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Unique Van Lines

15 Reviews

20855 NE, 16 Ave. C-26, MIAMI, FL 33179

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National Car Transport

2 Reviews

1800 NW 135 AVE BAY #106 MIAMI, FL 33182

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Mike And Alex Moving Corp

1 Reviews

15971 SW 73RD ST MIAMI, FL 33193

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ETG Moving & Delivery Claimed

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888 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, United States

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Moving APT Claimed

267 Reviews

936 SW 1st Ave Suite 130 Miami, FL 33130

US Standard Moving and Storage

196 Reviews

333 SE 2nd Ave Suite 2000, Miami, FL 33131, United States

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iMoving Claimed

29 Reviews

175 SW 7th St STE 1811A Miami, FL 33130

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Metro Ford

5 Reviews

9000 NW 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33150

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Cost of Living and Renting a Home or Workspace in Miami

The City of Miami offers a range of residency options, from rentals to purchased property, and likewise for commercial spaces.

A few numbers reflecting the overall cost of living and lifestyle in Miami can help provide an indication of how your local or long-distance move in the Sunshine state’s Magic City could be affected.

Rental Rate Averages in Miami

  • Rental rates for a Miami studio apartment average just above $2k.
  • Rental rates for a 1-bedroom apartment in Miami average around $2700.
  • Rental rates for a two-bedroom apartment in Miami average around $3500.
  • Rental rates for a 3-bedroom apartment can average $4400 in Miami.

With the onset of COVID-19 and the growing “work-from-home” trend, (along with the pandemic’s effect on the local, federal and global employment market and economy), Miami’s real estate market offers terrific perks. The taxes and cost of renting and buying property in Miami are among the lowest and best nationwide.

Eligible Miami residents can submit a regulated EMERGENCY RENTAL ASSISTANCE (ERA) PROGRAM Application for a return on standard rental prices. With the right documentation indicating that COVID-19 has impacted income and housing conditions, tenants and home or commercial space buyers can get reimbursed for costs, and landlords can even apply to get tenants reimbursed for paid rent.

Legit, Licensed and Leading Miami Movers: Compliance is Key for Reliability

The internet is loaded with hundreds and thousands of prying eyes and scams.

Local and long-distance movers in Miami that can be hired online are no exception. It’s easy to avoid moving scams with a platform that only offers lists of movers registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Legit movers should have an official license from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Local and long-distance moving to and from Miami can be a simple and painless process. With the right online moving calculator that offers a proper pre-screening process for cross-country or local moves to or from Miami, relocation is cost-effective and safe.

The Cost of Moving: Factors and Services That Impact Price

The cost of your local or long-distance move from or to Miami depends on different factors and the services available.

  • Distance – the longer the distance between pick-up and drop-off points, the more fuel required for your mover’s vehicle, plus vehicle maintenance and repairs will also affect the cost of your move.
  • Climate & Season – Summer is considered the ideal and peak time for local or long-distance moves to or from Miami. The kids are on summer vacation, the weather is a dream, and it’s generally a more flexible time to transition from one space to another. Hiring a mover might be pricier because of the competitive peak season in the summer. And while off-season might offer better prices, on-road conditions, the potential for hurricanes, and heavy wind plus rains can impact the speed and ease of your move in the winter.
  • Accessorial and Packing Services – Some moves require packing and accessorial services. Packing prices can vary based on your mover’s discretion and business model, and include everything from boxes, bubble wrap, and paper for wrapping breakables, along with tape and hands-on labor.

Accessorial services are generally priced in the same range by most movers, and all of them must be listed in a mover’s contract including:

  • Providing boxes and packing supplies (sometimes listed as packing services separately)
  • Packing and unpacking your move
  • Need for elevator versus limitations of stairs
  • Transport of electrical appliances and large furniture or special items
  • Custom crating, container or vehicle transport cross-country or even instate
  • Extra labor, or long carry, and the list goes on

Local vs Long Distance Moves to and from Miami

The distance, scope, and complexity of your local or long-distance move to or from Miami affect the cost and moving experience.


