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Moving City Guide Lubbock, TX

Lubbock is a small city in the South-Western region of Texas known for its popular musicians, wineries, and proximity to Texas Tech University. It is generally considered to be a great place to live and work in, and whether you’re planning on a move to Lubbock, changing locations within the state, or moving out of Lubbock for greener pastures, you’ll most likely need the help of a moving company.

What Is A Moving Company?

A moving company, like the name implies, offers assistance with relocation for a small fee. This assistance can vary from simply helping you with transportation to taking care of your entire moving needs.

Moving companies in Lubbock are particularly notable for providing great service at very reasonable costs, but you’ll have to do your due diligence to ensure that you get the best rates possible.

Luckily, created this document to discuss all you need to know about your relocation including tips on how to plan and prepare for your move, explanations of some of the more unfamiliar terms you’re likely to encounter while studying your moving contract, as well as a quick look at life in Lubbock and how it’s going to affect your pockets and style of living.

Why Use A Moving Company?

While it’s possible to go full DIY and relocate without the help of a moving company in Lubbock, it is not easy. Whatever money you save will inevitably be spent on replacing property damaged due to poor packaging or sunk into recuperating from the stress associated with relocation.

Most people prefer to pay a moving company to deal with it, as this choice comes with professional packing services, insurance to guard against property damage and loss, as well as a stress-free relocation that leaves you primed to start your life in a new city on the right note.

The Best Movers In Lubbock

Generally speaking, moving companies are part of the service industry, and as such, you can typically judge them based on the quality of their customer service.

Choosing the mover in Lubbock with the best customer service is a great way to ensure that you have a stress-free move but it is just one of the qualities you need to consider when choosing the moving company that meets your specific needs.

Some of the factors you have to consider in your quest to hire the most suitable moving company in Lubbock will include:

Local Or Long-Distance Move?

The distance between the place you’re relocating from and your new home not only determines the moving company in Lubbock that is best suited for your move, but it also places a significant role in the total costs associated with your relocation.

Local moves are cheaper, and these are defined as moves that don’t exceed 100 miles, while long-distance or cross-country moves can reach up to 500 miles and will require a different set of skills and capabilities. 

If you’re planning on an interstate or cross-country move, it is typically better to choose a moving company that is experienced with long-distance and interstate moves even if they aren’t based in Lubbock.

On the other hand, you should absolutely choose a local moving company if you’re moving a distance of fewer than 200 miles, as they’ll be more familiar with the neighborhood and traffic conditions.

Are They Insured And Licensed?

Insurance and licensing serve as proof that the moving company in Lubbock is capable of handling your relocation needs. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation are responsible for making sure your property is in safe hands, and along with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), help you make the right choice.

Are Their Prices Competitive?

You’ll spend most of your relocation budget on hiring a moving company. As a matter of fact, a review of expenses by recent movers in the United States shows that between 70 to 90 percent of moving costs are paid to moving companies.

This means that getting a good deal with a moving company will go a long way towards reducing your overall relocation costs and leave you with a little more money to kick off your life in a new city.

One way to know if you’re getting a good deal is by taking a look at the average moving costs in the United States and factoring in the state- or client-specific variables. 

Cost of Living In Lubbock

The cost of living in Lubbock is 8 percent lower than the national average. This means that things will cost almost 10 percent less in Lubbock than they would in the average state in the U.S.

Expect to get your utilities at 1 percent higher than average, housing 18 percent lower, and groceries 5 percent lower than average. The median home price in Lubbock is $285,234, while rent costs about $893 per month on average. 

Your monthly energy bill will hover around $168 per month while your phone bill will cost around $180 per month. 

Tips For Moving In Lubbock

If you’re interested in relocating to or from Lubbock, here are a number of tips and tricks that could make your move a little bit less stressful and a whole lot easier:

Flirt Before You Settle Down

Don’t be too shy to ask to see what other moving companies in Lubbock have to offer. Compare prices, service variety, and customer care before making a decision about the moving company that will cater to your relocation needs.

Plan Well In Advance

We typically advise potential movers to begin to plan their move up to 12 weeks in advance. This will give you enough time to pick a convenient date for your move, pack and dispose of unneeded items, and avoid the mad rush that inevitably results in misplaced items and higher moving costs.

