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Hire Professional Moving Companies in Baltimore

It is no secret that moves can get crazy and people will do almost anything to try and avoid the stress and complications that go along with relocating your entire life. However, when you have a truly great moving company supporting you, all of those little issues that add up to big headaches all but disappear.

The best part is, that services to help you move are now easier to find than ever before -and not just any services, Moving Feedback helps you browse the absolute best moving companies with the most competitive prices.

It is now easier than ever to find moving companies in Baltimore that fit your exact needs. If you need professional moving services, you need Moving Feedback.

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Baltimore, MD Moving Guide  

When you are looking to make a move into, outside of, or around Baltimore you have a number of issues to contend with. The first step to any move is to find the right help. You want to locate movers in Baltimore that are able to fulfill all of your essential needs and that can help make the entire process a much simpler and less stressful one. However, finding quality movers is often easier said than done.

Find Comprehensive and Professional Moving Services

Firstly, make sure that you are looking for comprehensive moving services (or at least ones that cover all of your needs) so that you minimize your points of contact (and stress) for the move. Also, make sure that the moving service is properly licensed or insured.

At Moving Feedback we make sure to vet all the moving companies in Baltimore that we list. We also help you search through tons of customer reviews so you know exactly how good the movers you are hiring are. 

Finding the Best Movers in Baltimore

Critical and quality of life services you should look for when hiring Baltimore movers include:

  • Furniture assembly, disassembly
  • Packing and unpacking help
  • Options for fragile and delicate items
  • Storage services if required
  • Either local or long-distance services

Some of the most important factors to weigh when choosing between moving companies include:

Up-to-Date Insurance, Registration, and Certifications

One of the most important things to look for, and something many people overlook, is whether or not the movers in question have the proper certifications and insurance.

This would include certificates from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation. We help you easily connect with properly certified and verified moving companies in Baltimore.

Look for Companies With Competitive Prices

Moving can be costly so you want to be on the lookout for the companies that are giving you the best rates. Keep in mind that often moving companies will have extra hidden fees and additional rates depending on the services you require and some companies may have a higher flat rate and a better deal when it comes to extra services. 

Also, remember that local and long-distance moves will work off of different pricing structures.

Find Companies Known for Great Service

While this is second nature to many people used to shopping online, for other shoppers it still may come as a surprise that you are able to see and compare reviews of the top moving companies all in one place.

We help you compare and contrast various moving companies in Baltimore so you can be sure you are working with a company with a track record of quality service that offers the services you need.

Make Sure a Movers Availability Matches Your Needs

Don’t assume that the movers you need for your unique demands will be available exactly when you require them to be. The best movers are often in high demand. 

There are all sorts of movers in Baltimore with all sorts of varying degrees of availability. Make sure that the company you plan to work with actually services the area in which you are located.

Spring and summer months are peaks moving months and demand may be high, so if you have niche needs you should start looking now.

Moving Cost Baltimore, MD

For those who are not used to moving very often, it can be surprising to learn just how many extra fees and potential hidden costs you may be in store for. This is why we help you to narrow down prices so you know precisely what to expect in your move.

However, by looking at the various factors that go into a move in Baltimore, you can start to figure out how much your move may cost you. These tips will also help you plan ahead so you can avoid unnecessary costs when your move does occur. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers in Baltimore?

So just how much does it cost to hire a Baltimore moving company? There is no single answer as a number of factors can dramatically increase or decrease your average moving price. In fact, even Mother Nature can affect prices with inclement weather (or even the time of year) making costs go up. 

Regions will also have different pricing structures. You will need to check the local moving companies in Baltimore and compare them against their peers, rather than to the national average. With so many factors going into pricing you may see large fluctuations from week to week and between regions.

The following are the essential price-affecting factors to consider when evaluating your options.

1. The Distance of the Move

How far you are asking movers in Baltimore to travel in order to accomplish the move will dictate whether your move is considered a long-distance or a local move.

Local moves are generally priced at an hourly rate. Long-distance moves will often be more expensive and have more elaborate pricing structures with various fees associated with travel (like road tolls and fuel costs) worked into it. 

2. Boxes, Tape, and Other Supplies

Some services will include packing supplies in the fee, others will charge extra (or not offer them at all). Sometimes it's more cost-effective to go and buy your own boxes and moving supplies ahead of time, although you may find that the movers will only use their own boxes, which you must pay for.

Take the time to see how the moving companies in Baltimore are breaking down these costs and find one that works best for you. 

3. Weight and Bulk

Perhaps the easiest cost to understand is the weight cost involved in moving. Movers in Baltimore will want to take a look at the number of truckloads your items will require, the weight (and therefore added labor and fuel costs), and the general time it will take to move these items.

We typically recommend you do some house cleaning and general cleaning ahead of time to reduce the number of items you will move. 

As a little hint, families will often plan to do this and then will run out of time when the time to move comes. These families will then end up moving boxes full of stuff that they are planning to simply browse through and toss.

Eight times out of ten this is what happens, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to really go through all of your belongings and make meaningful decisions before you move. 

4. Packing and Unpacking Services

If you want or need help in packing up and unpacking your boxes, then this will be an additional charge. Some moving companies in Baltimore may simply include these services in the moving costs if you pay by the hour.

