Montway Auto Transport Review 2022

Bottom Line: Customer reviews of Montway Auto Transportation are below average, but the company offers consistently lower prices and certainty of pick-up dates. Montway, on the other hand, ships over 100,000. This implies that the company is good at the auto shipping job.

Montway Auto Transport is cheaper than most companies, especially when shipping with an enclosed option over mid-range distances. While Montway doesn’t usually have great customer reviews, it is worth considering together with other recommended auto transport companies by us. We will discuss all you need to know about this company; its services, cost, moving experience, as well as its pros and cons in our review on Montway Auto Transport.

Montway Auto Transport
Montway Auto Transport Review 2022

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What to Expect from Montway Auto Transport

If you are moving long distance, you might need someone to move your vehicle from one point to another so you can just drive your moving rental truck.

Montway can provide you solution to this easily. But the company also offers numerous additional services for vehicles that require additional special care.

Looking for a service that protects your car from hail damaging or from another weather element?

You can get enclosed shipping with Montway.

The company also helps you ship your classic car, including non-running cars.

The chart below summarizes all the extra services offered by Montway, and whether they are standard or will cost you more.


  • Heaper prices
  • Guaranteed pick-up dates
  • Extra insurance coverage
  • Service Alaska and Hawaii to and from
  • Online customer service chat


  • Below-average customer reviews
  • No GPS tracking

Montway Auto Transport Services

If you decide to combine the moving of your household belongings with your car shipping, Montway cannot offer this service. However, other companies like United Van Lines steadily offer both services, if that’s exactly what you are searching for.

Below are some of the services you can enjoy from Montway Auto Transport:

Montway Door-to-Door Auto Shipping

This type of shipping enables the consumer to give specific addresses where a car will be picked up and delivered by the company.

The driver gets to the location or as closer to it as possible if due to local restrictions or safety concerns are making it impossible to reach the specified address.

Montway can also transport vehicles that are sold or purchased online and for college students and snowbirds who prefer winter in warmer climates. An adult must be available for pickup and delivery.

Open or Enclosed Car Shipping with Montway

Montway can ship a car in an open or enclosed trailer. The best method will be determined by your budget, the value of your car, and when you want the shipment delivered.

Open shipping is cheaper and is highly used by car dealers.

The enclosed trailer will cost you more, but the safety that comes with it is priceless for classic vehicles.

Montway Auto Transport offers two options (open and enclosed car transport). Only a few consumers opt for enclosed shipments, but Montway partners with other auto transport companies to get the perfect equipment.

To learn more about the best choice, read enclosed vehicle transport vs. open trailer.

Montway Expedited Shipping

Not all vehicle carriers can offer expedited auto shipping. But Montway can offer you this service with a network of more than 5,000 licensed and experienced drivers.

Expedited shipments are picked up earlier than standard shipping and are delivered on priority.

Montway Auto Transport provides expedited customers with a guaranteed pickup date, which is why planning becomes easier.

Remember that expedited shipping adds a huge amount to the standard auto shipping.

Montway Auto Transport Insurance Options

Montway Auto Transport only makes use of carriers that possess a minimum of $100,000 of insurance.

The company also gives its customers $250,000 of extra no-deductible insurance in case not everything is covered by your carrier’s policy.

The company provides full coverage for all its shipping. But those who have filed a claim for insurance understand that not all covers are the same.

So, what is the meaning of full coverage?

Montway expects all of its carriers to have a minimum of $750,000 public liability coverage and property damage insurance. So, unless your vehicle is highly expensive, you will probably be fine with the insurance policy of Montway.

Read our guide to auto shipping insurance.


You might think you’ve played smart by loading your items in the car for Montway to ship. But since you don’t want your vehicle treated like a shipping container from POD, Montway won’t transport your items for you.

The weight always increases, sadly, and not only that. Shipping items in your car also increase the company’s liability. Imagine the number of calls to auto shipping companies on the loss of personal items left in the car during shipping.

You might be amazed at this since they are shipping a 4,000-pound vehicle anyway.

Other Types of Services and Vehicles

Montway Auto Transport will ship any car or truck, and they can find you the best motorcycle shippers in the area.

Sadly, the company doesn’t transport ski-doos, RVs, or boats, so make the right plan.

Pro Tip

If you are looking to ship your boat or other related autos, check our top 10 boat transport companies.

