Extra Space Storage Review 2022: Services and Cost

Extra Space is the second largest self-storage company in the United States, having served many households and businesses through their various location and container sizes. There are many facility options in 38 states of the country. Just like other companies, there are differences between storage units available to you when you are looking for a space to store your possessions.

Extra Space Storage
Extra Space Storage Review 2022: Services and Cost

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This company is one of our highly-ranked self-storage companies that have been tested and trusted for delivering quality services. It stands tall among others for its storage sizes, discounts on truck rentals, as well as security features. How did Extra Space Storage start? Read on!

Extra Space Storage at a Glance

Extra Space Storage was founded in 1977 and situated in Utah. It is a self-started, managed real estate investment trust with the second widest network of self-storage centers in the country.

Extra Storage owns more than 1,500 storage centers in 38 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. as of 2017. The company offers business, individual, and vehicle storage solutions across many locations in the United States and thus claims it is the second-largest self-storage provider.

Due to the physical presence of the company’s centers across the country, customers find it easy to patronize any facilities closest to them for their preferred unit types, sizes, and features.

Extra Space Storage has many numbers of customer feedbacks with the Better Business Bureau, and they also score higher marks on Trustpilot based on the number of positive reviews it has.

This company is the right choice if you are looking for a storage facility that offers security as well as a unit that will contain all your items. Continue reading to find out about Extra Storage’s security, varieties of storage options as well as discounts on truck rentals.

What are the Services Offered by Extra Space Storage?

Extra Space Storage owns more than 1,500 storage centers in 38 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., with about 750,000 units and more than 80 million sq-ft of storage space for rent available for individual, business, or vehicle storage.

The company also offers indoor weather-controlled storage spaces as well as both open and covered outdoor parking spaces. There is no 24-hour access to the facilities. You can find a guide on storage unit size as well as moving supplies on the company’s website.

You can contact the company via online chat or by phone. Just like many of the national self-storage companies, this company also has some other features more than the average self-storage companies, and these include:

  • Discount on moving truck rentals
  • Protection of your items more than the average self-storage companies
  • Availability of many storage unit options.

Services available with Extra Space Storage are as summarized below:

  • Weather-controlled storage units
  • Covered, opened, and enclosed vehicle storage
  • Monthly treatment for pest and rodent
  • Easy access hours
  • Electronic gates accessible by code
  • Fenced and well-lit storage centers
  • Video surveillance
  • Individual door alarms
  • On-site property managers
  • Monthly contracts
  • Discounts on online rental
  • Online guides on storage size
  • Online booking
  • No deductible on self-storage insurance
  • Availability of Moving and packing supplies

Pro Tip

The storage features provided by this company is dependent on its locations. It is advisable to contact the storage facility closest to your location to make an inquiry on the specific storage feature of your choice.

Other Information on Extra Space Storage Security

Each facility has its security features. A storage center may have electronic gate access, video surveillance, as well as restricted access to the floor. The property manager and alarm systems might be added to these features at a downtown facility.

The majority of the facilities have at least a facility manager who is always available. You can pay a visit to the site to see how they will take care of your personal belongings. Once you have a unit of your choice, go with a sturdy disc lock to save some money.

How much does it Cost to use Extra Storage Space?

There are a few factors that determine the rate given by Extra Space Storage. These include:

  • Location: There is a price difference based on each facility location, just like any other storage. For example, a 10ft. x 10 ft. weather-controlled unit in Harlem costs $345 monthly while the same unit costs $103 in Salt Lake City.
  • Storage unit size and features: The size of your unit is one of the significant factors that determine your rental rate. You can expect to pay around $300 monthly for a 20 ft. x 25 ft. storage unit rental and a $25 monthly for a 5 ftx 5 ft. unit on the same facility. Your monthly rate can also be affected by first-floor access or weather control. A unit of any of the mentioned features will cost more regardless of its size.
  • Online discounts: Your monthly rent will also be affected when you book your storage unit online instead of a physical Extra Space Storage center. Online reservations of your unit can help you save up to 10%. Conclusively, the amount you spend renting an Extra Space Storage unit is based on a few factors, such as the size of the unit, the features you needed, and the location of the unit.

