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Find Professional Moving Companies in Chattanooga

One of the hardest things to do is moving, you are literally moving your whole life to another place. It is also fraught will a lot of stress and hardships, from packing, cleaning up, and finally moving all of that load to a new space.

It does not have to be that way; you could hire a moving company, in this article we would be discussing a couple of important things to put into consideration when taking the first step of contracting professional movers in Chattanooga.

We break down and discuss what they put into consideration such as your shipment volume, distance, and also accessorial charges which are added depending on the circumstances involved in your moving process. We highlight the top places to live in Chattanooga when you arrive and a couple of things to do once you have settled in.

Chattanooga Moving Companies

Hiring the Best Moving Company in Chattanooga

Experience and qualifications of the moving company
You can save a lot of time and energy by hiring a professional moving company when it is time to move. If you hire an inexperienced moving company, you run the risk of increasing your stress levels.

When you hire a moving company in Chattanooga, you need to be sure that you are leaving your precious belongings to movers with experience. Apart from how experienced the movers in Chattanooga are, you also need to look at additional qualifications before hiring.

1. Training

The job of a professional mover is physically tasking. Another important prerequisite for movers is to have is a healthy and strong physique. If the Chattanooga moving company has been in business for a while, you can be assured that the company will screen and hire the best personnel for their customers.

2. Insurance and Licenses

Movers are tasked with loading and securing your belongings in the moving vehicle, many of which are valuable. As a result of this, in the unfortunate event that something is broken, lost or left behind, the movers in Chattanooga must offer insurance services.

Professional moving companies in Chattanooga must be licensed and insured to do business. If you’re moving into an apartment building or a villa, you may be asked to produce proof of the moving company’s license before they are allowed to take your things in.

3. Ask what services they offer

You may be of the belief that moving companies in Chattanooga only offer transportation services. In addition to that, they also offer additional services for the sole purpose of making moving as easy as possible for you.

Typical services movers in Chattanooga offer are:

  • Packing and unpacking services.
  • Furniture dismantling and reassembling.
  • Specialty moving services include transportation of valuable/fragile items, such as fine china, antiques, or pianos.

Some additional things to do are:

Read online reviews from different moving company websites before deciding on which moving company in Chattanooga to hire.

Get as many as three quotes from different movers in Chattanooga by calling them, choose the moving company with the best out of the three moving quotes.

Ask about the additional services they offer. While these additional services will increase the amount on your moving quote, it means less labor for you.

Getting around Chattanooga

Chattanooga is easily one of the top destinations to visit in the United States and for good reason. Scenic City mixes outdoor adventure with laid-back charm, so you can enjoy a mixture of the two.

It’s hard to visit Chattanooga and not get on the river, it accounts for much of the city’s character and gorgeous scenery.

A good way to start out any visit to any city is to get a brief overview of the area from a professional, there are several options for this in Chattanooga; if you want to be led by an actual tour guide or you could explore with a local.

Whatever your choice, there are also plenty of ways to get around, you could choose to walk, take the bus or use boats.

If you’d prefer you prefer a little more excitement, sign up for a ghost tour. Ghost tours are provided by Chattanooga Ghost Tours Inc. and have been named one of the top 10 ghost tours in the United States, you might actually get the chance to speak with or see ghosts while on the tour, it takes place every night in downtown Chattanooga.

In addition to the downtown tour, there are others that take you to a haunted cemetery and tavern.

Best Places to Live in Chattanooga

1. Lookout Mountain

One of the best Chattanooga suburbs is the affluent town of Lookout Mountain. With its breathtaking mountain views and a population of 2,013 as at 2020, this beautiful neighborhood is only minutes from Downtown Chattanooga.

Sports and nature are popular with residents here, and local attractions include Ruby Falls, Rock City and Incline Railway. Its public schools are highly ranked in Tennessee. Median home listing price on is $700,000.

2. Signal Mountain

Signal Mountain is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a lively suburb in Chattanooga. This close-knit community boasts magnificent views and extensive options for hiking and golfing.

Signal Mountain also has The Mountain Arts Community Center and The Mountain Opry for music and art lovers. Prospective residents will also find charming boutiques and great restaurants here.

With great school options and so much to do, this area is perfect for families and professionals. Median home price is $472,500.

3. East Brainerd

With quick access to highways and airports, East Brainerd is considered the best Chattanooga suburb for professionals. It is only minutes away from Downtown Chattanooga, but with its abundance of city amenities, you have everything you need within reach.

East Brainerd offers many recreational activities to keep the kids busy. In addition to traditional public schools, East Brainerd is home to the highly-rated Chattanooga School for Liberal Arts. Median home listing price is $375,000.