Montway Auto Shipping has transported more than 100,000 cars in 2019 and more than that in 2020, which is five times higher than the average vehicle shipping company.

The popularly known company offers varieties of auto shipping services:

  • Transport to/from Alaska and Hawaii
  • International shipping
  • Military transport
  • ATV shipping
  • Expedited shipping
  • Enclosed transport
  • Motorcycle shipping
  • Open transport
  • Golf cart shipping
  • Classic car shipping
  • Door-to-door shipping
  • RV shipping

Cost of Auto Shipping with Montway Auto Transport

Montway offers auto shipping at less-than-average prices. Its average cost is $850 per shipment. It is around $70 cheaper than the average vehicle transport company.

The median cost per 100 miles to transport a car with Montway Auto Transport is $120, even though prices are determined by several factors like shipping type, route, and seasonality.

Montway Auto Transport’s Cost Factors

Auto-shipping prices can change at any time. It is just like the weather in Chicago, within five minutes, everything will just change.

These usual instabilities are partial because the cost of transporting a vehicle is based on a list of factors:

  • Distance
  • Extra services
  • Carrier bidding process
  • Number of vehicles
  • Transport type
  • Vehicle type and condition
  • Region
  • Route
  • Seasonality

How Pricing by Montway Auto Transport Compares

We make a comparison of the pricing of Montway Auto Transport to ten (10) other car transport companies and discovered that it was almost affordable than the average.

Price of Montway Auto Transport for Enclosed Option

Montway has been offering some of the consistently lower prices, especially for enclosed shipping. Its prices are around 10% lesser than the competition.

Regardless of if you choose the open or enclosed shipping option, transporting a car 1,000 miles or fewer costs an average of $770 with other companies while Montway Auto Transport charges just $660, saving you $110.

Montway Auto Transport Charge Low Prices For Cars and SUVs

Montway Auto Transport charges competitive rates for shipping cars and SUVs.

While other companies can yet save you around $50 transporting a truck, its price savings for cars and SUVs is much better. Prepare an average of $75 lesser as your cost to transport a car or SUV with Montway Auto Transport.

Less expensive than the industry average

To further learn more about how Montway seems cheaper than other car shipping companies, read how much does it cost to ship a car?

Montway Auto Transport versus Drive-It-Yourself

Make a comparison between the costs of using a car shipper and driving a car yourself to find out the best option for your need.

Factor in travel expenses, convenience as well as safety.

Continuous reduction of miles traveled can also reduce the resale value of the car.

Your time is also a cost factor. You may have to take time away from work or have other necessary things to do which make traveling stressful.

We compare car shipping prices to the cost of driving the car yourself (fuel, hotels, meals, and odometer miles) in our examples.

We take the $180 per day average for meals and lodging. The online quote calculator from Montway provided the shipping cost of the car, which includes insurance. Long-distance car shipping is reasonable for most customers from a financial view.

The chart given below considers a previous AAA average United States gas price of $2.181 for each gallon. We make use of a standard passenger vehicle that travels 25 miles per gallon for the chart down here.

Compare the Montway Auto Transport Cost vs. Driving Yourself

Read should I ship my car or drive it myself when moving?

Shipping Experience of Montway Auto Transport

If you are relocating across town, then you can get a local company for your need. However, the stress of hiring cross country movers for a cross-country move alone can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, Montway is a good broker that will take care of it all. Below are the details of how things will be when shipping with Montway:

How Montway Car Transport Works

The basic car shipping process used to be reasonably stressful, but with Montway Auto Transport, it becomes easier.

Here are the straightforward steps:

  • Get a Quote: We will dive into this later, but the quote tool available on the website makes it very easy to obtain a quote. Supply your year, make and model, answer little basic questions, and you get a quick quote on the website, and you will also be provided a copy of that quote directly sent to your email.
  • Book your Shipping: Go through each process of supplying your data. At the booking phase, you will be asked to pick a date for shipping; however, if you are not certain of the date, you can later change it.
  • Release the vehicle: On your shipping date, the shipping truck will meet you at the agreed location. That can be any of the locations chosen by you and the shippers.

You and the driver will perform an inspection of the car so both can reach an agreement on any current damage on the vehicle, and you will be required to sign a Bill of Lading. At that stage, the car will be loaded and you will only get to see it next at the final destination.