Below are the price ranges you should expect to pay:

Type of Unit Price per Month
Standard self-storage unit $25 to $350
(non-weather controlled)
Standard self-storage unit $20 to $500
Specialty vehicle storage $40 to $500

Extra Space Storage Protection

You are not online trying to create space for your rental storage unit in your garage; you also want to make sure the stored belongings are in perfect shape till you are ready to haul them to your home.

Extra Space Storage protects your items in two ways:

Protection of your belongings from damage:

The company takes some steps to ensure the safety of your belongings. There are many things that could damage your stored items, such as humidity, moisture, and so on. Fortunately, there are solutions in place by Extra Space Storage.

Items like clothing and furniture can be stored in a rental climate-controlled storage unit to avoid damage due to weather change.

Keep your belongings from pests and insects by storing them in an indoor storage unit instead of the outdoor unit.

The company also protects your belongings from pests by regularly treating units and facilities against rodents and bugs.

Extra Space Storage is one of the few in the industry that treats their sites for insects and rodents as they can cause great damage to your items if not properly taken care of.

Protection of your belongings from theft:

We really liked the impressions we received from Extra Space Storage of all the self-storage companies we researched because of its protection measures.

Below are how the company makes sure your stuff are safe while in storage:

  • Employs facility managers
  • Maintenance of Fenced and well-lit facilities
  • Use of electronic gates with coded access
  • Use of monitored video surveillance
  • Provision of door alarms for private storage units
  • Sales of top-quality disc locks

Although many of these security features are available with some self-storage companies, only a few of them can offer all the features.

Only one company in our network of best self-storage companies can offer all these features- you guessed right – it is indeed Extra Space Storage.

Understanding the Quote you received from Extra Space Storage 

Do you require a climate-controlled unit for your belongings? Are you creating space in your garage? Do you want an easily accessible unit for your stored items? Are special items like vehicles or wine among what you are storing? All the answers to these questions and more will determine the cost you will find on your quote by extra Space Storage.

You will spend additional money if you need packing supplies or didn’t come with your own lock. There are essential moving materials available at the on-site office, such as tape, wraps, and so on.

You definitely need insurance. You will have to purchase additional coverage if your self-storage provider doesn’t provide cover for storage units or you buy it through the storage center.

You can get between $2,000 and $10,000 worth of insurance coverage on your items available with Extra Space Storage partnering with the IAT policy. The coverage is at $11 to $47 monthly. Your unit determines your total costs.

Extra Space Storage Company Reputation

Extra Space Storage included $1.8 billion in new acquisitions to its stock in 2015. Its performance is above average, as shown in its Morningstar report on REIT-Industrial from 2014.

The company’s Trustpilot score is 9.5, while its BBB rating is A+. The rent increase is the reason behind the negative reviews about the company as well as other customer service issues.

The company has a 3/5 in general satisfaction, as shown in Consumer Affairs, which also shows average to poor satisfaction.

Consumers complained of frequent increases in rent with justifications at every location across the country. Unable to access the storage units during working hours is also mentioned by some consumers.

There will be differences in services as they have different managers controlling each facility. It is important to note that some locations offered satisfying services than others. In summary,

  • BBB Rating A+
  • Number of Positive Reviews on BBB 20
  • Number of Negative Reviews on BBB 53
  • Trustpilot Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Litigation & Regulatory Actions

Extra Space Storage lost a lawsuit to a customer in 2013 in the District of New Jersey. It thus was asked to pay a $5.08 million settlement for selling the customer’s stored belongings before the deadline day given to him to pay up his delinquent rent. This lawsuit is said to have involved about 155,000 customers of the company.

Pro Tip

Each facility of the company in different locations offers different features. Contact the nearest storage center to find out if they can meet your specific needs.

Discounted Moving Trucks Rentals by Extra Space Storage

If you are looking to hire a size bigger than the smallest storage unit (5 ft. x 5 ft.), then you must know something with enough space for cargo aside from the popular way of renting a storage unit.

Your best bet here is to rent a moving truck. Although this comes at an additional cost to what you’ve spent, the company can help you reduce the incurred expense.

The partnership between Extra Space and Budget Truck Rental allows you to save about 20% on your moving truck rental when you rent a unit.

We agreed to this as a discount because of the benefit it gives. Students, military members, and another set of groups are given discounts by Budget.

You can read our review on the Budget.

