloading services $25-$50 per hour
  • Furniture assembly/disassembly services $25-$50 per hour
  • Storage rental (fees vary depending on the size and length of time needed)
  • Specialty item moves (pianos, safes, pool tables, etc.) $100-$1,000+

You'll also want to budget for required access fees charged by movers for obstacles that make the move more difficult, such as:

  • Long carry fees $25-$200
  • Stair carry fees $3-$5 per step
  • Elevator use fees $25-$75
  • Shuttle services $75-$200 (when parking isn't available close by)
  • Disconnecting/reconnecting appliances $25-$200
  • Multiple stop fees $50-$200

These extra required fees are why it is essential to get in-home estimates from moving companies in Illinois. By doing this, you can better assess your total moving costs and avoid any surprise fees on moving day.

It also gives you a chance to ask about any special discounts you may qualify for such as student, military, or senior citizen.