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We have carefully sourced content from all over the internet to assist you and keep you well informed in your bid to choose a moving company to Milwaukee. We did the dirty work for you, so you don’t have to.

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Quik Quality Movers

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Topman Transport Moving & Storage

215 Linn St Janesville WI 53548

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Hollis Pack And Move

615 N Maple Ave Apt 4. Green Bay WI

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2969 Sun Terrace Green Bay WI 54302

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Bluemound Express Moving & Storage

1101 Marlin Ct Waukesha WI 53186

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Erics Moving and Delivery service

1501 St Andrew St #411 La Crosse WI 54601

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Moving City Guide Milwaukee, WIS

Milwaukee is a city in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan’s western shore. It’s known for its breweries which offer tours highlighting their role in the city’s beer industry and its baseball team, the Major League Brewers.

This article focuses on hiring the best Milwaukee moving company that best fits your needs to take you to Brew City, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It explores what you need to know about hiring a professional moving company in Milwaukee and what services they offer.

We also go into moving costs and discuss common factors that would influence the prices that moving companies would charge you. We also give you a quick look into Milwaukee Wisconsin, some of the top places to visit, and some Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to moving.

Choosing The Best Moving Company in Milwaukee

1. Local movers

Local moving companies in Milwaukee deal with trips up to 100 miles and usually without passing state boundaries.

Local Milwaukee moving companies charge by the hour, so final moving costs will be determined by the number of movers, the hours they work for loading and unloading your belongings and the time to get from your old home to your new one.

2. Long-distance moving companies

These are usually interstate movers, moves still within a state border that exceeds 100 miles are also categorized as long-distance moves. Long-distance moving companies in Milwaukee will calculate costs based on the distance and weight of your belongings.

All interstate movers need a US DOT number to operate legally, make sure to verify if the company has one. This is a good way to see if the Milwaukee movers you are trying to hire are legitimate or not.

3. Commercial movers

If you require the services of professional movers in Milwaukee to move your business warehouse but you require specialized equipment and specific packing techniques, hire a commercial moving company.

These movers have extensive experience and advanced tech that allows them to relocate your business from one place to another in an efficient manner.

4. Full moving services

Employing the services of residential full-service moving companies in Milwaukee is the safest and most convenient moving option, they take care of a move from start to finish.

They pack, load, transport, unload, and can even unpack and install your electronics if required. A full-service move will not only save you time and effort, but it also ensures your peace of mind. If you already have enough on your plate moving to Milwaukee, seriously consider this route.

5. Partial moving services

If you would rather not hire full-service movers, you have the option of requesting specific moving services:

6. Packing services

If you have fragile or unusually shaped belongings and you do not want to deal with the packing process, you can request for professional packing services. The moving company will come to your location at the designated time and prepare your belonging for shipping in the safest way possible.

7. Loading and unloading services

You could decide to pack and transport your things yourself, but you might be unable to do the heavy lifting required to pack and load into the vehicle. Moving companies offer to load and unloading services to assist you with loading and unloading at your new place

8. Storage services

You may need to store your belongings for further transportation or pending when you get a place to stay, moving companies offer storage containers specifically for this purpose.

9. Specialty movers

Some items are very difficult to move and require special care when doing so. Specialty Milwaukee movers are highly trained professionals that know how to safely handle such items. If you have items that need special attention to move, contact specialty movers.

Getting Around Milwaukee, WIS

Milwaukee is known for its many breweries and the Harley Davidson Museum. It has a population of 592,649 as of 2020, it’s a diverse city with lots of different cultures coming together, and it is an affordable place to live as the cost of living is not as high as you would expect.

Milwaukee has a number of nicknames, one of them is a city of festivals. Milwaukee, Wisconsin hosts a yearly summer festival called the ‘Summerfest’ you would definitely want to check this out.

Wintertime in Milwaukee is extremely cold as temperatures can go to as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit, this however does not stop its residents from skiing.

Milwaukee is relatively easy to get around, but you would definitely need to have a car as public transportation is next to nothing in Milwaukee. If you are moving to Milwaukee, just know there is a high probability that you would fall in love with cheese, it has several shops and restaurants with excellent cheese.