Firstly, the total mileage impacts the cost of the move, due to total fuel and basic vehicle maintenance costs. Plus, the longer the distance for the driver the more taxing the move. Driving long distances can be exhausting, and it’s only fair to compensate drivers for the time and concentration required to get your move hauled safely from point A to point B.

What is a Long Distance Versus Local Move?

A local move to or from Miami is generally a maximum of 100 miles, whereas a long-distance move is 100 miles or up. Every mover has its own specific parameters for defining a local or long-distance move, but these are the general averages.

Shipping Costs

The cost and ease of moving expensive items like containers with fine art, valuables, and antiques, vehicle transport, or furniture are all affected by distance. Consider the logistics behind transporting these items and the cost you and your mover will absorb to safely transport these items for you. Whether dealing with a local or long-distance move to or from Miami, shipping costs are affected if moving items over bodies of water, scenic roads, unfavorable road conditions, and of course everything involved in moving those items.

Lifestyle, Culture, and Quality of Life in Miami: Something for Everyone

Miami offers something for anyone moving to or from the magic city, from young professionals to baby boomers and 50-somethings, fresh-faced young families, teens, millennials, and generation X-ers. There’s a reason why Will Smith welcomes everyone to Miami. Bienvenido a Miami!

With the 1920s and 1930s art-deco architecture, meeting outstanding cuisine and some of the healthiest vegan and organic food nationwide, plus culture and the arts in a tropical paradise, enjoy Miami’s file and theatre scene, jumping nightlife, and outdoor activities. Miami blends the best of beach and city all in one.

Culture, The Arts, Entertainment & Dining

With funky and lively art and entertainment scene, Miami’s got the appeal of rich Latin culture, tropical and lush greenery, palm trees on beach fronts, incomparable nightlife, plus celebs and the appeal of a young and working population. Being a beach town with nearly year-round sunny skies, Miami’s ideal for athletes and the athletic types, lovers of yoga on shimmering sandy beaches, mixed with the racy appeal of high fashion, fun, and fabulous spots to chillax. Enjoy the beauty of a stunning sunset on the horizon after your workout, or anytime – weekday or weekend. Whatever your age, interest, and budget, Miami has something to make anyone smile and enjoy life 24/7.

Health and Lifestyle

Junk-food junkies, foodies, health nuts, and the fitness lover or couch potato can all find their home and business in Miami. With great weather lifting the spirits of most residents, business owners, or employees, you’ll find a lot of active, athletic, and outdoorsy types in Miami that still thrive on urban life and the heart and soul of beach and city all in one.

Rollerblading, skydiving, yoga, sports of all kinds, and beach activities are frequently loved and lived by Miami residents citywide. Plus, for those who like to kick back and enjoy a bit of a personal Vipassana, with meditation, zen music, and me-time, all that’s needed is a towel, willpower, and headphones for soothing music. Get your water bottle refilled, enjoy deep breathing with a sunset view, and you’re living life in Miami.

Employment & Quality of Life

While the cost of living isn’t the cheapest and the hourly rates in Miami aren’t the highest nationwide, there’s still plenty of employment for those ready to work and climb the corporate ladder. Most positions and jobs will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree if not higher. And while rent or buying property, food, and overall cost of living isn’t the cheapest in America, taxes are among the lowest nationwide. Taxation policies are seriously appealing for newcomers, immigrants, refugees, single parents with kids, and anyone whose financial status was or is affected by COVID-19.

Compensation: Making a Living in Miami and How it Impacts Your Move in the City

Hourly rates and salaries might not be the best in Miami, as the job market is less competitive for those seeking employment, and some positions require college degrees. But Miami offers opportunities to nearly anyone willing to work as a result. Individuals ready to work hard and get ahead can make a living and even develop a great career in Miami. The cost of moving to or from Miami is thus affected and is dynamic based on the demographics, population, and multiculturalism of the city.

Demographics, Socio-Economic Statistics, and Diversity

Miami’s demographics and population are diverse, as the city draws in people from endless religions, nationalities, and age groups, with a generally younger working population.

The sunshine state’s sandy city offers a blend of multiculturalism, a large Hispanic population, and nice work conditions that are rated highly. Despite hourly rates being lower than other large American cities, many employers in Miami prefer or even require employees to speak both English and Spanish. Company culture and co-worker relationships with managers or those in leadership positions are also rated highly, along with growth opportunities.

