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Georgia Moving Companies

Movers Van Lines Inc

10 Reviews

2000 Clearview Ave #208 Doraville GA 30340

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US Express Relocation

7 Reviews

6075 Atlantic Blvd. Suite C-1 Norcross GA 30071

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Atlantic Relocation Systems Reviews

5 Reviews

1314 Chattahoochee Ave. N.W. Atlanta GA 30318

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Two Men and a Truck Athens

260 Commerce Blvd Athens GA 30606

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Stay Down Movers

Augusta GA 30901

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Blissful Moving

Stockbridge GA 30281

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A Special Touch Moving Company

1111 King George Blvd Savannah GA 31419

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JB Home Furniture Assembly

2120 Fairburn Rd SW Atlanta GA 30331

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PrimeTime Movers

Atlanta GA

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Kerb Long Distance Movers

1450 NW Hills Pl Atlanta GA 30318

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Atlanta Peach Movers

2911 Northeast Pkwy Atlanta GA 30360

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Magic Movers ATL

Atlanta GA 30308 USA

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Your Move to Georgia

Often referred to as the Peach State, Georgia is a stunning southeastern U.S. state whose terrain spans coastal beaches, farmland, and mountains. Georgia is known for its subtropical climate which is why many summer-lovers make the state their permanent home.

To have a successful relocation, you would need to enlist the services of a professional moving company in Georgia. Georgia moving companies generally provide a variety of services, from full-service moves, and movers to help with packing and unpacking to the truck and even storage container rentals.

Choosing one is a matter left to budget and preference. This article is here to make this choice a lot easier as we go into detail about the options you have and their pros and cons.

Hiring a Moving Company

Everyone has different needs when it comes to moving, which is why choosing the right movers in Georgia to assist you in making your move is of utmost importance.

If you prioritize convenience, hire a mover.

Hiring professional moving companies in Georgia takes away most of the stress of moving, from packing your belongings and disassembling your furniture to transporting your stuff and unpacking in your new home.

If you’d rather leave the hassle and hard work to the pros, a full-service move is perfect for you.


  • Requires the least amount of labor compared to other options
  • Least responsibility


  • It is the most expensive option

If you have minimal belongings or you need to save as much money as possible, rent a moving truck and do all the work yourself. The rental fee for a moving truck can cost between $20 and $200 on average for local moves.

For long-distance moves, truck rental pricing could go for about $2,080, though during the busy season (from the end of spring to the beginning of fall), long-distance rentals can cost up to $5,000.

These costs can creep up on you if you’re not careful. You would also have to consider fuel costs when you do a rental move. For most moves, you might need to fill your tank a couple of times— and gas costs add up quickly, especially considering how quickly gas prices are climbing.

The bottom line is if a rental truck is what you’re looking for, there is definitely a Georgia moving company that offers just that.


  • It is Affordable


  • You do the packing and loading
  • It is stressful and time-consuming

If you desire convenience but also want to save as much as possible, hire a moving company in Georgia that will assist you in renting a moving container.

Moving and storage containers are perfect for people who don’t mind packing but would rather not drive across the country.

The best part is, that renting a container is a good mid-point price-wise between hiring a full-service moving company in Georgia and renting a truck.

After you’ve loaded the container with your belongings, or if you chose to have the Georgia movers load it up, the company will send out a truck to pick and deliver it to your new home where you unload it.

If you pay them, the company can also store the container for you after you load it up. On average, it costs $3,800 to move using a moving and storage container, though exact prices range from $850 to $12,000. This price range is impacted by distance, time of the year, and location.


  • More affordable than hiring a full-service moving company.
  • You can pack at your leisure or hire extra help.


  • They can be pricey.
  • You can do the heavy lifting.

Getting Around Georgia

One of the best things about living in Georgia is how beautiful the scenery there is. Whether you like mountains or beaches, waterfalls or lakes, Georgia has it all. This southern state has witnessed epic historical events. Legendary incidents like the Gold Rush, Revolutionary War, and the Civil War with plenty of museums to show for it.

Things To Do When You Arrive in Georgia

Go sight-seeing in popular locations

Adventure seekers will enjoy a trip to Stone Mountain Park. This massive theme park offers a variety of interests. You can soar to the top of the mountain with the Summit Skyride or visit the Dinosaur Explore.

You can also check out Geyser Towers where you can journey over rope bridges suspended over a geyser. There’s more to explore and you will be able to spend a day here with your family or friends.

The Varsity is a chain of restaurants located in Atlanta, Georgia. The fast-food restaurant serves classic American snacks such as burgers and hot dogs. Today, it serves as an iconic destination in Atlanta for local and foreign travelers alike.

While here, visit its main location on North Avenue. The original establishment is famous for being the world’s largest drive-in fast-food restaurant.

Downtown Atlanta is home to one of the most iconic American companies, Coca-Cola. If you’re a fan of soft drinks, you can visit the World of Coke and taste the different flavors of this famous drink. You can also learn more about the secret ingredients of Coca-Cola.

Getting a house

It’s best to start your move to Georgia by finding housing. Whether it’s registering your vehicle, transferring your driver’s license, or enrolling a child in school, a lot of what you’ll need to do after moving to Georgia will require a Georgia address. You’ll need proof of residence.

