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Moving Feedback is your one-stop guide destination for all things moving. In addition to our extensive moving guides, we have sourced the top moving companies in a bid to assist you and make moving as stress-free as it can get. In this article, we shed light on what’s needed to know when hiring a moving company in Iowa.

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Argo Moving & Labor Services

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Two Guys Two Trucks Moving

922 Kirkwood Ave Iowa City IA 52240

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Powell Express Moving

10732 Diesel Dr Dubuque IA 52001

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Quick & Qualified Moving

965 Boston Way Coralville IA 52240 USA

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The College Moving Crew

1900 NW 4th St Ankeny IA 50023

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Quad City Dudes Moving

5000 Tremont Ave Bldg 300 Ste 301 Davenport IA 52807

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Moving State Guide – Iowa

Moving is a tad bit stressful even with the help of a moving company. But with the right mover, you can relax and be assured that your belongings are in safe hands. The main focus of this article is to shed light on how to gauge if a moving company in Iowa is well-equipped to handle your move.

We also dissect moving costs, so if you’ve been curious about what makes hiring a mover in Iowa cost so much, you definitely want to stick around.

Choosing The Best Movers in Iowa

Hiring the best moving company is important, but how can you sift out the good from the bad? This section covers a few important factors to put into consideration to choose the best mover in Iowa to help with your relocation.

1. Good Customer Service

A good inclination on how reliable a moving company in Iowa is by the quality of their customer service. Ensure to pay close attention to how their customer service handles questions or complaints from previous customers.

2. Reviews

Online reviews are a good place to look when on the quest to determine how reputable moving companies in Iowa are.

Reviews provide an insight into how past customers felt about the services the movers provided. Hop online and read reviews from the moving company’s website or trusted sites like google and the Better Business Bureau.

3. Get written in-home estimates

In a bid to ensure you get the best value for your money, it is necessary to contact up to three moving companies and compare moving quotes. While it is easier to get moving estimates over the phone, it is not as accurate as calling representatives from the moving company to take a look at your home.

Tips for moving to Iowa

Iowa’s scenic views, coupled with affordable housing make it one of the best places to live in the United States. Since you have taken the first step involved in moving to Iowa by hiring a moving Company, there are a couple of other things you should know.

1. Get to know the city

The first thing to do before undertaking a huge task always involves a bit of research. Make sure you find out commute times, how to get from one part of the city to another, and the best places to live in Iowa before contracting a mover. You could also use this as a chance to explore the city for its best spots.

2. Be extra social

The most exciting and nerve-wracking part of moving to a new city is the social aspect. Making new friends and taking the time to explore is going to make the move-in process easier.

3. Get out of your comfort zone

Going to events and trying new things is the best way to meet new people. It can be thrilling to leave your comfort zone. Turn up at events with a willingness to socialize and you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

Best places to live in Iowa

You can’t really say you are moving to a new city/state if you don’t have an idea of some of the best places to live, take a look at the top 3 places you can settle down in Iowa.

1. West Des Moines

West Des Moines is a western suburb of the state capital Des Moines, this is an ideal location for those who need to commute to work. With a population of over 66,000 as of 2020, this area boasts active nightlife, affordable housing, and low crime rates.

2. Iowa City

Iowa City is often confused for being the state capital of Iowa, It is still a bustling city with a population of over 75,000 it has a being a distribution of diverse people both in terms of ethnicity and economic standing. Median home prices are at about $274,000 according to Willow.

3. Clive

Clive enjoys the quietness that comes with being out of the central business district, it lies northwest of West Des Moines and is home to a host of parks and ample green spaces for its residents to enjoy. Median home prices go for about $380,000.

There you have it

Hiring a moving company to a new city is never easy, but with these tips, you’d be sure to find movers in Iowa that fit your needs.

Iowa Moving Cost

Your moving costs will depend on a variety of factors. For local moves, moving prices are influenced by the number of hours it takes to get your shipment to your doorstep. Average local moving costs for a 3-bedroom apartment are about $4,500.

For long-distance moves, moving companies in Iowa calculate costs based on the weight of your shipment, and prices could exceed $7,000 for a similar 3-bedroom apartment.

Factors That Determine How Much Your Move Will Cost

If you’re wondering what exactly your moving cost will be, you’re unlikely to get a straight answer. This is because there are a number of factors that come into play and can significantly change costs, here are a couple of them:

1. Extra Services

A major factor determining how expensive your moving quote will be is the extra services you require. If you want the Iowa moving company to handle things like packing and unpacking or you want to select the full coverage insurance, all of these will add to the cost of your move.

Not to mention, if your move required extra manpower or trucks, there will be added costs.

2. Distance

Depending on whether you’re moving long distance or locally, the distance you will be moving greatly impacts the final cost of your move, for long-distance moves you will also be charged for gas.

3. Quantity of belongings

This is worth noting if you are undertaking a local move, as they typically charge by the hour. The more stuff you have to move, the longer it will take your movers, which in turn influences final moving costs.

You could save money by decluttering before your move, that way the movers in Iowa won’t be spending time packing things you don’t need.

4. Accessorial charges

Accessorial charges are fees imposed by the moving company for specific circumstances they might encounter when they are taking care of your move.

Stairs carry:

You will be charged if the movers in Iowa encounter stairs (between 5 to 7) during the moving process. The first flight of stairs is free during pickup and delivery, but you will be charged $75 for subsequent flights.

Elevator carry:

If you are moving into a high-rise apartment or a condo, there will be a one-time charge of $75 for the elevator at the origin and destination.

Long carry:

Movers in Iowa have a charge for carrying articles over 75 feet between the mover’s vehicle and your doorstep. These charges will be calculated at the rate of $1 per foot, and $75 increments for each additional 75 feet.

Shuttle services:

These fees are applicable in situations where the use of a smaller vehicle is needed to provide service to residences that are not accessible to a normal moving van.

An estimate is an educated guess of the approximate cost of your moving. This is based on your inventory and the Iowa moving company’s tariff.

Moving companies do not take more than an hour to complete an in-person estimate. But make sure you show the moving company representative all you’d be moving.

This depends on the quantity of items you will be moving. You will also need to factor in if you are enlisting the help of professionals or if you would be packing yourself.

This depends on how the moving company in Iowa does things, but insurance is usually not included in your moving quote.

Moving costs to undergo a local move for a 3-bedroom apartment is about $4,500. An apartment of the same size for an interstate move would be more than $7,000.