How to File a Complaint Against a Mover

Moving can sometimes turn to a loss if you experience a bad moving company. Imagine, in spite of your efforts, planning, expenses, and mover’s promises, things didn’t turn out as expected.

You hoped to see a quality service delivery, but unfortunately, your move turns to be full of scams, losses, damage, and all sorts of ugly experiences. Many at times, most moving companies are after what they will charge, and once you sign the contract and pay the charge, they become the king of the business.

If anything goes wrong in the process of moving, some of them will put on their real color and turn a deaf ear to their clients. As a result, you have no other choice than to seek justice as provided by law. Hence, you should know how to file a formal claim against your mover.

There are basic principles of filing a claim against the moving company. You must ensure you have a legitimate complaint against the mover. Study the term and conditions as contained in your agreement with the moving company.

Moving Feedback in its quest to ensure smooth moving transaction between the movers and clients discussed all you need to know about how to file a complaint against moving companies that are found of breaching contracts, and lack integrity, honesty, and trust as against their promises. Read on to discover more.

How to File a Complaint Against a Mover

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Why People File a Complaint Against a Moving Company?

There are a variety of legitimate reasons for filing a complaint against a mover, and these are not limited to the following:

  • Moving Company breaches the contract or agreement as contained in her document.
  • Moving company damage your property during moving.
  • Mover holds your property hostage with a view to extort more money from you.
  • Your moving is delayed – late delivery
  • Moving company scams you, believing you are a victim of theft

How to File your Moving Complaint?

If you are convinced that your moving company has committed one or two of the above offense and you have a legitimate complaint(s) against them, the next step is to follow the process accordingly.

There are a number of ways to file your complaints against such a mover. The steps are as follows:

Gather Evidence of the Damage

But before taking any step, first, gather evidence of the damage by doing the following:

  • Take clear pictures of the damage
  • Document all contact with the mover, not limited to the names, date, and time of conversations since the dealing started. Be specific enough to back up your evidence, if possible, document all your conversations with the moving company.
  • Save and keep all the hard copy documents such as contract agreements, emails, letters, quotes, faxes, and receipts received and sent to the mover. They will serve as vital evidence to support your case with them. Prior to sending or returning any original document to your mover, ensure you scan and save a copy.
  • Take inventory of all damaged or lost items with their respective monetary values. Remember this is the basis of your claim; ensure you take your time to estimate every cost associated with your damaged or lost properties.

Opt for Mutual Resolution with the Company

Many moving companies strive to ensure that their clients are happy about their services; hence, they usually appreciate mutual settlement with their resolution center as against filing formal complaints with third parties.

Before you initiate this step, it is assumed that you had gathered enough evidence to prove your case as discussed above.

So, first, speak to your moving company about your complaint. Inform them about the level of damage or loss and wait for their response.

It is recommended that you give your mover time and chance to resolve your issue; give them time to investigate or settle your claim.

In the case of item damage or break, ensure you fill the mover damage claim form for further processing.

Don’t always forget to proofread copies and documents of every conversation and keep a record of the dates and times of your claim resolution processes before sending them.

Posting of Review on the Moving Company

If you do not see results from mutual resolution with your moving company, you can charge the mover by politely inform them that you will start posting online reviews on leading moving company review websites like Moving, and the likes.

If the moving company is one of the reputable moving companies, hearing this alone should be enough to push them to action, as the mover will know that their business is at stake if bad reviews are posted about their company.

However, you should be aware that you will be legally responsible for whatever you post online to help other consumers on the platform; hence, be honest in your reviews.

Also, at this stage, don’t rush to write a review about the company; wait for them for their response since you have informed them you are going to write a review.

Draft your Claim

If your moving company is still not showing a sign of seriousness, it is high time you start drafting your claim while waiting for their reply. To draft your claim, follow these steps below:

  • Review your contract with the mover: Every moving transaction has a written agreement that binds both the clients and movers. This agreement contains specific information including the moving quotes, bill of landing, the order of service, inventory list and condition, and as well as terms and condition of service.
  • Ascertain the type of liability insurance contained in the contract: It is essential to determine the liability insurance contained in your moving package from the company. This will tell you the level of coverage in case of damage or loss. The knowledge will help you to know what to file for with the company.
  • Reach out to the moving company: After collecting all the necessary information on your loss or damage and have vividly reviewed your agreement with the mover, the next step is to contact your mover and inform them of your intention to file a claim for a full or partial refund of your damaged or lost property. Ask them for the process of filing a claim.

Filing your Claim

You’re almost there! After drafting a compelling and winning claim, the next thing is to file your claim. However, this must be done within nine months of the moving company’s delivery date.

Do the following to file your claim:

  • Ensure you submit all the necessary prepared documents such as inventory list of the damaged items, the photographs, and other vital exhibits to support your claim.
  • Also, you must be aware that the law allows the company to notify the receipt of your claim within 30 days, and resolution is expected to take place within four months. However, if you didn’t hear from your mover within this speculated time; you are entitled to file a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • If the company is not ready to resolve your claim, they may risk losing their reputation and license of operation in the state. Check the FMCSA website to find Household Goods Consumer Complaint Form here.
  • You can as well take the issue to small claims court to seek redress if you are not satisfied with the resolution.


Your moving is expected to go smoothly without any issue. However, the success of any move largely depends on choosing reliable national moving companies to handle your move. One can never tell if things do not work as hoped, follow the above tips to file a complaint against your moving company. Stay tuned for more informative posts from this page!

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