How To Avoid Popular Moving Truck Problems

Moving is an easy process and even in the best of cases, there are still some amount of stresses involved. Sorting through the items you’ve gathered all over the years can be daunting; the stress is nothing compared to having to face so many possible problems that can come up from your rental moving truck.

Hiring a moving truck from the best moving truck rentals for moving can be a cheap way of moving your belongings, especially when you are moving locally.

But similar to any other moving option, there are some popular problems a lot of people go through when they rent a moving truck for a move. Fortunately, with a good planning and few pieces of information, many of the highly popular problems that affect a lot of movers can be avoided.

To make sure your truck rental move is smooth; continue reading to discover some popular problems that may occur during the move as well as how to avoid them.

How To Avoid Popular Moving Truck Problems

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1. Last-minute truck rental bookings

When you are renting a moving truck for your move, you need to importantly ensure you make a reservation in advance. A popular problem faced by DIY-ers happens when waiting till the last minute to book their rental truck, especially during the high-demand season, only to discover that the company is booked out.

If you are preparing for a summer move or at the end of the month, make sure you book your truck at least 8 weeks earlier. One other popular problem happens when a rental truck provider you reserved is not dependable and doesn’t hold your booking.

2. The renter is the driver

In most cases, the person that rents the moving truck should be the only person to drive it. If the moving truck provider finds out that you will be sharing driving duties, they may require extra insurance for the other driver.

3. Age limitations for the driver

It is popular to take turns with a family member or friend while driving the moving truck. However, a lot of rental providers restrict the age limit of the driver. Some may prohibit a person under the age of 18 to drive while some rental companies suggest that age 25 should be the minimum requirement.

In such a situation, you may be required to pay some charges (also referred to as the young driver fee) to add a driver under the specified age limit. Also, you need to protect the other person against any unexpected issues for which you will be responsible for the cost of insurance.

4. There are usually additional fees

It is mostly uncommon that one ends up paying the actual amount they were quoted for their moving truck rental. This is because there are lots of requirements and conditions when renting a moving vehicle and each one unsatisfied could cost you more.

There are truck rental companies that have hidden fees and additional costs that may not reflect on your original quote. While they may quote you a flat rate for your moving truck, you may finally pay any extra charges, which include costs, moving tools, mileage, late returns, and so on.

Also, if you are traveling to a long-distance destination and you will be required to return the vehicle to another location, the truck rental provider may charge you a higher rate.

Avoid this scenario by reading the written document in your rental agreement and ask them questions before you sign any truck rental contract.

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5. Renting poor quality moving vehicles

If you rent a moving truck without checking it properly, you may end up stranded on the side of the road to your destination with the moving vehicle full of your household goods. For your safety, as well as the protection of your belongings, a perfectly running rental truck is necessary. Transporting your belongings cross-country in a poor-state vehicle will only add to the headaches and stress during an already daunting experience.

When you get to the truck rental provider on pick-up day, ensure you rigorously check the vehicle before you sign any documents. Make sure that any physical damage, external or internal, is properly stated on the inspection sheet so you don’t get blamed for it later. Ask questions about the history of the moving truck, any involvement, and the dates of its last use.

6. Renting the wrong size of truck

What would be your action if the moving truck you’ve rented is not large enough to hold your household belongings? You may have to embark on more trips than you’ve planned and spent more money than you could have hoped.

Determining your mind on the ideal size to rent could be tricky. But the safest way to play this out is to rent a moving truck size that is about 15% larger than the exact size you need. You will be able to load your belongings properly so they can be kept safe while on the move when you have more space on the moving truck.

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7. Renting a moving truck without inspection

A lot of people make the mistake of driving a rented moving vehicle without conducting a proper inspection of the truck. Before you sign a moving truck rental agreement, carefully inspect the truck.

Check the in and out of it. Find out if there is any broken, gently damaged, or completely damaged part. You will be sad if you are held accountable for the damage you don’t know anything about.

8. Not enough space for storage

Selecting the right size of moving truck can be difficult and this process becomes harder since every moving truck appears bigger than it is. But, if you rent a moving truck that is a bit smaller than you wanted, you can return it to get a larger one or begin to get rid of excess items in your life.

Moving is the best time to rigorously check your belongings and dispose sell or donate the entire things that are no more an important part of your daily life and by doing so, you will be improving the usable storage space in the moving truck.

You have to note that packing your largest belongings first will ensure you have the most usable space for your smaller moving boxes. If you first pack your smaller moving boxes, fitting larger boxes or items like a sofa could be difficult. You might be able to fit in any small boxes that won’t fit in your rental truck in your vehicle.

9. Not buying insurance

You must purchase vehicle insurance before you begin your relocation journey from one point to another. If you don’t have wide insurance coverage for the rental vehicle, you may be liable for huge charges for any damages that occur to the rental vehicle during the journey. You may think that you are the best at driving and that you could safely drive the rental truck to the destination, but be careful: when moving larger households, damages are almost inevitable and can happen regardless of how efficiently you pack or drive your goods.

With insurance coverage, you will get peace of mind that even if anything goes wrong, you have the insurance company watching your back.

Ways to Avoid These Moving Truck Rental Problems

Now that you are clear on some of the popular issues that may occur and things that can lead to problems while renting a moving truck, the tips below will give you guidance on how to avoid these problems and make sure you have a successful move:

  • Perform a background check on the provider: Just as it was mentioned above, always check the background history of a truck rental company before you sign any agreement with them. You also can check the profile of the rental provider on the Better Business Bureau and check websites like and Ripoff Report. Also, check the FMCSA website to confirm the rental company’s UD DOT number.
  • Read reviews: Reading customer reviews for moving truck rental providers helps find out the quality of their customer service. So, before you sign an agreement with the company, check their website and find out what customers are saying concerning their services.
  • Ask related questions: Before you book any rental moving truck, ask as many questions as you have. If the responses of the rental company are not satisfactory enough, do not sign any contract with them. Don’t hold back to ask about hidden fees, additional charges, reservation guarantees, truck conditions, mileage costs, and so on. The more you find out, the better you will get ready for what to hope for and avoid things you don’t want.
  • Obtain truck rental estimates from reliable movers: While looking into rental provider options, obtain a minimum of 3 moving truck rental estimates from reliable moving truck rental companies. This will provide you the opportunity to compare the three options carefully and select the best for your need. The most affordable option is not usually the best and if the costs seem too good to be real, you are likely dealing with a dishonest company.

However, to play it safe, you can obtain about six free moving truck rental quotes from licensed and well-rated moving truck rental providers. So you can make a comparison of their costs and reviews before you hire one.


Renting a moving truck is not as daunting as some make it look. People who have bad experiences could do so because of their mismanagement as well as lack of proper preparation. By knowing the possible problems in advance and getting ready for them, you will be nicely capable of avoiding them and having a smooth moving day experience.

We hoped that the tips to avoid these problems discussed above will help and better prepare you to have smooth moving experience with your rental truck.

There have been feedbacks from angry customers about making reservations, only to find out that there is no moving truck reserved for them on moving day.

To avoid falling a victim of last minute truck booking, ensure you conduct a strict background check on the moving truck rental company earlier enough before you use their services to figure out if they are dependable and trustworthy in terms of equipment availability. And also ensure you have a written and signed contract with the company.

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