How Much Does A Home Depot Truck Rental Cost?

One of the most significant ways to save money on your relocation is to do it yourself. But just like every other move, you have to plan your budget to determine how much you will be spending on the move, including your moving truck rental.

You have many truck rental options, but which one do you go for? Is it Home Depot truck rental, U-Haul truck rental, or other truck Rental Company? Let us look at the cost of truck rental from Home Depot.

How Much Does A Home Depot Truck Rental Cost?

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Your specific moving needs will determine which moving truck is a perfect fit for your moving budget. Other factors include the distance involved in your move, the number of stuff you are moving, and the duration of the rental.

With Home Depot, you know exactly how much to prepare for your move, as they give you up-front hourly pricing and no surprise charges.

Home Depot doesn’t only sell home appliances and hammers; it also offers moving truck rentals for short-distance moves. Regardless of the size of the home, you are moving to – studio apartment, 3-bedroom house, or you are just moving your equipment across the town, Home Depot has different sizes of rental trucks that will fit your needs. Let’s take a look at how this company charges for their rental trucks.

The Cost of Renting Home Depot’s Moving Trucks

This aspect is likely the most feared when it comes to moving truck rental – finding out how much the truck rental is going to cost you. Fortunately, Home Depot has made this simple. Home Depot will charge you an hourly rate when you move locally with its branded vehicles.

The first 75 minutes of use will cost you between $19 and $29 (depending on the truck), and $5 for every 15 minutes after. Is that not easy enough?

Firstly, your personal information is not needed before you can be given a rental quote. There is no need for calls either; you just have to choose your location and your destination while you will get your rental pricing for the four available truck size with Home Depot.

We get a quote that totals $896 for 12 and 16ft moving trucks when we enter a test move between Chicago Illinois to Dallas, Texas. The 22 and 26ft moving trucks would cost $1,682. It would take 5 days to complete the move with an unlimited mileage, which is $100 per additional day.

Home Depot Moving Truck Rental Pricing Template

Cost factor Box truck Cargo van
Move distance Local Local
Estimated weight (lbs.) 3,850 3,850
Truck volume (cu. ft.) 515 277.7
Fuel surcharge N/A N/A
Base rate $29 $19
Required deposit (refundable) $100 $50
Total moving estimate (3-hr rental) $64 $54
Cost for extra time (every 15 minutes) $5 $5

How Does Home Depot truck Operate?

Home Depot presents you with two separate moving truck rental systems based on the distance of your move, whether local or interstate.

Both options are, however, straightforward. Home Depot’s branded vehicles are available for those who are looking to rent a small-sized vehicle for their local move.

You can book these moving trucks in advance, and they are available for hourly rental. You must return the vehicles to the exact location where you picked them up.

Home Depot will get you Penske moving truck if you need a large-sized moving truck for your long-distance move that involves many days.

You can make a reservation for these moving trucks online, make a payment on a moving day, and return the moving vehicle to any Home Depot facility in North America.

Either of the options you choose, you will always be able to pick up your moving truck from any of their locations. They sell packing materials like packing tape for your moving boxes as well as other home enhancement materials.

Types of Moving Trucks Available at Home Depot

There are differences between moving trucks in the moving industry. There are some that perfectly suit your moving requirements.

Home Depot is the right place to go for any size of moving truck you need for your move. Below are the available trucks at Home Depot:

1. Flatbed Pickup

Flatbed is capable of hauling any type of item across town. It is cost-effective compared to others. You can move your home appliances around without affecting your budget. This vehicle is only available when you rent a moving trailer from the company.

2. Cargo Van

This vehicle is more significant than a pickup in size but will move your item across the town with no problem. You can perfectly use this vehicle to move an apartment or your furniture to a short-distance home.

Cargo vans can contain and move about 3,000 pounds of items, based on the shapes of the items. Make sure you purchase renter’s insurance if you are relocating into an apartment.

3. HD Moving Box Truck

This vehicle has enough space to relocate a small household, and it is the largest of the fleet. The cargo area is the same size as a 1 to 2 bedroom worth of household possessions.

That’s about 515 cubic ft. of space in the Box truck, and it always comes with a dolly to transport your items. The newest model box truck from Home Depot has its logo embedded on it on the side and with a description of why the truck is best for your move.

