How Junk Removal Companies Work?

It is normal for you to have some junk in your home waiting to be removed after a general cleaning, packing, or home renovation. In your case, you may want to take away that damaged old grandma’s couch rotting away in your garage. In some cases, it may be out of state move or a cross-country move (cross country movers).

How Junk Removal Companies Work?

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When it comes to junk removals, hiring professional junk removal companies is the way out of saving yourself from the stress involved. You can as well opt for a rental dumpster and load your trash in it, then have professionals take it away from your home.

Apart from junks, you can also hire full-service junk removal companies to pick up your donations and take it to a donation center where it can be given to those that are in need of such items, in case you have some items that can still be used but not by you anymore. This post will discuss all you need to know about junk removal companies.

What Is Junk Removal?

This simply means an act of picking up and driving away unwanted items from your home or office. Junk removal is very essential; hence, it is better to have an expert do it for you.

You will see the need to remove some items from your home when you begin to find it difficult to locate some items on time just like everyone. Most of these items are just trash, whereas others need a proper arrangement. You are probably looking up ways to get this done.

This situation is popularly called junk overload. Junk overload simply refers to a situation where all you are thinking of is how to get rid of your clutter, you become so overloaded in your mind with the junks in your home. Different areas of your life can be affected by junk overload.

It may cause you to lose focus at work, add more stress to your life, and also cause you elongated cleaning. You know something is definitely not going well when junk affects your life. This is the right time for you to call a professional junk removal company for help.

Below are the signs of Junk Overload:

  • frequently stressing on junk
  • feeling there is no escape from the clutter
  • regular confusion
  • little or no walking space in your home or office
  • labeling particular rooms as ‘storage rooms’ in your home
  • avoiding having visitors

Junk Removal Service

There are many benefits of removing junk from your space whether you are moving, decluttering your home, or decluttering your new apartment before you move in.

The major obstacle to cleaning or moving out of your current space is the items that you no longer need or those that you don’t know how to get rid of easily. The junk removal industry is committed to helping with the decluttering of space.

This is far different from trash collection. You can be given a bin for your residential or office when you register with a standard trash company that will remain in your space permanently.

The garbage company will then come to your home or business with their truck to collect the trash from your bin and drive it away.

You will need the attention of junk removal companies if there is a need for other junk removal services. For instance, you may find out that there is not much space left in your bin for all the junk you need to be removed.

This situation requires the help of a junk removal company. You will also need their help on large items like large children’s toys or large furniture that you want to dispose of.

What Type of Junk is allowed by the Junk Removal Companies?

It is very much possible to dispose of every item you can find in office space when you call a commercial junk removal company for help. They deal with recycling, re-purposing, and reusing of many items. So it is certain that your office junk will be removed.

Below are other commercial junks acceptable for removal.

  • Large and Small Appliances
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Binders
  • Office Furniture
  • Paper, Cardboard, and Metal
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Office Electronics
  • Carpet
  • And More!

Pro Tip

Calling your junk removal company for more special requests or requirements is a great idea. They may be able to accommodate items that are not listed above.

Junk Removal Checklist

Although removing trash might look simple to you, just wait until you have a large amount of trash to dispose of, then you will see the need for proper planning.

This affects home renter, homeowner, as well as small enterprise owner. This is also true regardless of how often you need your junks to be removed from your space.

You certainly must avoid leaving any item in the stack, or the back of the removal truck and drive it away to the landfill center nearest to you. Getting rid of trash today is more difficult compared to many years ago (25-30 years).

Not every item can be dumped at most landfills and there are other better ways to get rid of trash than just dumping. Trash removal and disposal can be difficult considering the number of hazardous materials, the number of materials that can be recycled or reused, and the complex environmental laws in most places.

Although it may not seem important there are some things to note when you are looking to remove junks.  It all follows four simple rules: Separate – Remove – Reuse – Stage – Call.

  • Separate any items that can be easily recycled from your trash before removal. Items like cardboard, plastic bottles, containers, or aluminum cans are in this category. This will not only bring you the ease of disposing of your recyclables; it will also bring some cash during a garage sale.
  • Remove any trash items that have hazardous content. Hazardous waste from household includes automotive fluids, certain paints, pesticides, batteries, cleaners, herbicides, stains varnishes, as stated by an article at Similarly, some electronic appliances also have some parts that have hazardous content such as oil, mercury, and lead.
  • Reuse waste from your yard as compost or ground cover. There may be a need for you to remove a large clutter of organic trash after completing a landscaping job. You should get a chipper to remove this and reuse it as an organic gardening material.
  • Stage or gather your large junk in a single place if possible. This will bring ease of removal especially if you stage it somewhere closer to your driveway. If not possible, then make sure the place you have your trash staged is easily accessible to the removal truck.
  • Call a professional junk removal company to give you a hand with the job. This will be done quicker than you doing it yourself, and good news, you may be paying a lass amount for the job.

