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Find Professional Moving Companies in Colorado

Moving to a new home can be a difficult experience involving financial, emotional, and physical expenditure. At, we understand that you’re moving for a good reason, and we’re here to help as you move one step closer to achieving your dream.

We have gathered real feedback, cost estimates and even licensing information to support you. As proof of our support, we have curated all of our knowledge into this article containing all the information you will need when moving to or from Colorado. We hope it helps!

Colorado Moving Companies

Konami Moving & Storage

24 Reviews

600 S Dayton St BLDG 4 #301 Denver CO 80247

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Navis Pack & Ship

3 Reviews

6551 S Revere Parkway Suite 250 Centennial CO 80111

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AAP Movers LLC

3 Reviews

1752 Juniper St Longmont CO 80501

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Free Range Movers

4475 Broadway St Boulder CO 80304

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American Master Movers

10940 S Parker Rd Ste 122 Parker CO 80134

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Alpha Movers

16103 E Alaska Pl Aurora CO 80017

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Exodus Moving & Storage

120 NE Frontage Rd Fort Collins CO 80524

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1925 S Timberline Rd Unit N-19 Fort Collins CO 80525

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The Complete Moving Guide: Colorado

Moving in Colorado can be a bit of a hassle if you’re not familiar with the process of moving or if you’re new to the state. Colorado is a beautiful place so we put together this beautiful guide that covers everything from potential costs to things to do once you’ve moved. Luckily, has all the information you need to help you make the transition to life in another state smooth and stress-free.

How To Choose The Best Moving Companies In Colorado

One of the most interesting things about moving to a new home is the fact that it helps you start over. When you move to a new place, you are given a fresh slate upon which you can lay the foundation of your new life free of most of the difficulties associated with your old one.

It would be absolutely tragic if you let a wrong choice of moving company start you off on the wrong note.

Moving companies in Colorado aren’t particularly different from moving companies in other States, and they play a similarly influential role in determining how much you spend on your move and how easy your relocation will be. Movers in Colorado will be your constant companions throughout your move, and for a brief period, will hold the entirety of your worldly possessions in their hands.

So how do you make sure these hands can be relied on? Well, people have differing views on how to choose the right mover, ranging from simply choosing one based on the quality of reviews on their Google page to simply selecting one at random and hoping for the best.

At, we’ve done the research and come up with four easy and absolutely free techniques to determine the best moving company in Colorado.

Customer Care

At some point during your move, you’ll need to clarify something with your mover or modify your plans last minute. When this inevitably happens, will you be stuck with a mover that won’t give you the time of day or one that does everything in its power to make your move stress-free? The only way to find out what category your moving company in Colorado falls into before hiring them, is by going through their reviews and customer feedback on sites like Twitter, Facebook and their Google pages.


Trust me, you’ll want the mover in Colorado you hire to be affordable. Nowadays, the costs of goods and services are seemingly rocketing out of control and any savings you are able to get from the moving company in Colorado will be extremely useful someplace else.

Service Options

Colorado is a pretty urban state, but you can’t expect the same service options there that you’ll have in states like New York or Miami. If you’re from those states and you’re used to a certain range of service options — say, for example, services like packing and furniture disassembly — you may want to confirm that your moving company in Colorado actually offers these service options before signing the contract.

Insurance and Licensing

Any moving company in Colorado that isn’t fully insured according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation laws is one you should avoid. Moving companies in Colorado need these registrations to practice, and if they’re cutting corners in this, can you really trust your property with them?

Activities in Colorado

Colorado is primarily known for the beauty of its landscape, wildlife, and amusement parks and most of the activities in Colorado revolve around these attractions. You could marvel at the plant life at the Denver Botanical Garden or take a trip with your family through the sun on a hike through the Rocky Mountain National Park.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, rafting along the Arkansas River might be just the thing, and when you’re done, you could catch a show at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Visitors to Colorado have been very impressed with the appropriately named Gardens of the Gods with its stunning 1,300 acres of sandstone formations and hiking trails that are fun for the entire family.

If you’re searching for more earthly pleasures, you can indulge in something sinful with Ajax Taverns’ famous truffle fries or get your fill of world-class dining at the exclusive Cache Cache Restaurant or the Casa Tua.

Cost of Living In Colorado

While Colorado is a relatively inexpensive state to live and raise a family in, it is still about 12 percent more expensive than the average state in the U.S. You’ll need about $1,033 per month to live comfortably in Colorado as a single person, but the costs quickly climb up to $3,750 if you’re caring for a family of four.

