Finding Interstate Moving Services For Your Needs

You can save yourself from stress and individual costs when you hire the right interstate moving companies. Many useful moving services are available with the movers you will find on Moving Feedback.

Finding Interstate Moving Services For Your Needs

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Needs that require professional movers based on their specialty

Small Moves

This is ideal for relocating a 1-bedroom or studio apartment. Your moving companies can pack your home and load a moving truck or van within a few hours. They will quickly unload your belongings after transporting it to your new address as part of a major shipment.

The impacts on your time are reduced by small load moving services and allow you to concentrate on other important things like cleaning or planning for your travel needs.

Read best ways to handle a small move

Furniture Moving

You might have the strength to lift your couch, but that doesn’t mean you can safely hoist it yourself. It becomes more difficult to maneuver larger items through narrow hallways or doorways without sustaining an injury.

Furniture movers generally take the heavy lifting off your neck. They possess safety harnesses and moving equipment, and they know the right lifting methods to handle the job without injury. They load your furniture piece and haul it to your new residence immediately you arrive.

Interstate Piano Movers

The piano has heavyweight and easily gets damaged. The aesthetics get ruined with scratches on the finish, and the piano got thrown out of tune after too many bumps. Professional piano moving companies not only carry your piano; they know the right way to move it safely to your new home with little or no disruption.

Your piano mover will lift and move your piano using special techniques. They will also use packing blankets and foams to reduce exposure to scratches and physical damage. The shock from the road trip can be reduced by using air ride suspension systems on the trucks as you move your piano to another state.

Shipping Cars Out-of-State

The most direct way to transport your vehicle to another state is to drive it; however, it is not the best option. We recommend you make shipping arrangements if you own a luxury vehicle in your collection.

Most top long-distance movers have partnerships with the best car shipping companies and can offer you various options and estimates. The standard method is open transport on the large trailer, but enclosed transport is the perfect option for luxury vehicles.

Obtain a free vehicle shipping estimate alongside your moving estimate on Moving Feedback.

Business Moves

Sometimes, you need to relocate your small business. This could be due to expansion or moving to a better location. No matter the reason, a long-distance business move affects your current business processes.

You and your employees will be able to focus on entertaining customers during the moving process when you hire a professional moving crew to take care of the logistics.

Office moving companies move your office furniture, equipment, and essential files using the office moving checklist. Moving companies can help you coordinate with other important service providers like your IT and phone installations.

Full-Service Packing and Moving

This option is the best if you don’t have the time to handle the move or have any personal reasons to stay away from physical engagement. A moving crew arrives with adequate moving supplies and equipment to totally move all your things.

Professional movers and packers pack all the rooms for you and label each box and containers; they haul your loaded moving truck to your destination home where they unpack everything for you. You meet a ready home upon your arrival.

Appliance Moves

There are some of your home appliances that need special handling. Freezers, washers, refrigerators, and driers are large and usually attach to plumbing and power supplies of higher voltage. You should get hand tools for removal as well as connections or reconnection.

Interstate moving companies use appliance dollies with straps to control the weight and odd size of these objects. They safely move your appliances and pack them for hauling with no damage to them. Usually, movers will do the set up at your new home.

Pool Table Moves

If you own a pool table of high quality that has a large, string surface covered in felt, then you sure know its worth and how fragile they are to damage. The fabric could tear, or the wood finish scared when the table got dropped. The play surface might get damaged when the slate got cracked.

Pool table moving companies not only take special caution when moving a pool table, they also have moving vehicles that have ride suspension, which reduces the number of shocks received by the pool table while in transit and levels your table when it gets to its new home.

Art Transport

Packaging small pieces of art possibly done by yourself, but you will need to get custom-built containers for larger paintings, monuments, or sculptures. Long distance movers who specialize in moving art provide personalized crating to protect your belongings. We recommend you hire a specialized art hauling service for a museum-quality piece or high-end stuff.

These special movers may combine air freight and moving trucks with reduced air-ride suspension systems for your valuables.

The company will send its representative to travel with your items in high-risk cases in order to keep them safe against vandalism or theft.

Getting ready for the out-of-state Move

  • Once you’ve booked your interstate mover with us, you can head straight to our website, make changes to your inventory, and check the cost of your move open item. This will give you control over your moving budget and inventory.
  • Our out-of-state movers will carefully pack your things for the interstate move, wrapping and padding delicate goods and bagging your mattresses.
  • Your household things will be picked up from your home by your out-of-state mover, whether a national van line or a private interstate mover. Any moving company of your choice must possess a valid USDOT number and authorization to perform residential moves, kindly check for further information on FMCSA.
  • You will receive an interstate moving quote that factor in the weight of your inventory, the distance, as well as the timeline of your move. The majority of moving companies that offer interstate moves will issue an estimate and then charge your move based on your shipment’s exact weight. However, most movers charge based on inventory and volume on your furniture. Our long-distance moving quotes are guaranteed, and there will be no further assessment.

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