eShip Auto Transport Detailed Review 2022

Bottom line: eShip is a nice option for people looking to ship their vehicle anywhere in the country. It offers both open and enclosed car transport options, together with car tracking system.

Established by Craig Giganti in 2012 in Coconut Grove, Florida, eShip began as a licensed auto shipping broker with the USDOT (and MC Docket number). The company doesn’t own or run any shipping vehicles. Instead, eShip has access to several carefully-picked carriers.

eShip Auto Transport
eShip Auto Transport Detailed Review 2022

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Having this wide array of carriers at their disposal offers more transport options to customers at better prices with eShip service as your agent to take care of your file all through the whole process. eShip only makes use of shipping companies that are completely licensed and bonded and that have a track record of high-quality service delivery.

The average price of a new car in 2017 was $31,400 after dealer incentives, and the pricing continues to increase every quarter. eShip knows that your car is one of the valuable possessions you own and they put in their best to ensure that your vehicle gets the right handling during any shipping. They provide full-service shipping, which can include custom crating, packing, door delivery, loading offloading, as well as cleanup and trash removal.

If you think eShip car shipping is not the right car shipper for you, check our top car shipping companies.

Car Shipping Services offered by eShip

eShip offers car tracking, door-to-door service and there are no hidden fees. The company adds its Platinum Protection Plan with each contract at no extra charge. This protection offers about $300 in extra insurance to cover any small damage a carrier’s deductible would not cover or rental reimbursement of nearly $300 of your shipment is delayed and is delivered beyond 48hour after the expected day of your delivery.

eShip offers both open and enclosed vehicle shipping.

Open vs. Enclosed Car Shipping

Open Trailer Enclosed Trailer
1. Trailers were built to transport many vehicles. Transports 1-2 vehicles at a time. 1. Transports 1-2 vehicles at a time.
2. The most popular type of car transport. Need time to find an available truck. 2. Need time to find an available truck.
3. Cheaper cost of fuel and maintenance with an open trailer. The higher cost required to buy, lower fuel efficiency. 3. The higher cost required to buy, lower fuel efficiency.
4. Low damage rate – 5% per annum. Ideal for highly rare, precious, or costly vehicles. 4. Ideal for highly rare, precious, or costly vehicles.
5. Lowering depreciation by not adding hundreds or thousands of miles on the car in transit. Also reduces depreciation with fewer miles traveled. 5. Also reduces depreciation with fewer miles traveled.

Together with car shipping, eShip offers relocation services from any place across the nation. Their full-service relocation options include custom crating, packing, door delivery, loading, offloading, and debris removal. If you require any of these services for relocation, ask the company about them while you are obtaining a quote.


  • A positive review from customers on each review site and the Better Business Bureau
  • eShip also offers moving brokerage services and discounted package shipping with USPS, FedEx, and DHL
  • can transport to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Canada
  • Offers RV shipping


  • The quote form on the website needs your information but doesn’t issue an instant quote. Instead, a message that a shipping specialist will soon call you is what you will get.

eShip Auto Transport Pricing

The highly competitive pricing from eShip comes from the large volume of business they perform, and it is that volume that makes median car shipping with the company cost about $500 – $1,000. For a full and accurate price, you will need to get a quote from the company.

However, several factors affect the overall price of your shipment which, include location, vehicle type, mileage, and whether you go doe the open or enclosed transport option.

Depending on online customer reviews, customers pay about $1,000 to $1,200 for interstate moves with an upfront payment of $100 or $200. Most customer reviews that didn’t mention the cost of their car shipment mentioned that the company’s price was at or under other quotes they received.

Factors Affecting Vehicle Shipping Cost

Auto-shipping costs are based on many factors. Distance is a major player. Long-distance implies more fuel consumption, which will add to the cost. But if you are moving on less distant, it will reduce the charges per mile. Moreover, if the vehicle is large, it will consume more space. So, the cost will go up. Aside from this, a functioning car doesn’t need much labor cost. Another important factor is the time of the year. Charges during the summer season (June through August) are on the high side.

eShip Complaints

eShip is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau based on 25 positive reviews with just one neutral, 3 negative, and 2 complaints. The Better Business Bureau accredited business also has more than 1,000 positive reviews on consumer websites like Consumer Affairs and Yelp. Their old customers often use words like ‘great car-shipping experience’, ‘helpful and professional’ and ‘excellent customer service’ and many have hired the company several times.

The few negative customer reviews were about the company giving a quote and arranging a date for the consumer’s car to be picked up but they never assign a pickup window. eShip however addressed all the customer complaints.

