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Hire Best Moving Services In Indiana

A lot of you out there know exactly how stressful and nerve-racking the whole experience of moving can be when you do not have the proper help in place. This is why was made, to ensure that everyone can find the proper moving assistance when the time comes.

We not only connect you with the very best moving companies in Indiana, but we also offer a series of helpful guides. At Moving Feedback, we are dedicated to making your next move the easiest ever.

Indiana Moving Companies

Arpin Van Lines Claimed

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8010 Castleton Road Indianapolis IN 46250 USA

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Mapletree Transportation Inc

2103 W Mishawaka Rd Elkhart IN 46517

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Master Core Movers

400 N Lake Park Ave Hobart IN 46342

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Big-Vault Portable Storage & Moving

1575 Joliet St Dyer IN 46311

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Your Moving Source

6505 Stonebridge Blvd Charlestown IN 47111

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Tips For Moving to Indiana

Indiana is a naturally beautiful place and the incredible views and family-friendly vibe make it highly sought after by homebuyers, tourists, retirees, and young families – all flocking to Indiana in greater numbers than ever before to take advantage of the great prices and high-quality of living.

On top of the affordable prices, there is a growing and thriving art scene, as well as music and a booming job market. There is a lot to love about a potential move to Indiana.

Having said all that, no move is easy, and the more you understand the challenges ahead, and how to overcome them, the easier your move will be.

Picking the Correct Moving Company

Finding the proper moving company is not at all as easy as it may first seem. There are a ton of variables to weigh and things to consider before you will be able to find the movers in Indiana that fit your needs perfectly.

Moving companies can actually differ quite a bit from one another and the more you understand the unique challenges of a move, the better choice you will eventually be able to make.

The following are the criteria (or part of it) that we use when deciding which movers to list at

1. Choose Companies With Good Reviews

Perhaps the easiest step and the one you are most familiar with if you ever go shopping online is to read the past customer reviews that the company has received.

You want to find moving companies in Indiana that have been able to give customers what they want on a regular basis and have provided customers with the services you need.

2. Choose Movers With Skills You Need

Tying in with that last point, you want to find movers that specialize in the services you require. Take stock of the services you will likely need (such as hoisting services, piano moving, or handling of extremely fragile or expensive antiques) and make sure that the movers that you choose to work with understand how to move those types of items.

3. Find Licensed and Insured Movers

A lot of people do not realize that many moving companies in Indiana do not actually have the proper certifications or insurance for the jobs that they are conducting.

For obvious reasons, you want to find a company that has all of the proper certifications and is insured in case of any accidents.

Living in Indiana

Indiana is a land of vast natural beauty and is becoming incredibly attractive now that more people are working remotely. Young families love the high quality of living and the lower costs and there is no shortage of outdoor parks and spaces to enjoy.

The arts and music scene is blossoming in the state and there are a ton of new venues and attractions popping up. The food scene is also something many are now remarking on.

Moving Costs Indiana

The costs of a move are actually a lot more complicated to calculate than you may initially think. Moving companies in Indiana have a large bucket of things that can become extra fees.

Some companies may even tack on fees at the end without you even realizing it. The best way to avoid all of this is to know what type of fees moving companies in Indiana may be charging you for your move.

Here are some examples of things that can make a big impact on the costs of a move.

1. Type of Move

Like companies elsewhere, moving companies in Indiana will price the move according to the type: local or long-distance move. The costs of local moves, which typically cover less than 100 miles, are usually based on an hourly rate, while the core price of a long-distance move will be based on the distance and the overall weight of the items being moved to the new location.

2. Types of Services You Choose to Use

Do you plan on hiring movers to pack up all your belongings? If so, you will have to pay for it. Other services offered by moving companies that will cost extra include special handling for oversized items like pool tables, and crating services to protect fragile goods like paintings.

3. The Calendar Date of the Move

The date that your move takes place can also have a pretty big effect on the price that you will ultimately pay. Moving companies in Indiana will be in much higher demand in the months between April and October and it will be harder to get them on the exact days you want, prices will be higher as well to keep up with demand.

4. Can You Supply Your Own Packing Supplies

While it may seem like you should get packing supplies from the mover, the truth is that moving companies in Indiana (and everywhere else) tend to charge a premium for boxes, tape, and other general supplies and when you are moving a whole house these little extra costs will really add up. You should instead get boxes from a cheaper third party, do some spring cleaning, then pack up your items ahead of time. This will be a big cost saver for the move.

5. Other Costs and Unexpected Fees

Depending on the type of move and the circumstances involved there may be quite a number of fees that movers in Indiana may charge you. For example, if you are moving into a tall building you may need to pay stair flight fees, elevator fees, or hoisting fees depending on how accessible the elevators, stairways, and doorways of the building are.

You can also expect to pay long carry fees if the moving truck is forced to park an extra far distance away from the building you are moving from or to. You can expect to pay around $100 for every extra 75ft for these long carry fees.

The typical moving company based in Indiana will cost you about $77/hour to about $90/hour depending on a number of factors (including those we previously covered).

A move out of the state will cost somewhere between four and ten thousand dollars for a large household.

Average cost of living in Indiana is only $38,097 per year making it incredibly affordable. This is why so many young families are choosing this beautiful and peaceful area to start their new lives.

Housing, food, healthcare, and education are all much more affordable than elsewhere in the country.

While Indiana is a beautiful place and many people are now taking advantage of remote and digital work options to move their business to the area, traditionally most people have been forced to move out of Indiana in order to pursue their careers.

Very rarely does a family leave Indiana because they tire of the safe communities and great schools.

Indiana is a highly rural area and outside of the basic city and county busses, you will not find a very large public transportation option.

However, getting to and from the airport is generally easy with a number of shuttle services and taxis working the area.

If you do not have time to spend days vetting and looking up company after company trying to find the best movers for your needs (and who does?), then you are in luck.

Use to quickly and easily review and compare the best movers in Indiana.