Factors to Decide your Retirement Destination

Moving to a new location has become one of the joys of retirement. While some retirees are relocating for the purpose of quality health care, low cost of living, some are doing so because of the general quality of life.

Retirement is exciting because it provides the opportunity to decide where you love to live. It is only young families and jobs that can tie one to a particular location for a long time.

Besides this, retirees are free to move to their dreamland and enjoy their retirements. Moving Feedback is here to discuss the top essential factors to decide your retirement destination. Read on to discover all.

There is no need to be cautious of living close to your place of work anymore; rather, you can choose to move to a place that offers favorable climatic conditions and as well as the quality of life to enjoy your senior life to the fullest.

According to home-building company Del Webb’s report, about 33.33% of seniors have a plan to relocate after retirement, and 50% of this group expects to move to a different state. However, there are some factors you need to consider to decide your retirement destination.

Factors to Decide your Retirement Destination

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In a quest to look for a better place to enjoy your retirement, don’t just move; ensure you weigh all the criteria required to give that quality life you are looking for.

There are various factors to consider in deciding your retirement destination and these criteria are obvious in enabling you to enjoy your retirement life. While some factors may be less apparent, some are vital to your overall retirement experience.

Before you hire that moving company, take a breath and consider how your relocation will impact your health, your standard of living, and finances. Herewith are the factors to consider when deciding your potential retirement destination:

1. Cost of Living

According to a 2010 Del Webb’s survey, living cost is the most concern factor for the seniors who are weighing the option of moving after retirement. Sperling’s Best Places can assist you in researching various countries, states, or cities for their costs of living such as healthcare, health insurance, housing costs, and cost of common daily goods and services.

2. Tax Burdens

Some states charge high-income tax, thereby putting more burdens on your retirement earning. Compare and contrast tax burdens of various places to help you in your relocation decision.

It is worthy of mentioning that some states such as South Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, Tennessee, Washington, Nevada, Texas, and Florida don’t charge state income tax, which implies tax will not be a burden to your budget.

Based on a Forbes report, some states including Montana, Delaware, Washington, New Hampshire, and Alabama do not have state sales tax. When it comes to lowest median property taxes, you can consider Alabama, Alaska, Mississippi, West Virginia or Louisiana.

3. Quality of Health Care

Health is wealth! Seniors usually require extra health care during retirement when they may not be active like before; hence, the need to consider quality health care and availability of nursing facilities in the state you are moving to.

According to a survey report, easy access to quality healthcare is one of the primary concerns of about two-thirds of seniors planning to move after retirement.

During your search and decision for a retirement destination, ensure you look out for reliable health centers with easy access to reputable specialists as required by health. Ensure you confirm from your insurance broker the ease of using your insurance in the chosen location. Medicare.gov can help you in this regard.

4. Climate

When it comes to climatic conditions, retirees prefer some places to others due to one reason or the other. According to Del Webb, about 60% of retirees who aim to relocate after retirement consider climate as one of the essential factors when making a decision on their retirement destinations.

Many people move to Florida, California, Arizona, Tennessee, North and South Carolina as a result of their favorable mild climate conditions. National Weather Service is a good platform to check out an overview of each location’s weather climate and conditions.

5. Availability to Quality Senior Services

There is nothing as beautiful as living around those people with like mind. During retirement, seniors do love to have access to quality senior services like home care providers, organizations, clubs, transportation for mobility challenged people, and activity centers in their prospective community. Availability to quality services is a major factor to consider for a retirement destination move.

6. Distance to Friends and Family

Friends and family can be of help during retirement. Your decision to move for retirement should be considered as regards how far you want to go from your friends and family.

If you prefer to be around them and your current location is the same, it is advisable that you maintain your current town or move to somewhere within reach.

Don’t do something that you will regret later, as this can result in relocation depression. However, if you decide to move far away after your retirement, you can consider moving to a place with the proximity of a major airport to make it easier for you and your loved ones to pay a visit to each other at will.

On the other hand, if you have been taking away from friends and family by your job and you decide to retire near them, ensure you first explore and familiarize yourself with the place prior to final moving.

7. Facilities to Support your Desired Lifestyle or Recreational Activities

Retirement is expected to be as enjoyable as possible and this is one of the ways to sustain your old age. You must consider the availability of amenities to support recreational activities and other desired lifestyles when deciding your retirement destination.

From biking, hiking, music, sports, to hiking and golf, there a long list of activities to engage yourself and keep you happy throughout your retirement period.

8. Mover for your Retirement Move

After weighing all factors and having decided to move to a particular place, don’t forget to choose a reliable moving company to handle your move either local or long-distance move, less you decide to choose DIY move.

Ensure mover doesn’t thwart all your effort at the end of the day. Choose wisely. Read our post on “How to Choose a Reliable Mover”.

The following table displays the top factors to consider for a retirement destination:


Moving to a new location after retirement is an exciting moment and event. It is another phase of life entirely and usually requires planning and research to get what you want. Some factors must be put into consideration not regret your action later. These factors have been discussed extensively in this post. You can drop your comment for any clarification or question. Stay tuned for more informative posts from this page!

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