Get a closer view of dynamic and everchanging statistics of Miami’s diverse population here, from credit card charges to socio-economic status, education level, the manufacturing industry, the city’s colorful tapestry of residents, and more. You can look at statistics like average income, density and age too.

Innovation, Financial Services and Technology’s Impact on Moving To or From Miami

Giving Silicon Valley a nice little run for its money and great competition, Miami has become a hot town for fresh technological advancements, particularly South Miami in the field of financial services and fintech. Before the global COVID pandemic hit, plenty of Americans considered moving their businesses to Miami from all corners of the country and even internationally.

The whole work from a home phenomenon that’s taken the world by storm has made businesses think twice about renting or buying commercial and office spaces. Many that were debating the move just went ahead and relocated to Miami and continue to. As mentioned, income taxes are among the lowest nationwide in Miami, and since more businesses are looking to save and lower overhead, Miami is an attractive spot for start-ups.

With a lower corporate income tax rate, asset managers in financial management firms often bypass taxation. But in specific jurisdictions where asset managers are considered partners in financial firms, income tax can add up and be a serious factor to consider. Miami and Florida have a leg up for taxation.

Based on 1st to 3rd quarter analysis of the average cost of an office or commercial space per square foot, Miami ranked in 3rd place nationwide at roughly $32 per square foot.

To summarize the overall benefits of a local or long-distance business move from Miami to a new commercial space in the sandy city of startups:

  • Free of local or state tax
  • Free of state or estate tax
  • Considerably low property tax

A reliable and well-known American consulting and financial advising firm indicates that the statistics favor anyone looking to move or develop a start-up or fintech company in Miami.

Bottom line: when it comes to business, you save big time on taxes in Florida. Your local or long-distance move from Miami to a new hot spot for your business offers great growth opportunities.

Moving Calculator: Your Quote To Move in Miami – Fast Free and Reliable

Finding the right mover for your local or long-distance move from Miami or to a new home or business space in the Sunshine State’s glowing municipality is easy with the right tools.

Technology, research, and data have made it simple for residents and business owners to find the right inner-city, interstate, or cross-country mover for your relocation from or to Miami.

Anyone coping with a local, long-distance, or cross-country move from or to Miami can use our moving calculator to find a pre-screened mover that’s fully licensed and meets city, state and federal mover regulations. Every mover listed by the quote calculator is not only compliant, licensed and legit, but they are also recommended based on real customer reviews and experiences.

Get your quote to move to or from Miami now.

Cost of Moving From or To Miami: Keep it Simple, Smart, and Affordable

Distance Between Locations of Your Move From or To Miami

Movers maintain and incur basic expenses to operate.

Fuel, operational vehicles, repairing and maintaining them, plus a strong, motivated, and focused moving and back-office crew cost quality movers lots of money. The technology, back-office solutions, and administrative staff all add to the overhead moving companies accumulate.

Logically, the distance of your move will have a heavy impact on the cost of fuel, the vehicle, and the number of workers your mover will need. The mileage between your starting point and endpoint has a critical impact on the price tag of your move.

Never forget that movers have their own business overhead to cope with regularly. Just step inside their shoes for a second and imagine yourself driving cross-country or locally, sweating in the Miami heat hauling loads of furniture, personal items, and valuables, plus the responsibility, labor, and distances involved.

Then think of how much it would cost you to run a moving business. You’ll realize that the longer the distance of your move, clearly the cost will rise, and of course the opposite for shorter distances.

Accessorial Services

Packing Your Move, Supplies, Transport and Manpower & The Cost of Your Move From or To Miami

While it might seem obvious, it’s important to point out that based on the number of boxes, items, amount of furniture, rooms of the spaces you’re moving from and to, the overall size of the move both in weight and scope, the price will vary and be either lower or higher. If you have an apartment or house that’s not easily accessible to movers for the transport of bulky or complex items, you’ll be paying for what’s known as accessorial services required for your move.

While you might assume that a move with just a few boxes in a 2-bedroom apartment might cost less than a move with dozens of boxes from a 5-bedroom house, this could all vary.

