How to Spot Fake Online Moving Reviews

Hiring a reputable and affordable moving company is what everyone plans to achieve in every moving process.

Recommendations from friends and family members or consideration of some trusted movers in the past are some of the best ways to get a mover in such a category. However, people usually turn to online reviews to look for assistance and guidance when their co-workers, neighbors, friends, or family members fail to give them any recommendations for a good moving company.

How to Spot Fake Online Moving Reviews

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To get an extra guarantee that you will be dealing with a reputable national moving companies you can actually trust, checking their online reputation as a top-rated relocation company is not a bad idea.

You can check what customers are saying about the moving companies under study, their range of services, prices, professionalism and attitude on the best local moving companies review websites.

Yes, there have been successes using this method to hire reliable movers.

Thinking about how to go about it? Relax, as checking the online reputation of movers is not a difficult thing to do. It sometimes seems challenging as there are many rogue moving companies, scams, fabricated ratings purposed to cover up the fraudulent acts and poor service of certain moving companies in the moving industry.

An assumption that you can hire a top-rated long distance movers with confidence will flow in you. You will get to find out that customers that give excellent ratings to the “trusted” moving company were paid to do so when their incompetence, inexperience, and rudeness begin to spring out on moving day.

This is one of the reasons Moving Feedback is established – to minimize and eliminate the rate at which people give fake online reviews about moving companies. There is no doubt; that fake online reviews have had significant effects on the industry, as consumers now find it difficult to spot fake reviews.

The tips below will help you determine which moving testimonials to trust and which to ignore. If you are looking to hire a reliable moving company to help you in your moving process, the post is meant for you.

We will start by digging deep into the origin of this problem.

Why do Fake Moving Reviews even Exist?

Firstly, you need to understand quickly why fake moving reviews exist before we discuss further on how to spot them on the first attempt.

The reason behind it all is the fierce competition between different businesses in any industry or sector, leading to each companies fighting viciously to get customers, so as to make more profit for their companies.

The moving and storage industry is not left out in this as it is all about money ad taking advantage of other moving companies.

To select a trustworthy and reliable mover that will offer high-quality services performed by highly trained and experienced movers has become a very difficult thing to do even though there are a lot of professional moving companies on the moving market.

To compare moving companies in their various location and choosing one particular one as their moving partner, more people rely on online moving ratings and reviews.

People tend to trust and book the services of a moving company with more positive reviews and 5-star ratings leading to a high online reputation.

Unfortunately, clients get lured into purchasing the services of some dishonest companies as they take advantage of that particular line of reasoning.

They do this by paying ill-mannered individuals to post fake positive reviews about the company or by posting fake positive reviews about their own services to boost their online reputation.

In an attempt to cover incompetent behavior, rude attitude, poor services, and unprofessional behavior, some moving companies use fake positive moving reviews and 5-star positive ratings to boost their online reputation.

On the other hand, these companies still went further to post negative reviews about their competitors to achieve the same goal of taking advantage of them.

To damage the good reputation of trusted professional moving companies, these dishonest companies post fake negative reviews and 1-star ratings on them in an attempt to mislead potential clients.

Fake customer reviews seem like the only option available to lure customers into booking the services of bad moving companies, but the end has come.

After reading this post, you should be wiser and be more educated on this.

These dishonest companies encourage their customers to leave 5-star ratings about their quality service by usually offering them moving services at a lower price.

However, buying fake reviews from some dubious people who love to pocket some easy cash or make their employees leave excellent fake testimonials about their own moving company is another issue to tackle in the moving industries.

Recognizing Fake Moving Reviews

It is definitely not an easy thing to leave your possessions to strangers.

You may be worried about how much your move will cost you, who will carry your belongings and how safe they will be.

Those questions are normal to ask. When the idea of moving comes up, these are the first three questions people ask, and these questions are actually how you get to determine a perfect moving company for your move.

Review offers information about a company’s costs, professionalism, its employees, and other vital information relating to its service deliveries.

To find out if the reviews you found on a moving company are real, below are few rules that will help:

When a Review is overly Positive

There are no perfect movers. There are aspects that even the best movers have to improve on.

Reviews that are usually about praises, superlatives, and compliments are fake, and you should beware of them.

Combinations like “these are the cheapest movers in the industry” and “they offer the best relocation service ever” are to be treated as impossible and suspicious.

When a Review is overly Negative

Chances of leaving an unfavorable customer review about a moving company by dissatisfied customers are much greater due to the fact that they are greatly affected at the time of posting the review.

Strictly offensive moving reviews that provide no useful information for readers are not to be trusted as there are also fake negative online reviews posted under specific situations.

Also, some fraudulent moving companies do sponsor negative reviews on their rivals to discourage prospective consumers from hiring them; thereby taking the opportunity to attract them.

Such reviews do end with the suggestion of an alternative mover. When you see such reviews – turn off.

When a Review is Excessively Descriptive

Most genuine moving reviews provide relevant and precise facts whether good points or bad points or the combination of the two about the whole scenario.

That is what will be included in most real reviewers’ reviews. Moving reviews that go deeper into explaining how the amazing quality of the relocation service was to convince people can be false. Beware!

When a Review is too general

The common trait most fake online customer reviews have is that they are so broad and general that they don’t provide any information about the whole movie.