Pro Tip

You will have a sweeter experience when you rent a moving truck with Budget and still get a discount as it is one of the top moving truck rental companies in the industry.

Various Storage Sizes Available with Extra Space Storage

The major factor that determines what storage unit you choose is when you find a storage center with a perfect unit size for your belongings.

Extra Space Storage has its centers in 38 states in the country and offers different sizes of storage units from small to large.

Popular unit sizes from Extra Space Storage

Unit Size Equivalent Room Size
10 ft. x 30 ft. 7 average-sized rooms
10 ft. x 25 ft. 6 average-sized rooms
10 ft. x 20 ft. 5 average-sized rooms
10 ft. x 15 ft. 4 average-sized rooms
10 ft. x 10 ft. 3 average-sized rooms
5 ft. x 15 ft. 2 average-sized rooms
5 ft. x 10 ft. 1 average-sized room
5 ft. x 5 ft. Small room or large closet

You can also get different other unit sizes in each center, such as the ones for boats, cars, and TVs. The company will surely get you a perfect unit for any item you want to store at your budget.

Look out for unique storage sizes, and you might land yourself a great deal. Some unit sizes give you the same space you needed and at a lesser amount.

For example, we discovered that a 10 ft. x 14 ft. weather-controlled unit costs lesser monthly than the standard 10 ft. x 15 ft.

Additional Benefits of Extra Space Storage

Below are the special components that make the units from Extra Space Storage stand apart from other self-storage units:

Site security: Extra Space Storage doesn’t joke with the security of the customer’s belongings. All the gates at their locations require code before you can access it, and they also have an on-site manager to give customers peace of mind, knowing someone is keeping their items safe.

Other security features include but not limited to door alarms for each unit, as well as monitored video surveillance.

Maximum storage protection: You don’t need anything that will get you worried, especially in the environment where your possessions are stored. And with that, the company treats its facility for rodents, pests, and insects monthly.

They also don’t charge deductible on storage insurance, which implies that you can peacefully leave your belongings in their units.

Flexibility: You cannot say for sure how long your belongings will be kept in a self-storage unit, and that makes the monthly contracts at Extra Space Storage advantageous.

You can keep your belongings in their units for as long as you need without committing to any long term contract, and you can as well remove your items when you are ready without paying for opting out. Another advantage is the variety of unit sizes provided by Extra Space Storage.

Moving helpTo help their customers relocate even smoother, Extra Space has included some extra benefits for their customers moving.

Partnership with Budget truck rental, which enables customers to save about 20% from their moving truck rental as well as the on-site sale of moving and packing materials, are among the added benefits.

Vehicle storage: There are a variety of vehicle storage options with Extra Space Storage if you are looking to store your car. These include open parking, outdoor covered parking, and the enclosed drive-up storage options. Parking for RVs is also available with the company.

The Pros and Cons of Extra Space Storage

It is advisable to check the different centers in your area. Since there is a difference in the storage business, it is easier to get a good feel for your choices with an on-site tour.

Below are the pros and cons of using Extra Space Storage:  

The pros of renting Extra Space Storage’s unit 

  • Some of the security measures in place include on-site managers, floor-specific access, electronic gate access, and 24-hour video surveillance.
  • You can easily purchase a policy through Extra Space Storage if your insurance coverage is not enough for your belongings.
  • Weather control, customized units for storing special items, first-floor access, rolling stairs, and reduced lighting to enhance the preservation of any collection.  

The cons of renting Extra Space Storage’s unit 

  • An increment of the rental rate can be done at any time. The company does not offer any guarantee of your original monthly rate all through your rental duration. This has been one of the issues customers do raise against this company.
  • Some centers give certain hours. Access to your belongings would be denied, except it falls within the posted working hours on the site.
  • There is a difference in security measures in each location. You will be required to check for specific security features of your preferred location.
  • 15 days’ notice is required before you can move your belongings out of the unit.

Additional Information about Extra Space Storage

We believe you now have a good knowledge of the basics. Below are the other things you should know before we round up this review:

  • Bring your own lock: Most of the storage units from Extra Space Storage require customers to come with their own cylinder or disc lock. You can always buy on-site if you forget.
  • Use dollies: Make sure you ask the on-site manager if you can make use of their dollies. Ask if they don’t allow customers to drive up and if you are renting an indoor unit, can you use their pushcart without being charged? Though it is always available for everyone to use.
  • Insurance is not mandated but recommended: Your stored belongings will not be covered by your homeowner’s or renters’ insurance. This implies that you will need to purchase an additional policy for your stuff while in storage at Extra Space Storage. Consult Extra Space Storage’s representative if you need heads-up on where to start on the insurance policy offered by the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the items not permitted by Extra Space Storage?

