How to Get Rid of Unwanted Items when Moving

There are lots of planning, preparations, and dedication required when moving. Packing is one of the most tedious tasks when moving to a new location. There are many disadvantages to packing. While it can be time-consuming, it can as well be stressful.

However, one of the tasks associated with moving is that you have to pack your belongings and get rid of the unwanted ones. Here comes one of the benefits of packing for moving.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Items when Moving

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The question of how you will get these unwanted belongings away from your home remained unanswered until now. What items are you expected to dispose of in your home? Why do you need to get rid of such items? This is because you need to reduce the weight of your shipment when moving, so you can save some bucks on it.

You will reduce your total moving cost when you purge your home before moving. To achieve this, there must be some places to serve as receiving ends.

There are many digital marketplaces, mobile apps, as well as junk removal companies available to help you in determining what items to remove from your home when moving. If you want to pack like a pro, decluttering is essential.

There are many approaches to how you can get rid of clutter from your home.  We are going to discuss some of these strategies in this post. There are many factors that determine the items you should pack up and the ones you should dispose of as you get your house ready for relocation. Whether you want to donate, sell, or throw away some items before you move, we have highlighted some helpful tips below:

Separate what Items you are Keeping or Disposing

The importance of going through your belongings before moving is to find out the items you don’t have to move due to little or no usage. Although this is a very tedious task, however, there are some major questions that will help you in making decisions on what to keep and what to let go.

  • When last did you use an item? If it’s up to a year, then it is probably not essential to you.
  • Can you do it without the item? In most cases, we tend to keep clothing that doesn’t even fit us anymore.
  • Is there any sentimental value attached to the item? An item like your wedding dress will be difficult for you to get rid of due to its attachment to you.

Throw a Garage Sale

After sorting out the belongings to keep and the ones to part with, it is time to decide on the method to adopt for getting rid of those items before relocation.

You can throw a garage sale if there are items that are still in good shape, but you no longer need it. The feeling of seeing your old items in the hands of people who really needs them is priceless.

You will also make some money from the sales to help with the moving expenses. You can advertise your garage sale on your Craigslist and local Facebook page with pictures of each item. You can as well advertise children’s toys in your local moms’ groups.

Know how to organize a garage sale here.

Sell Items Online to make Additional Cash

Although selling your items in your local buying and selling groups is brilliant, however, if you don’t mind making a trip to the post office to send an item, you can also sell your stuff online using different resale websites.

You may try eBay, Poshmark, Kidizen or Thredup. Some items are better sold on some sites than others. Let’s look at them.


  • Amazon: If you are looking to dispose of your used electronics, there is an option available for you on Amazon, or make use of the Trade-In Program from Amazon to exchange your electronics for Amazon gift cards. Note that you will be required to pay a little fee when you are selling on an individual plan.
  • eBay: You can easily sell off any of your used laptops, drones, phones, cameras, tablets, wearable, video equipment, and other gadgets on eBay. You only have to create a listing on the site and wait for a buyer to contact you. You can use the inbuilt shipping label from eBay to ship the items to buyers once the item sells.
  • Gazelle: This is one of the top online marketplaces where you can easily buy and sell used electronics. You can easily sell your used items like phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops to the company. Gazelle will then verify, certify, and sell the items to other consumers looking to buy used gadgets.
  • BuyBackWorld: This website provides consumers with the opportunity to sell their used electronics through their trade-in program. You will only be required to get a price quote, get a free shipping kit, pack, and drop the gadget at the local post office. Once your kit arrives at BuyBackWorld, they will check if it is in good shape and pay for it within 2 working days.
  • Decluttr: This website makes the online sale of games, phones, tablets, CDs, and DVDs easier. You will only need to request a free online valuation and send the item to Decluttr on a free shipping label. Once the item gets to them, they will check to make sure it is in good shape before they remove your personal information and make payment for it the following day.


