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Stop stressing and worrying about all those little details of your next move and instead use Moving Feedback to help you make it go off perfectly. At Moving Feedback we list the absolute best moving companies in Maine based on a wide assortment of attributes that accommodate a wide array of customers.

Everyone has slightly different needs when it comes to a move, and this means that one moving company may be perfect for one household, but a poor fit for another. The trick is to understand what services you need, and then have a way of locating and comparing the companies that offer those services. This is where Moving Feedback comes in.

Maine Moving Companies

A Guide for Moving to Maine

The biggest step to making your move go smoothly is to find the moving companies in Maine that match your unique wants and needs. For example, if you own a lot of antiques, you will want a moving company that specializes in handling fragile objects. The following are our top tips for making your move go well.

Find the Movers in Maine That Fit You

You want to make a list of all the movers in Maine that match your general needs. From that point, you can begin to narrow down the list based on certain criteria.

Check for a license and insurance

Tons of moving companies in Maine do not stay current with all of the licenses and certifications that they are supposed to.

This often translates into poor quality service and can reflect a lack of attention to detail. Many look for them to be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation. 

A full range of included services

Something to look for, and something we will go into in a bit more detail shortly, is the need to ensure that the services you need are included in whatever moving package that you plan to purchase.

Very often a buyer will expect to pay one price only to find that a number of hidden fees have been added throughout the process. Understand what your move requires, what the movers charge, and which fees you may be paying. 

Track record of happy customers 

Perhaps the easiest way to compare the quality of moving companies in Maine is to simply look at the reviews for the companies in question.

You want to rely on a moving service that is known for making happy customers. You don’t want to use movers who have repeatedly let people down.

Why So Many Love Living in Maine

Maine is not normally on the top of someone’s list when it comes to dreaming destinations, but this is not really Maine’s fault. Maine simply keeps to itself, and in many ways is a well-kept secret of its residents.

Few realize that not only does Maine have a lower cost of living when compared to the surrounding area, but it is also ranked as the safest state in the country. If you are looking for a place to raise a family, Maine may just be the perfect location. 

The secret may have gotten out, though. Moving companies in Maine report a large influx in people moving to the state, leading many to believe that housing costs may grow in the coming years. For many, this has only emboldened them to make the move sooner. 

As this, our small guide, tends to make clear, pricing will fluctuate quite a bit depending on your unique needs.

A very rough estimate puts moving in the state between $1300 and $3900 between one bedroom house and a three bedroom house.

Maine is one of the best places to live in the country with virtually no crime and over 600,000 acres of public land managed parks and recreation spaces. Many consider Maine to be the perfect place to raise a young family.

While we have listed all of the great things about Maine, the truth is that there are simply a lot of businesses that end up pulling people away from the state.

Most leave due to the needs of work. However, with remote work being more popular than ever, this trend is likely to change.

Maine lands just about in the middle for costs of living in the United States. It strikes a good balance between quality of life and affordable housing. The median cost of a home in Maine is roughly $300,000.

While you can scour Google or the phone book for moving companies, we have already done all the hard work for you. allows you to quickly view the very best moving companies in Maine.