  • Receive the vehicle: In most cases, between 5 and 7 days, the shipping truck will get to your destination. Just like a pickup, if it is difficult for the large shipping truck to deliver a vehicle. You can also choose another location mutually agreed upon by you and your driver, such as a large parking lot.

After unloading the vehicle, you and the driver will check it again to find any damage caused during the trip. If no damage, you sign the bill of lading and the process is completed.

Getting Your Quote

You can easily use Montway Auto Transport’s website. You just have to supply few basic details such as your car’s make, model, location, and destination, and the company will provide you a quick quote on your auto shipping.

Immediately you receive the quote, it is a great move to speak with a representative on live chat or via the phone to confirm all details.


Until your car pickup has been scheduled with a carrier by Montway, you are not expected to pay a dime. At that stage, you may pay the overall cost (for card payment) or a part of the payment (if paying cash).

As revealed in my quote, you can save a nice amount of money by paying cash. (Just don’t forget that choosing cash payment means you will pay up the balance at delivery).

A cancellation fee is not charged if you cancel before your shipment is sent by Montway. If it gets too late, you will be charged a whooping sum of $199.

Read latest auto shipping deals and discount for more price reductions on your car shipping.

Why Montway Auto Shipping Company is the Best

The company charge lower shipping prices than other companies in the same business. The company occasionally has been rated higher than the industry average, and in most cases, Montway Auto Transport can save you up to $50 or more on your vehicle shipment.

Compare Montway pricing to the industry averages

Montway auto transport assure you of the pick-up date

Car shipping companies don’t always come to your home and pick up your car on your chosen date, but Montway Auto Transport does. They also offer a guarantee of the fund. And the company rarely fails to meet up with its guaranteed pick-up dates.

Montway Auto Transport is proven to be experienced

The company not only offer low prices and guarantee on it, but Montway also has been in the business for many years. That is to indicate the company knows its eggs in a company where companies fold up easily.

Montway Auto Transport FAQ

Does Montway Auto Transport cover my car during transport?

The carrier’s shipment insurance together with Montway’s coverage protects vehicles up to $250,000. If you desire more coverage, consult your insurance agent.

How long will shipping my car take Montway Auto Transport?

Montway Auto Transport completes car shipments between two and nine days, based on miles traveled. Weather with rough driving conditions can elongate pickup or delivery timing. Great weather on the whole route may imply that your vehicle is delivered earlier than expected.

Does Montway Auto Transport ship an RV or a camper?

Even though Montway ships different types of vehicles, the company, however, does not ship recreational vehicles, trailers, or campers.

Can Montway Auto Transport load my car on the top?

A lot of auto shipping trailers contain two decks. Loading your car on the top deck can shield it from small rock chips as well as possible fluid leaks from vehicles sharing the ride with it. You can request this from Montway Auto Transport.

The extra fee is often below $100 to assure top-loading. The cost is waived or refunded if top-loading is not possible because of legal or safety reasons.

Does Montway Auto Transport ship cars to another country?

Montway Auto Transport partners with global carriers to transport cars to and from all ports in the United States. The company drops info about expanding to full international transport operations in the future.

Is Montway a broker?

Yes. The company is licensed and bonded as a transportation management company properly registered with the USDOT. They partner with a network of insured and screened carriers in the country.

How do I start?

Just supply a few details about you, your vehicle, and your shipping destination and Montway Auto Transport will give you a quick quote.

Do I have to supply credit card information?

No, and unlike many shippers, you won’t be required to pay any deposit before you ship. Consider it this way: Montway sees your car as collateral. They assume you will pay for it, or your car will be held hostage until you make payment.

Are there other means to get a quote?

The easiest and simplest means to obtain a quote is to get it online, but if you prefer to talk to someone over the phone, Montway has live chat customer services online all through the year, starting from 6:00 am to midnight CT.

The company also has customer service representatives on phone from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm CT from Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 6:00 pm CT on Saturdays, as well as 9:00, am – 9:00 pm Ct on Sundays.


We prefer Montway Auto Transport because of its low prices, guaranteed pick-up dates, as well as over 10 years of experience under its vehicle shipping belt.

Even though Montway Auto Transport doesn’t always win in customer service reviews, the company deserves to be considered together with our other top vehicle shipping companies.

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