  • Tradesy: This website presents you with a peer-to-peer resale marketplace where you can sell your highly expensive clothing. Consumers can buy and sell highly expensive designer clothing, accessories, and shoes here. Just list your item for sale and sit back. A pre-paid, pre-addressed transport kit will be provided to you by Tradesy once the item sells.
  • ThredUp: This is also an online fashion resale website that allows users to buy and sell used clothing. The company will send you a clean bag upon request, and you will fill it up with the shoes, clothing, and other accessories you no longer need, then drop it off at the local post office. ThredUp will then list your items for sale on its website. You will be paid for all your items sold on the website.
  • Poshmark: This online marketplace is also into the business of buying and selling used clothing, shoe, and accessories. You will need to upload a photo of the item, list it on the Poshmark website, and share it with shoppers on the website. The company will then send you a pre-paid shipping label for you to send the sold item to the buyer.
  • Local consignment store: You can just pack your clothes and drop them off at the closest consignment store to your home if you don’t want to go through the online resale websites. They will perfectly handle the pricing and the selling of your item, so you don’t have to worry about the stress. Note that you may be required to pay a certain percentage to the consigner after the final sale.

Furniture and Other Household Belongings

  • Nextcom: Join and advertise any of your furniture and other household items on your local group. This online community allows a neighbor to communicate with each other. The classified category is there for listing your furniture immediately you join the community.
  • Letgo: This is a mobile app that enables you to sell your household belongings easily. You can buy and sell items locally on this mobile app. You can as well chat with potential buyers privately on the app.
  • Facebook Marketplace: This online marketplace also makes it possible and easy to sell furniture. Start by uploading the photo of the item and put a description on it to create a listing.
  • OfferUp: You can buy and sell items from your smartphone when you download the OfferUp mobile app. Post a photo of the item and the description through the app. Assign a price to the item and wait for potential buyers to make contact via the app. OfferUp ensures buyers are rated so that you can have an idea of who is contacting you before setting up a meeting.

Donate To Charity

One of the best ways to get rid of unwanted items is to donate them to people that need them. There may not be enough time for you to throw a garage sale or reply to every message from potential buyers online.

You can get this item across to people who are dying to lay their hands on it instead of going through the stress of selling such items either online or in your yard. To make sure your donation counts, make sure you are donating to an organization that uses it to support the needy.

Charity organizations like Move for HungerSalvation Army, and Habitat for HumanityGood Will, and a host of others will make sure that your donation gets to those in need of it.

Research any of the charity organizations that need such items and that will also put it to good use. You should take your time to clean up any item you choose to donate. Make sure the charity organization you are donating to be closer to your home as some of them will have you drop off the item at their office rather than coming to pick it up.

The majority of these charity organizations also have their own store where they make profits and give back to society. These organizations also deliver household items like bedding, shoes, and clothing to local shelters to help people get back on their feet.

There are other institutions that can also put your unwanted but good-shaped items into use. Daycare centers, schools, literacy clubs, libraries, and so on will be a perfect place to donate your unwanted textbooks, old books, comic books, magazines, and so on.

You can also donate your unwanted electronic gadgets in those places as well, right after you must have erased any personal information on it. Your old bedding, furniture, kitchen appliances, clothing, and shoes can go to shelters where it will be much appreciated and put to good use.

Clothes, toys, baby items, and children’s books are also much needed at orphanages. There is another perfect home to give your unwanted specialized items that require special-purpose without hauling them to your new home. If you need a professional packer to help you move those items to the venue, don’t hesitate to hire one.

Give out your Unwanted Item to Family and Friends

This is arguably the best way to get your unwanted items away from your home before the move as you feel great from every point of view. There must have been some items in your home that your family or friends are dying to have over the years, and you don’t even have much use for it.

Gather such items and give it away to those people, and they will very much appreciate and even value it more than you do. Making your loved ones happy every chance you get should be an easy thing to do.

Pro Tip

You can even package those items as a parting gift to them before you move to your new home.

Recycle Items that you can’t sell or Donate

You can spare some time to arrange some recyclable items from the ones that go directly to the trash. You can recycle items like newspapers, magazines, fabric, batteries, old electronics, carpet, and other unwanted items.

Junk Removal Services

In the event where you are not able to donate or sell any of your unused items such as your old clothes or furniture that is beyond repair, you can have junk removal services take them away for you.


Congratulations on the successful purge of your unwanted items. You can now proceed with finding a mover that will help you pack and load your items into the moving vehicle. You can check for reliable and competent national moving companies for your relocation. You will be able to find and book a reputable cross country moving companies of your choice from our website. All movers in our network are all with required licenses, and they offer moving insurance to customers, so there will be no problem all through the move.

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