Things to Expect When Shipping Your Car With eShip

eShip transport has been a dependable car shipper. We have been in the industry for over 10 years and have gathered the relevant tool and expertise to make sure the shipping of your car is safe.

Below are the things to expect while transporting your vehicle with eShip:

  • No advance and hidden charge
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Door to door service
  • Insurance coverage for any damage
  • A specially assigned customer relationship agent
  • Enclosed and expedited transport on request
  • Reimbursement of $300 when there is a delay of over 48 hours

How does eShip make Vehicle Transport Convenient for Customers?

eShip makes car transport so simple. You get a free shipping quote by checking the company website. You can make a price comparison with other service providers and find out the benefits you will get from them. Then, you continue to schedule your vehicle shipping. Immediately you do that, they are responsible for making sure your car shipping is safely done.

Their driver notes down the condition of the vehicle and picks it. He will reach out to you and deliver the vehicle after checking the condition and taking payment on getting to the destination.

Our Thoughts About eShip Auto Transport

If you are getting ready for a long-distance move, eShip can link you up with a leading moving company with relevant experience and a proven history that can offer the ideal service you need for a reasonable price. The company’s mission is to “hook up their customers with the top-rated carriers for auto shipping and moving” and if you read reviews on any website, you will find out they live up to that mission perfectly well.

Frequently Asked Questions About eShip Auto Transport

What are the factors that affect vehicle transport pricing?

Six major things will affect the cost of transporting your car: distance traveled and location, type of vehicle, open or enclosed shipping, the condition of the vehicle, current fuel pricing, and time of year.

Is the deposit or upfront required by eShip?

eShip doesn’t ask for a deposit unlike most of its competitors. Their service fee is completely refundable up to the time they get a driver. At that stage, the service fee is no more refundable.

Should I make use of enclosed or open shipping?

Open auto shipping carriers are taken as the standard in the transport industry, but may not be your best solution if your vehicle is not common, antique, or a costly luxury car. An average of 95% of all cars are delivered without damage after an open transport, but the best option for your expensive cars is the enclosed shipping to save them from dust, weather, and debris. Your eShip agent can provide answers to any questions about open and enclosed vehicle shipping.

How should I get my car ready for shipment?

Clean your car and remove any item of value. You won’t need beyond a quarter tank of fuel. Read more on getting your car ready on our vehicle transport guide.

Can I load suitcases or moving boxes in my car?

No. Although it will be easy to be able to load your suitcases and moving boxes in your transported car, it is prohibited by law to store personal belongings in your car. Insurance protects just the car not damaged personal belongings.

What does door-to-door service mean?

Door-to-door service means that your vehicle will be picked up from where you currently are and deliver to an address you specify and not terminals. However, most of the car carriers make use of large trailers, and that can make it hard to access residential locations. These trailers often pass the weight limitations for residential streets or the street doesn’t offer much space to make the large trailer turn as it can be as long as 75 feet.

Low hanging branches, as well as power lines on residential streets, can lead to damage to vehicles on the shipment. If this is the situation with your pickup or delivery location, you will meet the transport truck at a local shopping center, big-box store, or other easy location.

How much time will it take to ship my car?

The average shipping time from pick up to delivery on any car traveling from one coast to another will fall between 7 and 10 days. From any coats to the Midwest takes an average of 3 to 7 days.

Are my dates certain or estimated?

With eShip, all dates provided are estimates unless there are certain arrangements made with the dispatch and driver. eShip requires that you provide them the earliest possible date you would be ready to release your car so that they can begin to work on your order. Immediately you place your order, you and your carrier will speak directly. The customer service or driver of the carrier will normally call you within a timeframe to expect the transport truck the day before your pickup and delivery.

Will my car be driven when I release it to the carrier?

The auto shipping driver will drive you far on and off the vehicle shipping. There may be a need for the driver to unload and reload your car during shipping to maximize space on the trailer but will reduce this to the barest. No one drives your car unless, and you can check readings on your odometer at pickup and delivery. Differences should be noted on the final bill of lading and signed appropriately by you and the driver.

What action do I take if my car is damaged?

It is important to write out any damage to your vehicle on your final bill of lading report when you get the vehicle delivered. The driver fills this paperwork at pick up when old damage is noted. Failure to note the new damage on the final bill of lading could render your right to a claim useless because the document releases the carrier of every liability immediately you sign it. Make sure you obtain a copy of the bill of lading and, if possible, grab your camera and take photos of the damage before you sign.

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