Pro Tip

It is advisable to make inquiries about what size of truck can accommodate your belongings to avoid additional cost in the long run.

Additional Services from Home Depot

Your local Home Depot may offer varieties of services; however, make sure you ask for the following services if they are available in your branch:

  • Moving supplies: You are directly renting your moving truck from Home Depot so you can also buy your moving supplies there at a go. You will find padding, moving boxes, packing tape, blankets, and other important moving supplies with Home Depot.
  • Paid movers: The company also has labor-only movers that can help you relocate within few hours. They can help you do the labor involved in loading and unloading trucks.
  • Pushcart: Moving your heavy items around will become easy with the help of a pushcart. It will also save you from back-breaking tasks like heavy lifting.

Comparing the Pricing

Consider all the options you have so you can figure out if Home Depot is the best moving truck rental that fits your needs. Make sure you only rent moving trucks from the reputable and reliable rental and avoid choosing a company that offers you the least price.

All moving services require service and trustworthiness, with your truck rental inclusive. First consider the top truck rental companies to make sure you only rent from a reliable rental company such as:

Note that even though U-Haul advertises a daily rate, you will definitely pay beyond that. They will charge you U-Haul Rental Truck fee, Damage Protection, Mileage Fee, Taxes, Gas Refill, as well as Environmental Fee.

We got a rental quote for each of the options you have with Home Depot truck rental so you can have a clear understanding of what you might be paying.

The costs here are for picking up the moving trucks in Boise, Idaho, and delivering it in Seattle, Washington.

Company Truck size Duration Price Insurance
Home Depot 12 – 16-ft 4 days without mileage $219 between $20 and $90 ($84 recommended)
U-Haul 15-ft 3 days with mileage $99 between $56 and $99 ($56 recommended)

Note: Both prices do not include the end of the trip expenses, such as fuel refills. 

Including the recommended coverage, we have the following total:

Home Depot Total Price

  • Home Depot Total was $312 + deposit + taxes

U-Haul Total Price

  • U-Haul total was $160 + deposit + taxes
  • Excess mileage charges were not included in U-Haul’s pricing, and it could cost up to $.99/mile. Before you rent your moving truck, make sure you find out the excess mileage fee. You don’t want to get to your destination and find out you have to pay a certain amount for excess mileage.

Protection Options from Home Depot Truck Rental

The distance of your move is the factor that determines your protection plan. Only users that are above 21 years old with proof of insurance are permitted to rent Home Depot’s branded vehicles.

No other additional insurance or coverage required. You may be asked to purchase the Limited Damage Waiver when you rent Penske moving truck through Home Depot.

  • Limited Damage Waiver: This provides coverage on any damage or loss to the moving vehicle all through the rental period. You don’t necessarily need the protection plan even though the company would want to make you believe you do by showing you on their website how much you could be charged if any loss or damage occurs to the vehicle while in your care. There are various coverage plans available with Penske, and most of it can be joined with the limited damage waiver.
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance: This provides coverage for renters and designated drivers against any claims from a third party.
  • Cargo Insurance: It provides coverage for the furniture against damage in the moving vehicle and is up to $15,000.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: This covers medical for those in the vehicle in case of an accident

Making your Reservation

There is no guarantee given on your reservation with rental companies like Enterprise and Budget. Home Depot’s local rentals also don’t give such.

You can only figure out availability when you go online, but it is based on first-come, first-served at the physical store.

A guaranteed reservation is partially available with Penske rentals through Home Depot, and it can be done online or via the phone.

Tips to Getting Affordable Rental Truck Quotes

We always advise that you get rental quotes from up to four different moving truck rental companies to make a comparison and choose the best price for your move.

Since Home Depot charge rate, it is easier to calculate the amount you will spend when you figure out how long you will need the moving truck.

The secret to getting good deals from Home Depot is to first study your move and know how long it will take you before approaching the company.

Consider the steps below to get a rental quote from any truck rental company:

1. Find out the rental truck size you need

There is always a price difference in moving truck rental based on the truck size you need for your move. Generally, you can expect to fit the following in each rental truck size:

  • 12-truck will contain dorm, studio, or small 1-bedroom apartment
  • The 16-ft truck will contain larger 1-bedroom apartment
  • The 22-ft truck will contain 1-3bedroom home
  • The 26-ft truck will contain 3-5bedroom home

Read our articles on the rental truck size you need for your move for more information on how to choose the perfect moving truck for your needs.

