Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Shipping

I know you are searching for a safe, cheap, reliable, and easy way to ship your motorcycle but some need some clarification to be certain.

We understand that in some cases, you need assistance to transport your motorcycle to a certain location; whether it is a bike show, new residence, or mechanics shop. No matter what your shipping need for your motorcycle is, you will surely have a way to transport a bike from one point to another.

This means you will need to look for a way to transport your motorcycle. A lot of customers reach out to moving companies to find out how to ship a motorcycle. Similar to many things in life, the more advanced plan you make, the better your outcomes will be. The same can be said of shipping a bike.

Transporting motorcycles to a new place is not as simple as contacting a shipping company and having the bike picked up one day and delivered the next. There are a lot to it. We’ve compiled a list of popular questions that people often ask when transporting a motorcycle. Read the answers to some of these popular shipping questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Shipping

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How is my Motorcycle Shipped?

Your bike is shipped in an enclosed carrier, giving the highest protection during the trip. Upon the arrival of the carrier, he will secure the bike onto a pallet carefully and strap it down with soft straps. The motorcycle will then be loaded onto the carrier and will start the journey to the destination.

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How Long Does my Motorcycle Shipping Take?

Most of Motorcycle shipping companies have set operations that make sure bikes can be delivered in 48hrs, starting from booking in all major cities and some main regional areas. Delivery is completely 7 to 10 days from collection. Northern Territory is serviced every month. Dates of pickup and delivery are provided on the reservation. Transit times also base on road conditions, weather, and other situations beyond control, so there might be delays; however, we will always let you know of any changes.

My Location is not Accessible to the Tractor/ Trailer; Can I Just Inform the Driver to meet down the Street when they call?

Having access to a trailer/tractor at your address is often the best solution. However, if there is no access to the tractor/trailer at your address, you can have the driver meet you at the nearest location accessible to the tractor/trailer. You can choose any location where the drivers can legally and safely pull out of traffic lanes.

Pickup or delivery can also be possibly done with a smaller truck, but extra fees will be charged. Your sales agent can provide you a specific quote for the fees of small and they often range from $200 to $400.

What Should I know before I Transport my Motorcycle?

Ensure your motorcycle is not beyond 96” long, and 40” wide. You need to determine the weight of your bike. You also need to remove the keys, unlock the steering, fold the mirrors inward (if possible), and remove all the personal items from the glovebox and saddlebags. Avoid sending keys or vital documents with your motorcycle. We recommend you send such items with an overnight courier. The driver is not allowed to pick up or deliver the keys and documents.

What are the Options Available to Ship a Motorcycle?

The most important options for shipping a motorcycle are trucking, airfreight, and ocean freight. The perfect choice between these options is based on your preferred delivery time frame.

However, the only available shipping methods available include these:

  • Terminal shipping: This is the cheapest method but not the most efficient. Even so, you will need to find out from the carrier before the shipping date. You will figure out if their terminal is in your location, for both pick-up and delivery. It is the perfect method if you have no issue driving to the terminal. Moreover, it also enables you to save a huge amount of money.
  • Door-to-door shipping: It is a popular method used by different motorcycle transporters; such transport companies usually offer door-to-door services for free or at reduced charges. However, you will need to arrange with the shipping companies to figure out if they can pick and deliver it as well.
  • Enclosed trailers: This bike shipping method is known as the costliest option. However, enclosed trailers offer the highest protection to your bikes from damage and even theft. Enclosed trailers are perfect if you are transporting the bike to a long-distance destination. It is also ideal if you don’t have a particular delivery date. This option should also be used if you are transporting a fairly delicate or expensive motorcycle.

The benefit of this approach is some enclosed trailers come with air-ride suspension components as well as soft-tie strapping systems. If you plan to transport more than a bike, you can use this shipping method to load them on a single trailer.

  • Open trailers: It is a reasonably cheap approach than the enclosed shipping option and greatly based on your needs. On the other side, your bike will face different weather conditions and other environmental elements. This option also doesn’t protect your motorcycle from theft or damage. Therefore, it is a perfect option when transporting the motorcycle over a short distance. You may also choose this method if the motorbike is fairly cheap, and you have a particular delivery date in mind.

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How Many Days Should I Call in Advance?

Create enough time for shipping company to pick up your motorbike. At least one to two weeks in advance is advisable. If your bike will be collected from rural areas or the Northern region, we recommend you call 1 month in advance.

What is the Requirement of the Pickup Day?

On the pick-up day, you must ensure the motorcycle is clean and conveniently accessible. The driver will walk around the bike and perform a full check to note down the condition of the motorbike at the time of loading.

What If I am not on the Ground during Pickup or Delivery of my Motorbike?

Have someone you know (a friend or relative) sign on your behalf if you won’t be available for the drop-off or delivery of your motorbike. Ensure there is someone to be contacted by phone so the driver can arrange for delivery/pickup time. The driver calls in 24 hours before they arrive and the pickup/delivery time is within a 2-hour time frame.

How do I get my Motorbike Ready for Shipping?

Motorcycle shipping companies require that all units be transported without the keys during shipment, unless you are transporting a trike, slingshot, UTV, or golf cart, as these units are not easy to push due to their size. If your shipment is above 58” tall, you must remove the cage, windshield, and so on. You can leave fuel in the tank; you don’t need to drain the oil or gas. Please ensure the steering is unlocked and any alarm system deactivated or set to shipping mode. The vehicle must run, so ensure there is enough air in the tires.

Is my Motorbike Insured during Shipping?

Your motorbike is insured up to $7,000, which is added to your transport costs. If you need extra insurance, you are allowed to buy this insurance at a rate of 1% on the amount declared more than $7,000. Please understand that any damages to the motorbike must be recorded on the Bill of Lading at delivery. Insurance claims will not be addressed after delivery.

What if the Truck Cannot Access my Location?

Many of the trucks are either 10 meters for city pickups or around 22 meters long in regional locations which makes it difficult to access some residential areas because of narrow roads, city rules, power lines, trees, and some other road-related factors. The driver will try to get as close to your destination as possible, or they will schedule an easy location, such as a shopping center or popular service station to pick up or deliver your bike.

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