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Chapel Hill, known as the ‘Southern part of heaven’ with a population of 61,912, is located in Orange County and is one of the best places to live in North Carolina. If you relocate here, it is a process that involves a lot of stress and is full of dangers from start to finish this problem is solved by the existence of Chapel Hill moving companies.

Moving companies make relocating a smooth, swift, and stress-free experience, in this article, we would be going over moving services, their costs, frequently asked questions, and things you need to check before you hire movers in Chapel hill.

Chapel Hill Moving Companies

Hiring The Best Moving Company in Chapel Hill

Ultimately moving is stressful and your belongings are valuable, being prepared and educated before you move makes the process go easier and with much less stress. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a second-rate moving company, here are a couple of things you should do before hiring a moving company in Chapel Hill.

Ask the right questions

Start the process of hiring movers in Chapel Hill by asking a number of questions, important questions to ask would be:

  • Ask if they offer moving insurance
  • inquire if they provide packing or storage services
  • Find out if they use subcontractors
  • Request for a cost estimate
  • Ask them to provide referrals or recommendations

Choose the right mover

Some moving companies in Chapel Hill only offer special services, it is important to inquire if the mover is equipped for the type of job you need to be carried out. Also find out if they offer additional services, while these will come at an additional cost, if it means less work for you, then you might find it worth the cost.

Research the movers and read reviews

This is a good idea when making your choice on movers in Chapel Hill, a highly rated moving company may not necessarily offer all the services you need, similarly, a smaller moving company may not have the capabilities.

If you know the services you require, you could easily get on the internet and find the moving companies in Chapel Hill that offer them. Reading reviews is also a way to know how reputable and professional the moving company in Chapel hill is, from reviews you can see if there are customer complaints and how the moving company responded to them.

Get several estimates

Never settle for the first estimate you receive. Some moving companies in Chapel hill will offer low-ball estimates to get you to accept their services, then suddenly the price increases once they begin work.

Get at least three different companies to give in-person estimates, no company can give you accurate estimates without seeing what you want to move.

Get the moving estimate in writing

Request for a signed quote from the Chapel hill moving company, make sure it includes all information about additional services and charges you will have to pay for.

This should be signed with the date by both parties, a professional Chapel Hill moving company should provide the estimate before the move-if they aren’t forthcoming it may be a sign to look elsewhere.

Things to do in Chapel Hill

Visit one of the many iconic locations

There are many iconic locations in Chapel Hill, a few of them are:

  • The Carolina Coffee Shop
  • Carolina Brewery
  • Open Eye Cafe

Walking tours

Whether your interests lie in history or botanicals, you will definitely find something that appeals to you in Chapel Hill. For garden lovers, the North Carolina Botanical Garden offers general private guided tours for a minimal fee. For self-guided tours consider the Historic Hillsborough Walking Tours.


There are miles of biking trails in Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill has been designated as a Silver-Level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists.

Ackland Art Museum

The Ackland Art Museum collects, preserves, and presents an array of outstanding art to educate and engage both students of the university and the local community.

It features a permanent collection of more than 17,000 works of art. It features a significant collection of European Masterworks, African and Asian art, and twentieth-century and contemporary art.

Dean E. Smith Center

The Dean E. Smith Center also known as Dean Dome is a multi-purpose sports arena in Chapel Hill. Named after the former Carolina men’s basketball coach, this arena is used for home basketball games and is one of America’s most popular athletic venues.

City Name and Boroughs 

Chapel Hill is a great place to live, you can rent or buy houses at an affordable price without burning your pockets. There are a variety of nice neighborhoods where you can live in Chapel Hill, a few of them are

The Oaks

Homes here are greatly valued because of its central location, if you are moving with your family you will be happy to know that it is a family-friendly neighborhood and is relatively safe as well. Median home prices range from $285,000 to $2.6 million according to


Winmore is known for its comfortable and homely feel, if offers a variety of homes suiting different designs and price ranges. If you are looking to experience what Chapel Hill stands for, Winmore is the place to be.

Southern Village

This neighborhood was modeled to resemble a time when homes were close together with front porches and garages behind the homes. The main attraction of Southern Village, however, is its school districts. This is another family-friendly neighborhood with median home values of $524,500.


Dunhill is a popular neighborhood that offers the rustic setting a lot of people are looking for. It is also a few minutes away from any restaurants and entertainment centers. 

Other places to check out are:

  • Governor’s club.
  • Westfall.
  • Claremont.
  • The Preserve at Jordan Lake.


Moving will be made stress-free and a lot easier if you hire a moving company in Chapel Hill to help, so make sure you remember all read in this article and ask the necessary questions before making sure you hire the best one.

Moving Cost North Carolina

On average, you can expect to pay as little as $400 and as much as $3000+ to hire local moving companies in North Carolina. Interstate and long-haul movers will charge flat rates that can total from $3000 to $7000+ in moving costs.

These totals will fluctuate up or down depending on the specifics of your move. Typically, moves can be charged up to three different types of fees - labor, access, and optional moving services.

Labor fees

Labor fees are charged for primary moving services related to loading, transporting, and unloading your items. These costs may be charged hourly or as part of a flat rate depending on the type of move you are completing. Labor fees not only cover the cost of movers but also truck and equipment rentals for protecting and transporting your belongings.

Access fees

Access fees are required when difficult circumstances could delay or add time to a move. These include obstacles such as moving items down long hallways or staircases, waiting for an elevator, or parking a long distance from the entrance of your home or office.

Be sure to get a quote for these fees during an in-home or virtual estimate so you aren't hit with unexpected extra costs on moving day.

Optional moving service fees

Moving companies in North Carolina offer different optional moving services to help you customize your move and reduce stress during the process. These services are not required for purchase but can be added to save time on tasks such as:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Crating
  • Delicate object protection
  • Junk hauling
  • Cleaning
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Furniture placement
  • Car/pet transport

Fees for these optional moving services vary from company to company, so get moving quotes from many movers to ensure you get the best price.

Movers in Chapel Hill are flexible and will work with you to get you moved at your convenience. However, it is best to call the moving company ahead of time if you want to move at the end of the month or on weekends.

The time to complete a moving job depends on the size of your home, the quantity of your possessions and the distance to be traveled. If you are moving a one bedroom, it may take up to three hours to pack, load and move locally.

If you are moving long distance, depending on the size of your home packing and loading will vary and it may take up to two weeks to deliver your stuff.

Some Chapel hill moving companies may provide additional discounts if asked. Just ask about their discounts and promotions and see if you can take advantage of those.

If you’re paying for a mover, you want it to go flawlessly. That’s typically true, but moving companies are like any other service industry: sometimes it doesn’t go right.

Call or email the Chapel hill moving company that helped you with your move to let them know about the damage.

They will then set you up with a claims department to start the process of resolving the damage according to damaged or not during the move.

Moving costs depends on a variety of factors from number of workers and hours they work for to the timing of the move. For local moves, a one-bedroom apartment will cost around $400, if you live in a 5-bedroom apartment, moving costs could go for as much as $2,500.

If you are crossing state lines, moving companies in Chapel Hill could charge as much as $9,000.

Though these prices could vary based on the additional services requested and difficulty of the move.