Pro Tip

The majority of junk removal companies don’t accept hazardous materials like old TVs with tubes, aerosol cans, etc. You might be charged for the removal of hazardous materials by junk removal companies. It is advisable to contact your removal company on what items you are about to dispose of.

Choosing the Best Junk Removal Company

Just like the way you choose your professional long distance movers, choosing a professional removal company will save you energy, time, and money while they do a perfect job for you. Below are some tips to consider when looking to hire the service of the best junk removal company.

1. Look at their Professionalism

Always consider the experience and professionalism of any junk removal company you are hiring. Consider if they are insured and bonded.

Working with an insured professional will bring you peace of mind. Check their efficiency, timeliness, quality, and relevance of their equipment.

You also need to figure out how easy it is to contact them before you make a decision. It is important to hire a company that has much experience in the job. With that, you can judge if they will do the job well and on time.

2. Pick a Company that can recycle Trash (green processes)

In the United States of America, debris from construction holds a huge part of all waste in the company. To reduce the growth of these landfills, it is important that you hire a junk removal company that has green processes.

The majority of junk removal and hauling companies will recycle as many trash materials as possible before they correctly dispose of the non-recyclables. Hiring efficient junk removal and hauling companies will remove the stress of you driving your recyclables to a recycling center all by yourself.

3. Opt for a Company with Excellence in Customer Service

What are people saying about the junk removal company? Make sure you check online for reviews from previous customers before you decide. You can then screen the junk removal companies based on their reputation.

The only good you can do for yourself is to hire a junk removal and hauling company that has a good reputation and positive reviews.

4. Check their Pricing

You certainly must consider pricing when hiring a junk removal company. Although it is important to hire an affordable junk removal company, it is, therefore, advisable to avoid going for the cheapest option.

If the company you find has pricing that is a bit lower than what others are offering, then you must be sure you will get a quality service from them before hiring.

5. Company’s Flexibility

Regardless of the size of your job (small or big), it is important to check how the junk removal and hauling company proposes to do your job. You have to be certain they can handle any unplanned events on the job if the need arises.

Make sure they provide insurance for every aspect of the removal process. This includes remodeling, concrete disposal, walls, renovation waste, and roofing.

How much does Junk Removal Service Cost?

It is advisable to add junk removal cost to your moving cost regardless of the type of move. There are many factors that determine the pricing of junk removal companies and the rates vary among many local and national junk removal companies. This is why it is hard to pronounce a particular price for a professional junk removal dumpster rental service.

In addition, the majority of junk removal companies don’t offer online quotes, they only provide pricing after an on-site survey of your trash removal job has been done by one of their representatives.

Although this makes it difficult to shop around and make a comparison of rates of different companies; however, it makes certain that you receive accurate pricing information.

Factors affecting the Cost of Junk Removal Service

You are faced with two options when you have large junk to remove from your space: you either hire a professional junk removal company to drive it away or go for a dumpster rental. The two options present their unique pros and cons, and there’s a difference in pricing based on your location and the size of your trash.

Because the prices for the services is solely based on your situation, giving accurate price becomes so impossible; however, we discover that a full-service junk removal service can cost you between an average of $100 up to $800 while dumpster rental can cost you between $300 and $525 weekly.

Your location greatly determines the pricing for your junk removal. For instance, removal of a full-truck size junk by a company will cost $800 in New York, while it costs $500 in Oklahoma.

Some junk removal companies don’t render service in some areas, causing an increase in rates from a few companies that do. Aside from location, below are some other factors that influence the pricing for full-service removal and dumpster rental:

  • Seasonality and demand
  • Gas price
  • Fees for local disposal
  • Time spent on the job

The most obvious and major factor that determines to price for full-service junk removal is the size of the trash you want to dispose of. The price of someone removing a truck-full worth of junk will definitely be different from the price given to someone removing only a sofa and an old fridge.

However, this is not applicable to dumpster rental. You will be charged the same amount regardless of the level at which you fill the dumpster, only that you may be charged if you overfill the dumpster. It is advisable to rent a dumpster that perfectly fits your size of junk.

Full-Service Removal or Dumpster Rental?

There are many factors that make full-service removal the preferred choice for those with large junks to be removed. Being able to proceed with your daily activities while another person does the tedious removal job for you is worth paying for.

They also use proper equipment for the removal job, something you may not have. Equipment like carts, dollies, and wheelbarrows greatly come in handy when doing junk removal jobs as you will not have to drag your old couch down the stairs or over your lawn.

In summary, the convenience that comes with full-service removal is worth paying for as you will have time to do other things while they use relevant equipment to remove the clutter from your space.

There is no way to predict how much you will be charged for your junk removal job considering the company will need to access the junk size before they give you a price.

However, we can give you foresight on what to expect when making a reservation. The average cost for junk removal of full truckload (almost 450cb-ft) was about $500 according to a poll from readers by Home services marketplace

Things to Expect from a Junk Removal Company

There is a great distinction between a professional junk removal service and a company that provides you with subpar service compared to what you need. Here are the features to look for in a professional junk removal and hauling company.