Very often it may be a smarter move to get all of the supplies yourself and do the packing ahead of time - typically at the same time, you do some spring cleaning. Do this well in advance of your move and you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress.

Make sure to check with a moving company ahead of time to see where you can get the best deal for the services you require. 

What to Know About Access Services and Hidden Costs

There are a number of other costs that moving companies, including those moving companies in Baltimore, will typically add on that you may not be aware of. Stairs, elevators, parking, etc. These are all regular challenges faced by moving companies and will typically generate extra costs.

It can be impossible to give you an example of every type of fee you may run into, instead, we will give you some common examples of the types of moving challenges that will require fees. Movers in Baltimore often suggest these tips regarding hidden fees when you are planning a move for reducing costs. 

Far away Parking and Long Carry Fees

Something that movers will often have to face, thanks to the number of historic roads and traditional curb layouts in Baltimore, are long carry requirements. This refers to instances where the moving truck is forced to park a long distance from a building than would typically be wanted.

This means the movers will be moving a large number of heavy objects at an above-average distance, and you can expect this to cost you roughly $90 to $130 per additional 75 ft. (though this rate can vary drastically between moving companies in Baltimore).

Make sure you either plan ahead to get a good parking spot or arrange something with the property owners so you can get the vehicles closer to the building. This can be an exponential cost as more time spent walking will mean more hours spent moving on top of the extra physical labor required. 

Elevator Fees, Flight Charges, and Hoisting fees

There are quite a few taller and older buildings in Baltimore, and these are often the locations most guilty of elevator fees, flight charges, and hoisting fees. 

Often elevators will have weight limits and these will make them unsuitable for a good portion of the moving process, meaning the movers in Baltimore will have to carry your items up multiple flights of stairs.

The amount you pay, and the way the fee is justified will differ slightly, but you can expect similar costs if you are needing to deal with awkward staircases or generally hard-to-access areas. This can include large items like pianos that will need to be hoisted up through larger windows.

While movers are usually quite skilled at getting your items into these buildings and up into the higher floors, the process will often cost you a bit more.

Cut Down on Unnecessary Items 

Think of your move as a chance to declutter your life and start fresh. The more items you can get rid of, the less you will have to move, and the easier your move will be. Some families will save hundreds of dollars by cleaning out their homes in the weeks leading up to a move.

Some moving companies in Baltimore, MD will charge by the box, others by the hour, and still others by the overall weight. All of these costs can be cut down by reducing clutter. 

You can also consider some of those so-it-yourself pods for packing and unpacking boxes (the pod is delivered to your new destination packed full of the boxes) and arranging to have one on hand as you go through and declutter the home is a great way to cut down on costs and begin a more relaxed and less stressful move.

Baltimore is a classic American city known for its unique neighborhoods, great location, shopping, and entertainment venues. Baltimore is currently full of employment opportunities and there is always some sort of festival to join in on or a museum to visit. 

\Visitors and residents alike love the downtown areas of Baltimore with the theater district offering unforgettable nights and venues like the 1914 Hippodrome or Royal Farms Arena.

There is also the inner harbor which allows visitors to get up close with military vessels through the ages including the USS Constellation. 

Getting around Baltimore is also a breeze with four public transportation options including the bus, MARC train, Light Rail, and Metro subway.

There are a few things you need to check before moving from Baltimore, not the least of which is checking that you have not been taking aspects of the city for granted and will not miss them once you go somewhere else.

It can be a bit of culture shock when you move out of such a large and historic city. However, with that said there are a ton of reasons why you may be looking for moving companies in Baltimore to help you leave the city.

In most cases, it will be a change of employment (either a new job or retirement) that causes one to leave, however times have changed and we are seeing a number of interesting demographic shifts all over the country, so you may have entirely new and modern reasons for making the move that you are.

As we have touched on throughout this guide, there are a huge array of factors that go into pricing that will dictate what you will eventually end up paying for moving companies in Baltimore.

A typical move into a studio apartment that takes less than 3 hours will typically cost $300.

However, this is the very basic price and you can expect to pay many times that depending on your situation.

While prices have been fluctuating greatly throughout the country, you can still get a good grasp of the relative cost of an area by looking at Numbeo’s cost of living index which takes into account a number of factors such as food (both groceries and restaurants), cost of travel, and utilities. 

New York is the baseline score of 100, and Baltimore scored a 72.2 which roughly means that Baltimore is 28% less expensive than New York City.

However compared to the rest of the country housing in Baltimore utility prices are 7% higher and costs of travel are 3% higher than the national average. Food prices are about 7% higher than the national average.

For a family of four living in Baltimore the monthly costs (without rent) are estimated at $3665

When it comes to renting property in Baltimore, the current real estate market is favoring property owners rather than those looking to rent.

In other words, the current economic environment is enabling owners to charge more for tenants.

For those living on their own you will want an income of about $65,232 a year or $31.36 an hour if you plant to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Baltimore.

So how to find movers in Baltimore then? You can spend hours on Google searches or browse the Yellow Pages, but Moving Feedback streamlines this whole process and allows you to compare all of the top mover options in only minutes. We take the guesswork out of your move.