Mileage & Accessorial Services – Distance Means More than Fuel Costs That Impact Your Move

The cost of your local or long-distance move from or to Miami is dynamic based on factors like which floor the homes or business spaces are located on and need to be transported to. For your move to safely and easily reach the moving truck or vehicle, your mover may require an elevator – which may or may not be available, affecting the cost of your move again. Consider the weight and ease of moving heavy, valuable, or fragile items. Do they require special packaging and packing care, a crane, a container, bubble wrap, an escalator? The list goes on, and if what if the help and solutions you need to help your mover transport items safely aren’t easily available? It’ll increase the cost of your move, incurring accessorial service costs.

Lastly, consider how many movers are needed and can handle the move, the time and date of the move, and the traffic and climate of the relocation process. All these factors will either increase or reduce the cost of your move instantly.

Time and Date: The Cost of Your Move From or To Miami and Timing

The ease and duration of your move will be affected by the hour of your move due to traffic during certain hours of the day. Similarly, your mover’s time idling in traffic or stuck in jams will vary based on the day, time, season, and climate during your move. The cost of your move will change based on the fuel required for your local or long-distance movers to get you relocated from one space to another in Miami.

Plus, remember that time is money – the longer your mover is stuck in traffic, the more hours are needed to get your local or long-distance move from or to Miami done. More hours, more fuel, more concentration, and less patience, more hard work for movers, more money. Be prepared to pay. It’s the nature of the beast.

Moving During Peak Times & Slower Times of the Year – Price Tag Impact

Let’s not overlook the fact that the peak season for moving is usually Miami’s summertime from May to November. If you are moving during Miami’s peak season, then the demand for movers will be higher and affect prices. Summertime in Miami, May to November, is actually when moving is at its prime and super busy, so prices can skyrocket.

For the most logical reasons, the cost and overall ease of your local or long-distance move from or to Miami will be affected based on climate, weather, location and region, pollution levels, and lifestyle. Since you can expect tropical weather and sunny skies nearly year-round in Miami while the rest of the world sinks into winter, a local move from Miami to a new home or commercial space in the city may be easier than in a city like New York, for example. Also, factors like pollution and lifestyle, driving culture, and mentality will clearly affect the ease of transit for your mover, affecting the timing and simplicity of your move. Plus, unloading areas are clearly defined, and moving trucks can’t take chances everywhere in the city and must follow regulations. If your move from or to Miami forces a mover to idle in the no-parking or unloading zone, guess what? They’ll be fined and so will you. Your moving cost will increase.

Parking and Unloading Moving Hauls in Miami: The Impact on the Cost of Your Move

How? In a city like Miami, your mover might have better chances of getting around with ease faster during non-peak or high traffic hours, than a high traffic and densely planned urban jungle like New York. While traffic can be intense at times in Miami, overall road conditions are good, or at least easier to cope with than a city with intense winters and aggressive snow, poorly paved roads, and other factors contributing to ease of on-road travel.

The average commute time from one end to the next in Miami is roughly 36 minutes. Loading and unloading your move should be straightforward, provided you hire a legit mover who’s licensed and works by city, county, and federal regulations.

Bottom line: is that your best bet is always to get a licensed and compliant mover, because they’ll know what they can and can’t do to make your move faster, safer, and easier at a lower cost – from parking and unloading to overall ease and peace of mind.

How Much Does a Long-Distance Move Cost in Miami?

Total Miles One

Bedroom Apartment

Two to Three Bedroom Apartment Four to Five Bedroom Apartment
Up to 300 $900 - $2400 $1400 - $4100 $2200 - $5800
Over 1000 $1500 - $3100 $2200 - $7900 $5000 - $8200
Over 2500 $2000 - $3,900 $3300 - $9800 $9500

How Much Does a Local Move Cost in Miami?

Total Number of Rooms Number of Movers Number of Hours Average Moving Cost
Studio/1-bedroom 2-3 3-4 $350-450
2-bedroom 2-3 5-6 $850-1000
3-bedroom 2-4 7-8 $1100-1500
4-bedroom 3-4 9-10 $1600-1900
5-bedroom 4-5 11-12 $2000-3000
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