Top 5 Places You Could Settle Down in Georgia

1. Evans

Evans is for people who do not mind that small-town feel, though its nightlife is sensational. As indicated by soaring high home prices, the quality of life is excellent. Crime is virtually nonexistent here, Median home price in Evans, GA is about $400,000.

2. Alpharetta

Alpharetta is a town near Atlanta, often considered to be the best to live in Georgia, It has a population of about 66,566 people as of 2020, you can get a nice three-bedroom home for about $376,000 or a four-bedroom four-bath for $485,000 according to

3. Johns Creek

A suburb is also located in Fulton County. More than 85,000 people who enjoy a high quality of life call it home.

Johns Creek enjoys a low crime rate, 75% lower than the national average, in terms of activities the suburb’s proximity to the big cities enhances its appeal.

It also has some of the best schools in the state. The Median Listing home pricing in this area is about $675,000.

4. Milton

This is a new neighborhood that has been growing at an exceptional rate. As of 2020, Milton had a population of about 40,697.

Milton feels like a small town even though it’s a stone’s throw from all the necessary amenities in nearby cities, it has been recognized as one of the places in Georgia with the highest standard of living. The median price listing here is $860,000.

5. Decatur

The city’s motto is ‘everything is greater in Decatur’ and it lives up to it. Home to about 26,000 people as of 2020, the crime rate is near-nonexistent in this charming suburb, it has one of the best educational systems in Georgia. It is a great place for families to settle, as the median home price was about $333,500 in April.

We hope this article has been of great help to you, you can also check out our article to help you locate the best moving company in Georgia.

Moving Cost Georgia

Moving companies charge for labor services by the hour and per worker. That is, moving companies charge for labor depending on the number of workers and the hours they use to box up your things, the average price that moving companies in Georgia charge per worker for an hour range from $60 to $80.

When do you plan to move?

Timing also plays a part in the amount moving companies in Georgia will charge for their services, they tend to increase the price of their services during rush-hour periods, such as during the summer or weekends, so timing is just as important as choosing the right movers.

Any extra services?

There are some charges that may add up depending on where you’re moving from and the type of place you’re moving to. Applicable charges will be based upon the carrier's tariff, with the exception of the following predefined items:

Stairs and elevator carry: moving companies in Georgia will require additional fees if you are moving your belongings up or down a flight of stairs, they typically charge $75 for stairs-between 5 to 7 steps-they encountered in moving your belongings.

The first flight of stairs will be free at pickup and delivery; each additional flight will be charged $75.00 per flight or by the carrier tariff. For elevator carry, you would also be charged a one-time payment of $75 (unless otherwise disclosed) if they use an elevator to get your belongings to their moving van.

Long carry: An added charge for carrying articles over 75 feet between the mover's vehicle and your residence additional charges will be calculated at the rate of $1.00 per foot based on $75 increments for up to each additional 75 feet.

Shuttle services: movers in Georgia will charge an additional fee if a smaller vehicle moves your property from your home to where their moving truck is parked in cases where long carry is impossible.

If you are also interested in paying for storage, a moving company in Georgia that offers this service would typically charge $99.95 per 30 days.

How far away are you moving

Movers in Georgia also charge based on how far you are moving your belongings. They classify moves as either local or long-distance.

A local move costs typically $800 to $2,500, though this estimate is for a 2-man moving team for a journey less than 100 miles, long-distance moves typically range from $2,200 to $5,700 usually interstate journeys exceeding 100 miles.

These prices also depend on the size of your belongings and or the number of workers required.

Are you moving delicate/special items?

If you are moving items that require special handlings such as pianos or pool tables, the moving company will charge an additional fee. This varies from company to company. Some movers in Georgia don’t offer services that handle special items so keep this in mind.

Do you need a full packing service?

Movers in Georgia will also charge extra if you require them to do any of the following that is not part of their standard package:

  • Unpacking
  • Disposal of packing materials
  • Truck loading and unloading
  • Furniture disassembly
  • Packing materials and supplies

This would be added to the hourly rate and could send the price as high as $120 per hour.

if you are hiring a full-service moving company in Georgia-which is the most convenient option-the price charged by the moving company depends on your home size, distance to new location, number of workers and the number of hours they work for.

Moving companies could charge as much as $3,000 for moving a 5+ bedroom apartment locally and as much as $5,000 for long-distance moves.

A bill of lading is a contract between you and the moving company, this bill requires the moving company to provide the services requested and you must pay the mover the charges for the service.

This is an important document so be careful not to lose it, you would need it if you ever want to file for claims.

Moving companies in Georgia-moving companies in general-offer three types of indemnity for your possessions in the case that they are either damaged or lost:

  • Full Value Protection
  • Assessed Value Protection
    Declared value

Peach state isn’t just about peaches, there are stunning beaches and landmarks to explore in Georgia such as:

  • Providence Canyon State Park.
  • Driftwood Beach.
  • Cumberland Island National Park.
  • The World of Coca-Cola.
  • Tybee Island. 
  • Fairyland Caverns, 

Head to Georgia if you want to relive American history. Today, the state has many forts, monuments, and museums that showcase this rich history.

Kids and history lovers can learn a lot by living in Georgia.

While hiring Georgia movers can be an expense, the professional help is worth the extra cost, you should tip movers when you are happy with the service provided.

While the amount to tip depends on you, most people agree on tipping 10 to 20% of the amount paid to the moving company, typically shared equally between the movers