In Colorado, you can have dinner for one for about  $17, but a dinner for two at a decent restaurant will probably cost around $65. Monthly utilities (heating, electricity, water, and garbage) in Colorado will cost you $134, while high-speed internet and a monthly transportation pass will cost you $62 and $114 respectively. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of the state for about  $1,798 while buying an apartment costs $5,664 per square meter. That should cover just about everything you would need to do to prepare and know for your move to Colorado.

Moving Costs In Colorado

We started to be the place where people go for relevant, accurate, and up-to-date information about all things relating to moving in all states. We know how tricky finances are around this period, and we've done one of the only things we can to help out. We believe that information is power, and arming you with the right information will help you negotiate a fairer deal with whatever moving company in Colorado you choose for your relocation.

Moving companies in Colorado will typically structure their costs into three broad categories; labor costs, additional costs, and accessorial services as follows:

Labor Costs

Labor costs represent a significant portion of the total fee you'll pay to the moving company in Colorado. From our research, they represent as much as two-thirds of the total quote by your chosen mover in Colorado, and unlike accessorial services and extra costs, they are pretty easy to estimate.

Movers in Colorado typically charge between $75 to $125 per hour as their way for labor, which is just about average When compared to the rates charged in other states which have been known to get as high as $350 per hour. So if you want to estimate the total cost of labor in your move, you'll need to know the hourly rate charged by moving companies in Colorado (let's say $100/hr), an idea of the number of hours they'll have to work, and the number of workers you'll have working on your home. if you have property that'll take a three-man team four hours to move, you'll pay 3×4×100 = $1200 for labor alone.

Additional Costs

While it was pretty easy to explain and estimate labor costs, additional costs are somewhat less easy to define. Imagine if you're moving by yourself, and you choose to do it during rush hour as opposed to a time when the roads are free, would you say that one experience was preferable to the other?

That's what additional costs are, variables that will make your move more difficult and consequently cause your mover in Colorado to charge you more. Although these extra costs may not apply to all moving companies in Colorado, some of the more popular things that could affect the price you have to pay for your move include:

  • When do you plan to move?
  • How much do you plan to move?
  • Are you moving furniture?
  • How far away are you moving?
  • Are you moving delicate items?
  • Do you want the full-service option?

Accessorial Services

Accessorial services are kind of like extra charges, but while extra charges vary according to either time or distance, accessorial services are pretty fixed, both in pricing and occurrence. Say for instance you have a ton of property that won't fit into your new home and you want to have it moved to a storage facility.

This is a service that isn't typically covered under the moving contract, and one that the moving company in Colorado will charge you extra for if they can have it done. Not all movers in Colorado offer accessorial services, so you may want to confirm from them before you make your choice. Some of the accessorial services your moving company in Colorado may offer include:

  • Stair or elevator carry: if you happen to live in a high-rise apartment, you probably didn't have a fun time getting your property all the way there when you were moving in. Now that you're moving out, movers in Colorado would like you to pay for the service of maneuvering bulky items through stairs or an elevator. To be honest, you would do the same in their shoes.
  • Shuttle service and parking: parking permits for oversized transportation vehicles or the need for an extra shuttle to move your belongings are additional costs to look out for

Movers in Colorado typically charge between $75 to $125 per hour as their ways for labor, which is just about average When compared to the rates charged in other states which have been known to get as high as $350 per hour.

So if you want to estimate the total cost of labor in your move, you’ll need to know the hourly rate charged by moving companies in Colorado (lets say $100/hr), an idea of the number of hours they’ll have to work, and the number of workers you’ll have working on your home. if you have property that’ll take a three-man team four hours to move, you’ll pay 3×4×100 = $1200 for labor alone.

Add about $300 for accessory services and  $300 for tips and your total should hover around $1,800 for moving the contents of a two-bedroom apartment in Colorado.

Finding moving companies in Colorado is as easy as typing movers in Colorado into the search bar on your phone or PC. When you get the results, you’ll typically find that they all claim to be the best at what they do. You can employ the tips and tricks covered in this article to sift find the best moving companies in Colorado and select the ones that suit your needs.

Generally, as much as you feel comfortable with. Things aren’t particularly easy for anyone currently, and movers in Colorado get paid less than average when compared to their peers in other states.

Colorado is arguably one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. Blessed with stunning landscapes, gorgeous weather and people who are the polar opposite of New Yorkers in attitude, Colorado is best known for its high altitude,  standing at an average of 6,800 feet, having an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, and being home to the Denver Nuggets.