Items like propane tanks, firearms, drugs, food, and faulty vehicles are to be kept elsewhere as they are not allowed. These items will render your insurance policy invalid and could lead to you being evicted.

Does Extra Space Storage offer vehicle storage?

Yes, but working vehicles. You can choose whether an indoor or outdoor storage for your vehicle or also a covered or opened space. You can stow away your campers, boats, cars, trailers, RVs, or motorcycles.

Is insurance required by Extra Space Storage?

Yes. Insurance is a requirement to rent from Extra Space Storage. You will be required to come along to their office with proof of insurance or buy one in their office.

What is the size of the unit I need from Extra Space Storage?

How much stuff are you planning to store? Think about your room and the number of cardboard boxes or bulky furniture you want to store away. Determine the perfect unit size for your belongings using the guide provided by Extra Space Storage.

Available Sizes Best for
5×5 Small Closet
5×10 Small Room
10×10 Large Room
10×15 3 Bedrooms
10×20 2-Bedroom House
10×25 3-Bedroom House

How much does it cost to rent extra space storage?

Prepare to pay about $40 or more. The quantity of the items you want to store will also determine the amount you will spend in total.

What is the highest duration of the lease I can sign with Extra Space Storage?

Leases run on a monthly basis. You can pay for up to a year lease if you are storing for a longer period.

Do I need to come with my personal security lock?

Yes, you will need a cylinder or heavy disc lock for your unit. The higher the quality of the lock, the safer your belongings would be.

Which is the right storage unit company for me?

Consider a unit that meets all of your needs and prioritize safety features, accessibility, and money-saving discounts or promos. You can as well check other cheapest storage units.

What are the essential things I need to present before I can be allowed to rent a storage unit?

A copy of your insurance policy will be needed if you are using your personal insurance. Also, come with your driver’s license or state ID and lock.

How do I make a reservation of Extra the Space Storage Unit?

You will need to visit the certain facility you are considering to determine if Extra Space Storage is the perfect fit for your needs. Visit their website and check for pricing and availability in your location. You can easily make a reservation from there. We advised that you research and compare at least 3 to 4 different self-storage companies before you decide on which to go with.

Items needed to rent storage Unit

You will need to show a means of identification from any of State ID, Passport, Driver’s license, or Military ID. You will also be required to sign a storage unit contract and follow all the rules highlighted in it.

How can I save space in a storage unit?

If you pack your items efficiently, you may not need more than a small-sized storage unit. This, in fact, is one of the best ways to save some money on storage unit rental. This means efficient packing is a key. Use these tips:

  • Stack your item: The ceilings of storage units are usually higher. Arrange your furniture properly to occupy the space up to the ceiling and make use of stackable bins for other items.
  • Disassemble large furniture: Remove the legs of your table and chair to stack and minimize space usage.
  • Fill up everywhere: Do not leave any space unused. Stack smaller items in dressers or wardrobes to minimize space usage.
  • Leave an aisle: You should leave space enough to access your belongings easily while stacking your items to avoid having to unload before you can access any item.

How is the Company Responding to COVID-19?

Extra Space Storage is still operating even though some locations are closed. The company makes sure it is up to date on COVID-19 and is putting precautionary measures in place. Similarly, the company is also not throwing auctions in this period and also encourages its centers to take it easy with custom fees.


In summary, we believe your best option is Extra Space Storage if you live closer to any of its centers. Even if there is another self-storage provider between you and the closest Extra Space facility, we believe it is worth driving to the facility instead.

If your top priority is safety, security, and affordability, then Extra Space Storage is your right stop.

This, in fact, is the reason we have it listed on our list of cheapest self-storage providers. However, there are other features at which this company is among the best aside security:

  • Protection of your stuff from pests, rodents, and theft
  • Availability of storage enough to meet your needs

Kindly share your experience with us if you have rented a self-storage unit from Extra Space Storage.

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