How to Survive your Summer Move

Moving is known to be a difficult task any season of the year, but it can be crazier and stressful during summer, especially in an urban area; hence, it is essential to have in-depth knowledge about how to handle a smooth summer move.

Studies have shown that most people see summertime as the best period to relocate and this is due to some reasons such as favorable weather, the home real estate business is at its peak, and kids are always on vacation during this period.

Apart from these reasons, summer is preferred to winter for moving because winter is unpredictable for moving, and as well as most leases or rents expire during this time. While summer move has its benefits, the heat that comes with season can become an issue that may hamper the smooth process of moving. However, moving during summer can be less stressful if everything is well-planned and handled by a reputable moving company.

Some factors need to be put into consideration to make moving during summer a successful one. With the tips discussed in this post, Moving Feedback aims to show you how you can survive your summer move. Let’s dive into it.

Remember moving during summer is not that easy compared to other seasons of the year. You must ensure you put things in place to achieve a less stressful relocation.

To survive your summer move, follow below tips and guidelines:

How to Survive your Summer Move

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1. Early Preparation

Once you pick summer for your move (as most people do, due to the benefits attached to the season), start your preparation as soon as possible to beat the demand for a summer move.

Experts recommend 2 – 3 months preparation to give you enough time to prepare for the move. Planning gives you the opportunity to predict how your moving day will look like.

Apart from this, it helps you manage your stress perfectly, as you complete each task at your pace. You will have ample opportunity to call for quotes from different reputable national moving companies and hire the best one out of them.

You will be able to follow your moving checklist as recommended by an expert for enjoyable relocation to your new residence. Read our post on “Moving Checklist”.

2. Pay Attention to the High Demand for Moving Companies

Due to the advantages of moving in the summer including nice weather, peak home-buying, leases usually expire during this season, summer break for children, time off work, and much more, the period is characterized by high demand for reputable movers.

The hunt for a reliable moving company that falls within your budget can be a little bit challenging. Most good movers are usually booked during summer; that is why it was mentioned above that you should start your preparation earlier.

Ensure you secure a reputable moving company in advance to avoid settling for otherwise or fall victim to scams during rush hours. You may even enjoy a discount if you book a mover in advance. Remember, you are not just looking for a mover, but a reputable and affordable one. How can you achieve it? Read on to the next point.

3. Manage your Costs of Moving

Moving during summer can be expensive, and this is due to a number of reasons such as increased demand for reputable movers, summer as a favorable time to move for many people, many movers might have been booked in advance throughout the period, etc.

Hence, consumers are subjected to higher moving quotes and estimates than regular moving costs during other seasons. You can manage your costs of moving in many ways by following the below tips:

  • Request free quotes from different moving companies and compared them based on their quality of service to choose one. (remember this can be possible if you start your preparation earlier enough).
  • Cut cost on packing boxes by getting free moving packing boxes from available sources to you. Read our post on “Where to Find Free Moving Boxes.”
  • Move only the belongings that are really important and still in use to reduce the cost of transportation.
  • Organize a moving or garage sale for all your unwanted items to raise some cash and dispose of your old items. You can read our post on “Guides to a Profitable Moving Sale.”

4. Choose your Move-Out Date Wisely

About 70% of summer move takes place between May and August, but sometimes, September can also be a busy month for moving companies. The date you choose may influence your overall moving charge by moving company.

For instance, many people love to move during weekends or on holidays, and this can cost you more money as most reputable movers are always busy during this period of summer. Any weekday can be a better day to move on a budget.

Also, avoid choosing the last week of the month within the summer moving months. In a nutshell, choosing a weekday in the middle of the month is ideal for a less-stressful and affordable summer move.

5. Manage your Summer Packing

Packing is one of the major tasks of moving, and it can even be more challenging during the hot weather of the summer season. Starting earlier gives you relief as you have more time to go through your belongings from room to room without rushing. The following tips can be helpful to you:

  • First take inventory of the entire home to know what to pack, what to sell, and what to give out to people or charity.
  • Get all your packing boxes and materials ready
  • Carefully pack heat-sensitive items such as CDs, tablets, laptops, Smartphone, DVDs, Blu-ray disks, candles, plants, food supplies, etc.
  • Carry kids along in your packing
  • You can seek help from friends and relatives.

6. Consider your Health in the Summer Weather

Heat and intensive sunshine characterize summer; hence, going through the rigorous activities of moving during this period can be nerve-stretching and stressful. You can follow the below tips to stay safe during your summer moving:

  • Based on the weather condition of your current location (e.g., hot climate), it is advisable to start your move as early as possible to avoid the high intensity of heat. Discuss this with your mover in advance.
  • Ensure you stay hydrated to avoid any resulted symptoms of dehydration because your organs might have undergone stresses arising from moving activities and extra summer heat.
  • Wear suitable summer clothes and/or sunscreens.
  • Ensure you turn on the air-conditioner to prevent sweat and overheating indoor.

The following table displays the best tips on how to survive your summer move:


Summer is a perfect time to move because of the advantages associated with the season, but it can as well be a tough time to move considering the heat, scarcity of reputable national moving companies, high cost of moving, and much more. However, early planning is the key to survive your summer move.

Other tips to make your summer move a successful one have been discussed in this post. Moving Feedback is committed to ensuring your move is as seamless as possible through our informative posts on this page. Stay tuned for more!

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