Timeliness and affordability

Everyone wants a quick appointment at an affordable cost without any delay. You definitely want a free quote and reasonable costs. You want to schedule an appointment with a junk removal company that keeps time.

Free removal estimate

Not knowing the exact cost of hiring a junk removal company makes it more difficult to decide if it’s the best option for you. For this reason, it is important to make sure your removal company provides you with free removal estimate before you hire them.

Efficient and quality of service

You should be assured that no harm will come to any of your belongings when the junk removal company is removing trash from your space. There are environmental-friendly ways of removing junk.

Charges based on the size of junk

You will be charged per hour rate by most junk removal and hauling companies which will increase the overall cost for the junk removal job especially when they are slow on it. Some of them might purposely work slowly knowing it is to their advantage.

Go for junk removal company that charges based on the number of junk they remove. The same way you try as much as possible to choose the cheapest moving truck or moving container for your move, it is normal to pay less when removing fewer items compared to someone removing a full-truck worth of junk.

Experience and professionalism

Ask around your neighbors, family, and friends about the reputation of the junk removal company you are looking to hire. You can as well lookup for online reviews about the companies online to make sure you are on the right path.

Should be up to date

Hire a junk removal company that is up to date in the industry. Check if they offer an online appointment schedule if their website is functional, friendly and informative. Find out if they recycle the junk they collect or they don’t give consideration to the environment. You must make sure you figure out all these things before you decide on which removal company you will hire.

Should accept all types of junk

Your junk removal company must accept all kinds of junk you have in your space aside from items with hazardous content. They should be able to transport the junk away once you book them regardless of the type of trash you have.

Should provide courteous and friendly service

Leaving no trace of debris or junk behind is also an important feature to consider in a junk removal company. They will make sure there is no junk left in your space and will provide you with great customer service from the minute they get to your location till they leave.

Booking a Junk Removal Company

If you are in need of a junk removal company, it is as easy as placing a call to your local junk removal service. You may be required to provide them with few details. Make sure you know about the junk you are looking to remove, the size of the space (residential or business), and your availability.

However, we recommend that you sit closer as we will be evaluating junk removal companies in the country and come up with a list of the best among them based on the quality of service and customer reviews. This will be handled in our subsequent article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t want to throw away an item but want to get rid of it?

If there are items that you do not want to keep but do not want to be thrown away, some junk removal companies will donate items to non-profit organizations if they are in acceptable condition. Not every junk removal company does this, so speak with a representative to figure out exactly how your items will be handled.

Some companies will also refer you to auctions or consignment shops, where you can sell your items and make a bit of profit from your unwanted goods.

My residential area is small, will junk trucks fit?

Many people are used to seeing large junk trucks, but trucks range in size and can fit into just about any residential area with ease. If you are concerned about the amount of space vehicles will have, mention this to the company you have chosen so that they can make proper arrangements for your scheduled junk removal date.

You may also be surprised to learn that some companies use unmarked trucks in all sizes as well, which allow you to discreetly move junk from your property – a plus for property owners evicting tenants or homeowners that don’t want their neighbors to see their trash.

Do I need to be home when the removal crew arrives?

Life gets busy, but you will need to ensure that you are onsite at the time of your junk removal appointment if you want the crew to begin their job. Oftentimes, companies will give property owners an hour or so’s notice to make sure you are prepared for their arrival.

If you cannot be onsite when junk removal trucks arrive, your crew may call you once they have assessed the junk that needs to be removed and will give you a quote over the phone for their services. If you approve, they will begin the job and accept over-the-phone payment.

Why do I have to book a 2-hour timeslot for junk removal service?

Booking a 2-hour timeslot allows the removal crew to take care of surprises and deal with unforeseen circumstances, such as bad weather, traffic, or large jobs.

Junk removal professionals cannot give property owners quotes over the phone, as there is no way to ensure that the price will be accurate if they have not seen what needs to be removed. By assessing the junk, they can make sure they have all of the necessary equipment and crew members to take care of the job.

Why can’t the regular trash services take my old furniture?

Many trash services have very strict policies in place that prohibit operators from removing items if their equipment is not designated to handle them. These policies are in place for the safety of operators as well as equipment, minimizing the danger and risks of handling trash.

If you have trash that is not inside of a dumpster or that exceeds the size limits of your trash service’s equipment, it will not be removed.

What’s trash out?

A trash-out is when discarded or unclaimed property is removed from either a commercial or residential property. Trash outs can also be done on external structures, such as storage containers, garages, and sheds – even some kinds of playground equipment may be able to be removed by a junk removal crew.

These are typically arranged by the owner of the property, the property manager, law enforcement officials, or court officers. Once the property has been removed from the area, no individual holds a claim on it, and the items are considered to be abandoned.


The best option for you when looking to haul your large junk away from your space and you don’t have enough time is to book a full-service junk removal company. However, you can opt for dumpster rental instead if you have the strength and time it takes to handle the junk removal within days. Stay tuned to this page, as we look into a top and reliable junk removal companies!


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