Moving might be a stressful and time-consuming event but by following our tips on hiring the right movers and choosing the ones that offer the services you require, it would be fast, efficient and as stress-free for you as possible.

Moving Cost Chattanooga, TN

1. When you plan to move

Planning the time to move is just as important as choosing the right movers. Moving companies in Chattanooga will typically charge more when there is an influx in the demand for their services. Peak moving periods are during the summer months, Fridays of every week and months end as that is when rents typically expire.

2. Do you need a full packing service?

Moving companies exist for the sole purpose of making relocating as stress-free as possible. Moving companies in Chattanooga will add to your moving estimate if you opt for full packing services and you require any of the following services:

  • packing and unpacking
  • disposal of packing materials
  • truck loading and unloading
  • furniture disassembly
  • packing materials and supplies

3. Volume and Nature of Goods

The quantity and weight of your household goods determine the number and type of vehicles required. Heavy goods need a larger crew to pack, load, unload, and unpack. If you have many delicate items, you'll require special packages to keep them in good condition.

Large goods like your furniture or refrigerators consume more space and might require more vehicles. Typically, moving companies in Chattanooga charge more if you will be moving heavy and many delicate items cost more than a standard volume load.

4. Appliance Installation

If you are not familiar with reconnecting some of your home devices and you have also lost the installation manual, you could pay the movers to install your appliances rather than making a mess of things or getting hurt.

5. Furniture Assembly and Disassembly

Taking apart and putting together your furniture can be extremely complicated without professional help. You run the risk of breaking or ruining your furniture if you try to fuss with complicated assembly tasks. Hire a moving company in Chattanooga that is experienced with disassembly and can safely move your large furniture to your new home.

  • Accessorial charges

Accessorial charges are fees for additional services performed by the Chattanooga moving company beyond pick-up and delivery. Accessorial charges are also known as extra circumstances and add to moving costs.

  • Storage services

You may need to store your belongings for further transportation or pending when you get a place to stay, Chattanooga moving companies could offer storage containers specifically for this purpose. Storage fees could be between $70 to $400 per 30 days.

  • Insurance

To be on the safer side, if you are relocating goods over a long distance it is best to select one of the moving insurance plans offered by the moving company in Chattanooga. That way if anything were to happen to your things, you can be reimbursed.

  • Moving Supplies

One of the extra services that add up to moving costs is the amount of moving supplies you need to pack and transport your possessions safely. You will need to purchase boxes, lots of tapes, bubble wrap or packing paper, and possibly moving blankets or specialty boxes for china and glassware.

While it’s common to toss everything in the back of your car when moving short distances, it is not as feasible for interstate moves. Moving companies in Chattanooga will charge you extra if they bring their own moving supplies.

  • Stairs carry

Many movers in Chattanooga will add charges for stairs they come upon between 5 to 7 steps-when moving. The first flight of stairs will be free at pick-up and delivery, each additional flight will be charged at $75 per flight or will be based on the carrier’s tariff.

  • Elevator use

Moving companies in Chattanooga will typically collect a one-time charge of $75 for using an elevator at the origin and destination place. Unless otherwise stated in the contract.

  • Long carry

If the movers in Chattanooga must park greater 75 feet from the entrance to your new home/destination, an added charge must be included before they help you. Additional charges are calculated at the rate of $1 per foot.

  • Shuttle services

Charges will be included to your moving costs where the use of a smaller vehicle is needed to provide service to places inaccessible to a normal van.

The cost of hiring a moving company in Chattanooga for local moves-within 100 miles- depends on the number of workers handling the move, and the hours they work for.

If you are moving a 4-bedroom apartment, you will need 4 movers and if the whole move takes up to 9 hours from pick up to delivery, you will pay about $1,500.

If you are moving interstate, moving costs are mainly calculated based on the weight of your goods.

Long-distance moves will typically cost between $4,000 to $8,000.

Home size sometimes helps movers make semi-accurate guesses about how much stuff you own.

Movers in Chattanooga may ask you how large your home is before giving you an initial moving quote, but it is never a determining factor in your final price.

If a moving company in Chattanooga charges you based on the size of your home, they may be trying to scam you.

A moving manager is the team lead that will be in charge of your particular relocation. They will go through all the terms and organization with you before the actual move.

So, you can think of this person as your point of contact for any questions regarding the move.

Autumn and winter tend to be the most affordable times to move, whereas spring and summer are considered peak moving seasons.

The beginning and end of the month are when most apartment leases expire, as a result of this moving companies in Chattanooga charge more since there will be an increase in the demand for their services

If you want to get a close idea on how much your move is going to cost, it is best to call the moving company to provide you with a quote. Getting a moving estimate is done free of charge.