Customize Your Move

Remember that you have the option to pay for the specific services you need to make your relocation successful and nothing else. Always let the moving company in Lubbock know that you are aware of the existence of move customization, and find out how you can customize your move to suit your specific needs.


In conclusion, relocation is all about information, and at, we compile all the best and up-to-date information about moving companies in the Lubbock area that’ll give you the edge in negotiations and will help make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.

Moving Costs In Texas

At, we like to think of moving costs as more than just fixed figures. So even as research states that it'll cost between $1,700 to $2,000 as total moving costs in Texas, we want to go a step further to explain what this price will cover and what it will not.

For your potential move, you need to think of moving in two distinct stages. Let's call them the pre-move, and the move itself. For the pre-move, you'll need to consider the preparation you'll need to make for the move itself and this includes things like costs of materials like boxes, duct-tape and cushioning like packing peanuts for more delicate items. You may be able to make up the cost of these materials by carrying out a garage sale, which is a handy way to raise money as well as reduce the number of things you'll need to take to your new home.

The move itself is where the moving companies in Texas come to play, and the cost implications in this stage of your move will typically depend on the following factors:

Time (Of The Season)

Do you think moving would be really convenient for you during the summer months when it's warm and cozy? Well, so those everybody else. The result of this is that the moving companies in Texas typically experience a higher demand for their services during these months and you'll be asked to pay more for your move. The same applies, albeit to a lesser extent on weekends, holidays, and during times of anticipated traffic congestion.


Moves are typically classified as either local or long distance depending on the distance traveled. Local moves are typically intrastate, and range between 50 to 100 miles. Long-distance moves, on the other hand, exceed 100 miles and often require crossing state lines. You shouldn't be surprised to learn that moving companies in Texas will charge a higher price for longer distances, and some of the factors contributing to this price include fuel costs, tolls, and additional driver wages.

Labor Costs

You'll spend most of the money during the move itself on labor costs, and wages paid to workers in moving companies generally vary according to the state. In Texas, expect to pay between  $75 to $150 per hour for a single worker, and although this may not seem like a lot at first, the total amount can be startling when you consider that you may need to hire more than one worker for multiple hours.

Extra Services

Your typical contract with a moving company in Texas will generally involve moving your property from poi

point A to point B. This does not mean that they only offer those services though, as movers in Texas are designed to render extra services to make your move easier for an additional cost. These services include full packing services where the moving company helps you pack and move your property, handling delicate items, furniture (dis)assembly, and transport.

Accessorial Services

You can think about accessorial services as extra services that may not be explicitly covered by the contract but will require a significant expenditure of time and effort on the part of the moving company in Texas.

These services include stair carry, elevator carry, and long carry services. Stair and elevator carry are useful in situations where the property they moved is located in high-rise buildings and the workers in the moving company will need to maneuver property through either stairs or elevators. Long carry services come into play when the moving company can't move property directly from the home to the moving truck due to poor access and having to carry these properties by hand.

Expect to spend between $1,490 to $2,230 during your move in Lubbock. Moving costs depend on a number of factors including an estimation of the total weight of your belongings, the distance to your new home (as we’ve discussed above), as well as the type of service you require, your need for accessorial services and the timing of your move, as will be discussed in the article.

With Added Valuation Insurance, you get the full value of whatever items you insured subtracted from depreciation.

The amount you pay for Added Valuation Insurance depends on what value you ascribe to the items in question, so if you’re insuring a valuable item you’ll tend to pay proportionally more than you’d be charged if you’re paying insurance for a less valuable item.

After you contact the moving company in Lubbock, they’ll send someone over to your home so that they can assess it and give you something known as a binding or non-binding estimate.

Like the name pretty much implies, binding estimates represent close to the exact amount you’ll pay at the end of the transaction while non-binding estimates may vary significantly from the amount you’ll eventually have to pay.

These estimates depend on the total weight of your property as well as the estimated number of man-hours they’ll need to work in order to move your property to the moving truck.

A full-value replacement simply means that the moving company you choose will provide full value for damaged items worth more than $100 per pound.

On the other hand, if your property was damaged and you selected the released-value replacement, you’re only entitled to compensation of $0.60 per pound.

A Bill of Lading is a document that contains your moving contract and serves as proof that the moving company has your property in their possession.

Your Bill of Lading should be kept in a safe place even after your relocation is completed, as it may come in handy as proof of your dealings with the moving company.