Head over to the Wisconsin Cheese Mart to pick up handcrafted cheese and some of the best cheese curds.
Last but not the least, you get to enjoy amazing its amazing beaches during its mild summers. You would usually find Bradford beach filled with people sunbathing or playing volleyball.

Things To Do When You Arrive in Milwaukee

1. Finding an apartment

Milwaukee’s vacancy rate is at 3.66% compared to the 6.32% national rate, what this means is that you might have a bit of a difficult time getting an apartment to move to in Milwaukee. This problem is being solved by an influx of new developments which will help reduce prices and increase vacancy.

Though costs vary depending on several factors such as location, size and quality, the average rent price in Milwaukee is $1,300. And a house could go for a median price of $182,261 according to So before you hire a moving company to Milwaukee, get a place to stay.

Visit the Harley Davidson Museum

Founded in Milwaukee, the Harley Davidson is on every motorcycle lovers list of dream machines to acquire. This museum takes you through the history of the company from the founders William Harley and Arthur Davidson working on their bikes in a machine shop to becoming one of the most sought-after motorcycle makers on the planet.

Visit the city’s top attractions

One of the best ways to enjoy Milwaukee is to visit the city’s numerous attractions:

Milwaukee County Zoo

This family-friendly recreation site has more than 330 different species of animals in its care. The Milwaukee County Zoo is open all your round so you can visit anytime and check out the activities the zoo provides

Milwaukee Art Museum

Visiting a museum can be a fun way to pass time, Milwaukee’s art museum exhibits various art works in various forms such as paintings, sculptures and decorative arts.

Milwaukee’s Lakefront

Milwaukee’s lakefront is open all year round, you can do a ton of outdoor activities such as having a picnic, going for a run or attending kite festivals. This family-friendly recreation site is perfect for everyone of all ages.


We have reached the end of the article, hopefully, you have a clearer idea of what the various services moving companies provide and which ones best suit your needs.

Moving Cost Wisconsin

The average cost of hiring a moving company in Wisconsin is $5,500 for an interstate move and up to $3,000 for an in-state move. However, your final cost will be based on several factors, such as the size of your home, the distance of your move, and the services you require.

Calculating the cost of movers in Wisconsin is easiest with Moving Feedback. We take all the guesswork out of finding a mover by connecting you with moving companies that offer transparent pricing for local and long-distance moving services.

To get an accurate estimate of your moving costs, it is best to request quotes from multiple moving companies. This way, you can compare prices and find the company that fits your budget and needs.

The moving services and required fees that most commonly increase the cost of a move are:

  • Packing/unpacking services - $200-$1,000
  • Assembling/disassembling furniture - $75-$200
  • Loading/unloading services - $100-$400
  • Storage services - $50-$300 per month
  • Multiple stops - $50-$100 each
  • Stairs/elevators - $20-$100 each

Understanding costs charged by moving companies in Wisconsin is essential to staying within your budget and avoiding additional charges on moving day. With a bit of research and some careful planning, you can be sure that your Wisconsin move is both seamless and affordable.

Don't forget that you can always save money on your move by packing belongings yourself, moving during the off-peak moving season, and decluttering your home before moving.

Moving companies in Milwaukee-generally all moving companies-charge up to 20-30% more if you want to move during the summer months because of basic economics, greater demand calls for higher prices.

It is advisable to plan your trip ahead of time even if you have to make your trip during summer rush hour periods so you would be attended to on a first-come first-serve basis.

This depends on your requested moving service, distance (local or interstate), the quantity of items being moved and the number of workers and how many hours they work for.

Moving companies in Milwaukee will charge as much as $9,000 for interstate moves and between $3,000 to $5,000.

The moving company you hire in Milwaukee will load all the boxes you give to them for moving as long as they deem it safe for transportation.

Items of high value such as jewelry or antiques can be included in your shipment provided that you notify the moving company before packing and moving day.

Items worth more than $100 per pound are considered to be items of ‘extraordinary value’.

Some professional moving companies in Milwaukee have satellite tracking technology that allows you to monitor in real-time the whereabouts of the driver and your shipment on the internet. Ask your relocation specialist for details on shipment tracking.