2. Select your best 3 truck rentals

Screen and trim your options by choosing 3 truck rental companies to get rental quotes from. You can start this process on the internet and then seek recommendations from the people around you. Read online reviews and check their physical locations with the BBB.

3. Call the companies

Although you will probably find rental quotes on every company’s website, however, if you have any questions, grab your phone and call the company directly. Ask them what items are in the quotes and the factors that might lead to additional costs.

You will be getting the information you need as well as being able to find out how the company communicates with its clients.

4. Compare quotes

Start making comparisons once the 3 rental quotes are in your hand to see your perfect cost-effective option. Note that additional features are also included in the quotes and not just the basic services.

For instance, you can still go with a company that charges extra but provides you with moving blankets without charges.

Alternative to Home Depot

Check and request free moving estimates from long distance movers on Moving Feedback. You might find the cost cheaper than you think. Additionally, you will be saving yourself from causing damage to your items when you hire professional movers.

You will get free moving estimates from national moving companies on Check the company’s licenses, make rate comparisons, read verified online reviews, save your time and effort, and get the best deal. The quote process is very fast, so no time-wasting.

Pro Tip

Opting for the company that charges per mile instead of a minute or hour may be a good idea as well.

Frequently Asked Questions Home Depot Truck Rental

How long before moving should I reserve a truck?

Ideally, you should begin preparing for your move as soon as you know you will be relocating households. Once you have a good idea of exactly when your move date is, it is recommended that you place a reservation for trucks and equipment. By doing so, you ensure that your chances of getting the truck size you need is higher.

In the worst-case scenario, you should make reservations about two weeks ahead of your moving date. If you wait any longer, you run the risk of low or no availability hindering your move.

What happens if there is a problem with my moving truck?

Though companies try their best to keep equipment and trucks in the best possible condition, there is always something that can go wrong during a move. When renting a truck, make sure that you always have the company’s contact information and an emergency phone number so that you can reach someone at any time.

Each agency has their own policies, so be sure to review the specifics of your rental company’s policies before taking off. Ask representatives questions and get all of the information you need to handle any breakdowns and emergencies with ease.

Can I pay for a truck with my debit or credit card?

How you pay for your rental truck will depend on the agency’s policies in regard to truck rentals. Some organizations allow you to make reservations online, which may require a credit card from a recognized banking institution. In some cases, though, you can also pay with your debit card when renting a vehicle.

Credit cards that may be accepted include Discover, Visa, American Express, and MasterCard while debit card holders may need to use a card backed by MasterCard or Visa.

Is signing up for insurance and other protection required?

If you’re planning on moving, whether locally or long-distance, it’s a good idea to have coverage while you’re on the road. Agencies provide limited coverage, but many times offer or accept supplementary insurance and other protections you may need just in case anything goes wrong.

However, you’re not required to purchase additional insurance when renting a truck. You will, though, be responsible for any damage that occurs while the vehicle is in your possession. If you do decide on extra coverage, speak with the rental company of your choice to figure out the right coverage option for your move.

What happens if my moving truck is returned late?

Late returns will be dealt with differently depending on the moving company you are working with. Most often, you will need to pay for any additional time you have the vehicle. You will also need to pay the daily rate for any additional equipment or coverage you have in place, which can end up costing a pretty penny.

On the other hand, returning your truck on time or early will not result in anything other than avoiding late charges.

Once I rent a truck, can I transport any and all household items?

When moving into a new home or apartment, household members often quickly become familiar with what is and what is not allowed on a moving truck. Professionals are prohibited from carrying various items, including hazardous materials and live plants, which can mean taking a bit more time to plan out your relocation.

When renting a truck on your own, you will be held accountable for ensuring that prohibited items are not packed onto the truck. Animals, explosives, and other hazardous items are not allowed to be transported in rental trucks no matter who is driving.


You already know the moving day is always stressful, so try and reduce the stress the best way you can. You will find your moving day stress-free, efficient and everything easier when you rent your moving truck from Home Depot truck rentals.

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