This is actually expected because there was no relocation in reality. Look for actual details and useful information that can help you make the right decision instead, and not concentrate on the number of ‘wow,’ ‘best,’ and ‘great’ on the review.

When there is uncharacteristic Repetition

Red flags of fake moving reviews include comparative writing styles, recurrent language forms, and identical review structures.

Repetitive patterns are to be expected because most fake online customer reviews come from people who get paid to write them – note this.

Another turn off which is probably a failed attempt at cheap advertising is when the name of a particular mover comes more than once in the customer review.

Usage of Unnatural Language

A real moving review wouldn’t sound like they were written by people with honorary degrees in PR and marketing.

Specific jargon words or uncommon language are mostly used in fake online reviews to pass their message across to people.

The use of “all caps” and sometimes punctuations in the false review is also a common practice.

No one in his right mind will want to write a review with such a language.

Usage of Personal Names

Detecting fake online customer reviews about relocation companies can be a funny engagement.

You can actually identify fake or genuine reviews by guessing game you have suspended in the past.

In their attempt to sound more persuasive, individuals who get paid to write fake reviews often overdo it.

Mentioning the name of a relocation company employee in a moving review basically renders it false.

For instance “Josh and his team were experts.” This can be funny as most customers don’t even remember the name of the last moving company they hired.

Check Publication Date and Time

Take a look at the publication date and time of any suspected online customer reviews about a particular moving company.

Something is definitely not right if the similar structured and overly positive reviews were published right about the same time.

Additional Tips for Spotting Fake Online Moving Reviews

Take any review that contains useful information seriously, especially when it only contains highly positive information like “best mover,” “great service ever,” etc. with no particular details.

If a review sound too good to be true, then consider it so. Apart from this, the factors and tips given below will come with great help when trying to recognize fake moving reviews as there is no exact science or means of identifying them.

Always Check the Moving Company

Just because a moving company had some positi`1ve reviews somewhere, or because you’ve heard its name, or someone you know said it was professional doesn’t really make it so – beware of this assumption.

Check out the USDOT for the mover. You can also check if the mover is with the AMSA or BBB, which also provides quality standards.

Such a checkup will be useful to you even though if the majority of reviews about a particular company are positive; then such a company should be reliable.

Reading Moving Reviews is Important

You cannot get the complete story by reading moving reviews. Bad reviews don’t always indicate bad moving experience and vice versa, so don’t rely too much on all moving reviews.

Just because there was a small scratch on their kitchen table or the moving truck arrived at the pickup point late due to traffic, many people having a bad day won’t hesitate to name the moving experience bad.

Talk to the Moving Company

You may decide to research them moreover a moving company even if the review you read on them is bad.

Hardly will you see any moving company with only positive reviews. A moving company can have just a few negative reviews while having hundreds of positive reviews.

That doesn’t mean the moving company is not reliable. Ask for the number of claims the relocation company gets annually and what percentage of the claim in total is positive or negative.

That should get you a clearer picture of what the company is all about. You can as well request testimonials from references and customers.

You will get to know if it is the negative review that speaks the truth or the positive ones.

Look out for some Important Red Alerts

Be alerted if a company has only positive reviews; meanwhile, a company with only negative reviews could be faked from fellow competitors in the business.

A filtering system that attempts to keep only online custom-written and real reviews are available at Moving Feedback.

Before making your final decision, there are many other sources for customer reviews online that you can check out.

When deciding on a moving company, be careful and watch out for a rogue mover by focusing on its signal which is negative or bad reviews.

You can also look out for the following red alert:

  • Any moving company that would only request cash: Every reliable company requires only credit cards or other forms of payment which can be tracked easily accept cash payments.
  • A moving company without an official website: A moving company that wants to expand its business and have many customers in this 21st century would first think of its online presence.
  • A moving company without a physical office or email address: Contact details like e-mail address and the phone should be provided by any reliable moving company – its moving trucks and office are also important for consideration.
  • Quick request for immediate contract: A moving company that asks you to sign on blank or incomplete documents when you don’t know what will be the end of the document or what will be written on the paper after you hand it over to them should be avoided as much as possible.

Read Customer Reviews on Multiple Sites

Websites such as Better Business Bureau offers various customer reviews – be free to check them out.

The company is more likely to be legitimate if the reviews seem to be mostly positive on every review website you visit.

When you are checking moving reviews in a view to choose your mover, don’t stop at one review website, check two or three others to confirm what you read on the first.

Check out the Company’s Credentials

After confirming the true reviews about the company, there is still a step to take.

You can verify a mover’s credentials through the FMCSA with their unique USDOT number.

You can as well verify your local mover with the appropriate agency whether they possess your state’s licensing requirements if your move is local.

If it is long distance or interstate, consider all other details as they related to your moving needs.


You must always be careful and watchful in all you do. You will be able to identify fake online reviews about a moving company if you follow some of the tips mentioned in this post.

Note that you need to make a wise decision as there are lots of fake moving companies out there. Some of the characteristics in fake reviews have been mentioned here for proper recognition. You can talk to someone who has firsthand experience with the services of the moving company you plan to hire. That might actually save you the trouble of reading reviews online.

However, if you can get a trusted moving review website like Moving Feedback,, and others, you are on a safer side. What is your thought about fake online moving reviews? Let’s hear you out in the comment box.

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