How Much Will It Cost Me To Ship My Motorcycle?

The average cost to transport a motorcycle is roughly $890, but prices differ based on things like distance and transport type. If you are transporting a motorcycle to a distance of around 1,000 miles, get ready to spend between $350 and $700, as stated by uShip, a shipping marketplace.

Open shipping (a moving truck that has no walls or roof) is your most affordable option, but it is also the most risk (some of the motorcycle transport companies don’t even offer the option).

Motorcycle shipping providers allow you to pick the price as well as the risk level that is most comfortable for you, so you can transport your motorcycle on open transport – or transport it via an enclosed carrier.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Ship My Motorcycle?

In this article

We further discuss the costs of shipping motorcycles in two categories:

  1. Shipping Type (open or enclosed)
  2. Distance (overall mileage)

Factors that determine Motorcycle Shipping Cost

Many things affect your bike transport costs (together with the bidding process):

1. Transport type:

You can transport your motorcycle inside a completely closed semi, or a totally open shipping truck that doesn’t come with walls or a roof. Open shipping is the cheapest option for your bike shipping but your motorcycle is also exposed to elements such as the rain, sun, and dirt. Many of the best motorcycle transport companies don’t even offer this option to their customers since it so much affects your motorcycle’s finish.


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2. Bike’s weight and size:

The quantity of space your motorcycle consumes on the transport truck; the more money you pay. Bike sizes don’t normally differ as much as other vehicles (the size of big trucks can double that of compact cars), but you will still need to consider it. You will probably pay more to transport a heavy-duty Suzuki M1800 than a lightweight Kawasaki Ninja 400.

3. Distance:

The more distance you travel, the more cost you pay. You can transport your motorcycle several hundred miles for as small as $500, while shipping cross country will usually cost you double that amount.

4. Route:

You pay to depend on the distance the carrier drives and not based on how the crow flies. It may not be more than 800 miles to your shipping destination on a map, but traffic jams, construction, and road closures can all increase the time and miles to your shipping. Sadly, this can’t be mapped out personally, but the best vehicle transport companies can always update you on how shipping prices are affected by the delays on your route.

5. Advanced bookings:

This involves the bidding process we mentioned earlier. You can obtain the cheapest prices by making your booking around 14 days before. That enables the moving truck drivers to conduct their research and reduce costs as much as possible. On the contrary, you will pay a hefty amount if you contact a company a day before your actual shipping day.

6. Number of bikes:

You can always get discounts for transporting beyond one motorcycle at a go. So, if you and your friends are attending the same bike show or dirt bike course, try transporting all your bikes at the same time with the same shipping company. You might even save more cash to pay for a hotel upgrade or chill out at a fancy steak joint.

7. Seasonality:

Auto-shipping is a business that involves supply and demand. You can always get deals during the slow season (in winter), but you also pay a premium when shipping trucks are most busy (in the summer).

Motorcycle Shipping Costs by Distance

Motorcycle transport prices become costly the farther your shipping distance. We don’t like to charge per mile (since there are lots of variables at play), but our evaluations of over 200 bike transporting quotes give more details of the cost in 500-mile increments. We discovered that prices start from around $600 to transport your bike below 500 miles to more than $1,000 to ship your motorcycle 2,000 miles or more. Each extra 500 miles after the first 500 miles cost around $120.

Motorcycle shipping prices based on distance and shipping type

Distance Open shipping cost Enclosed shipping cost
<500 miles $500 $670
500 to 1,000 miles $590 $670
1,000 to 1,500 miles $760 $970
1,500 to 2,000 miles $890 $1120
>2,000 miles $940 $1190

Motorcycle Shipping Prices Based on Shipping Type

Shipping your bike on an open shipping carrier is more affordable than an enclosed trailer. made a comparison of over 200 motorcycle transport quotes and discovered that open shipping saves you over $200. While enclosed transport costs roughly $990, you can usually transport your bike on an open carrier for around $770.

However, your most affordable option doesn’t come without huge risks. An open shipping carrier is open to weather and road elements. That implies that your motorcycle will face everything from rain and dirt to hail and sun – not to talk of slush. It affects your motorcycle’s finish, so open shipping is recommended majorly for dirt bikes or motorcycle that has lots of wear and tear.

Pro Tip

Shipping companies that transport bikes only usually use the enclosed shipping option. It will set you back for $200 more but also better protects your bike.

FAQs about Cost to Transport a Motorcycle

How much does shipping a bike cost?

The median cost to transport a bike is roughly $890. Prices start from around $500 to transport a motorcycle a short distance using an open carrier to about $1,200 to ship it across the country on an enclosed carrier.

Can you transport a motorcycle in a moving truck?

You can transport a motorcycle in a moving truck, but the majority of the companies suggest that you rent a motorcycle trailer instead. If you make use of a moving truck, ensure you bleed the motorcycle’s engine before you load it, and also ensure you tightly strap down your bike to avoid crashing in the truck.

Do auto shipping companies also transport motorcycles?

Yes. Auto-shipping companies also transport bikes. mentioned that Sherpa Auto Transport is an exception. While the auto transport company performs excellently with customers, it doesn’t offer bike shipping services.

What is the cost to transport a bike overseas?

While prices differ based on the country you are shipping to as well as how the bike is packed, a bike can often be transported overseas for about $1,000 and $2,000.


Transporting your motorcycle is an easy and cheapest way to transport your bike long distances. Obtaining several quotes from the best motorcycle shipping companies can assist you to locate the best price, but remember the quality and reputation of the carrier.

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