Guardian Auto Transport Review 2023

Bottom line: Guardian Auto Transport is cost effective and doesn’t often provide accurate information on its website, but offers expedited service and great customer reviews.

Guardian Auto Transport is a new company in the auto shipping industry. While most companies have been in the business for almost twenty years, Guardian Auto Transport has been around for just a couple of years. However, the company understands the importance of customer service and offers an excellent experience.

Guardian Auto Transport
Guardian Auto Transport Review 2023

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Its fast shipping is also amazing. But in other situations, Guardian Auto Transport lacks what customers need: its prices are expensive, and it is not always transparent with customers as regards insurance coverage and quick quotes. But you will get value for your move.

We’ll discuss the services offered, pros and cons, the cost, including when some of the lowest prices are offered by the company – in this our review on Guardian Auto Transport.

Features and Services of Guardian Auto Transport

Most vehicle transport companies mention the types of vehicles they transport, but Guardian Auto Transport concentrates majorly on the types of customers it serves:

  • Expedited auto shipping
  • Auto dealers
  • Moving companies
  • Classic car enthusiasts


  • Fast shipping
  • Online chat
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Driver inspections


  • Sketchy insurance info
  • High prices
  • No quick online quotes

Guardian Auto Transport offers Fast Shipping

Guardian Auto Transport may cost more than most vehicle transport companies, but it is also a faster option. The company can transport your vehicle up to 550 miles in just about 48 hours. If you are traveling cross country, you can complete the task in less than 7 days. In general, Guardian Auto Transport hauls your vehicle around 2 days more than other auto shipping companies.

Shipping timelines of Guardian Auto Transport (in days)

Distance Guardian Auto Transport Industry average
150 miles 1 2
550 miles 2 3
1,000 miles 3 5
2,750 miles 6 9

What is the Cost of Guardian Auto Transport?

The average cost of Guardian Auto Transport is around 15 percent above the competition. The median cost per 100 miles to transport a vehicle with the company is $100 – even though prices vary depending on vehicle condition, transport type, seasonality, and distance.

Car shipping pricing at Guardian Auto Transport

Transport to use Dodge Charger Toyota Highlander Chevrolet Silverado
Open $680 $770 $870
Enclosed $1,180 $1,250 $1,590

We requested that the company let us know the amount it will charge to ship 3 different vehicles across five various routes through the open and enclosed shipping. The median open shipping cost for all vehicles and distances is roughly $770.

How Guardian Auto Transport Pricing Stands

Guardian Auto Transport is costly; the company is always highly costly than the average vehicle shipping company. Its average price for shipping vehicles of all sizes, on all distances, and using any shipping method is $1,050 and is around 15 percent expensive than the median auto shipping company. However, there are cases where the company is one of your cheapest options.

Guardian Auto Transport Charge Low Prices for Shipping Of 550 Miles

Guardian Auto Transport is your most affordable choice if you are transporting your vehicle around 550 miles. The median cost of the company at $660 per shipping is nearly $100 cheaper than the competition and it is even better if you are transporting your vehicle in enclosed shipping.

Prices of Guardian Auto Transport for 550 miles

Transport to use Guardian Auto Transport Industry median Industry Median Amt
Open $520 $570 $50
Enclosed $790 $920 $130

Guardian Auto Transport has Cheaper Prices for Short Open Transport Trips

Guardian Auto Transport is a cheap vehicle transport company for shipping 150 miles on an open transport method. The median price of the company at $300 is above the industry average by 20%.

Prices of Guardian Auto Transport for 150 miles

Transport to use Guardian Auto Transport Industry median Industry Median Amt
Open $300 $360 $60 below
Enclosed $600 $580 $20 above

Guardian Auto Transport Cost Factors

Vehicle transport prices are similar to the weather: they change more often. Guardian Auto Transport mentioned that many things form its prices:

  • Vehicle type
  • Type of transport
  • Vehicle condition
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Distance
  • Seasonality
  • Location (urban, metro, or rural)

Vehicle shipping prices can also change by individual routes, location, and the number of vehicles you ship.

Coverage Options at Guardian Auto Transport

Guardian Auto Transport makes use of carriers that carries insurance. The company mentioned that your car is insured against avoidable damage for nearly $100,000 but warns that your vehicle insurance will take care of other damage like cracked or scratched windscreens that are not because of negligence. To make sure your carrier is trustworthy; Guardian performs several checks on drivers and companies working for them. This should make sure your vehicle is in good hands when it is picked up until it gets delivered to you.

Guardian Auto Transport Receives Great Customer Reviews

Guardian Auto Transport stands tall among the competition when you check its customer reviews. The company is given an average of 4.9 of 5 stars by customers. Customer reviews a few themes:

  • No surprises
  • No hidden fees
  • Polite rep on the phone

We were not so reliant on the company’s almost-perfect rating and so we called as a customer. The reviews were perfect: they offered quality customer service. We spoke with a friendly, straightforward, and easy-to-understand representative. Guardian Auto Transport’s website mentioned that it is committed to quality and customer experience above other things.

Info provided on its Website is not Always Correct

Guardian Auto Transport offers additional insurance that is not provided by other car transport companies, but the case is entirely different. Instead, the company markets the insurance carried by its carriers to serve as an additional perk. Guardian Auto Transport also advertises quick online quotes but needs you to verify your request by email after supplying your information.

Guardian Auto Transport Payment system

They don’t ask for a deposit, and they don’t charge hidden fees. Guardian Auto Transport will pay all deposits asked for by the carrier, ensuring that your vehicle maintains its placer on the carrier. They also don’t expect customers to pay the whole amount during booking.

FAQs on Guardian Auto Transport

Is it expensive to transport a vehicle across the United States?

The median cost to transport a vehicle across the country with Guardian Auto Transport cost roughly $1,700. Open shipping costs $1,200 while you can expect to pay as high as $2,060 for enclosed shipping.

Is Guardian Auto Transport the best auto shipper?

Guardian Auto Transport receives great customer reviews but is not among the best car shipping companies on our list since it is costly and is not straightforward with customers on its website.

Can Guardian Auto Transport haul a vehicle to Florida from California?

Yes. The company can transport a vehicle to Florida from California and is present in all 48 states in the country. The cost to transport a vehicle to Florida from California with the company is roughly $1,700 or around $350 higher than the median vehicle transport company.

Do you tip a driver of a car transport?

A tip is an amount you (customer) customarily given to workers of particular service industry for the service they have rendered, together with the basic cost of the service. You have options to or not tip your auto shipping driver but it will be appreciated if you appreciate the driver for the great job done.


Guardian Auto Transport is a considerable option if you are transporting a vehicle 550 miles or less. The prices of the company are normally lower than most, but it is ten percent (10%) cheaper than the median for these short trips. When you also consider that the company is fast and you read its great customer reviews, you would find it hard to locate a better choice. Guardian Auto Transport has higher prices for longer distances. In situations like these, we recommend you check our list of best car shipping companies for a matching option.

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