How To Determine The Size of Moving Trailer For Your Move?

Choosing the right size of a moving trailer or truck is essential for a stress-free move. From open utility trailers to enclosed cargo trailers, this guide provides details on how to select the right trailer to move you, your family, and your belongings to your new homes so your move is completed without a hitch.

How To Determine The Size of Moving Trailer For Your Move?

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Renting a moving trailer or a moving truck is the most essential DIY way of moving within a budget. If you are convinced with your driving skills and can manage huge weight, then renting a moving trailer from the top 3 moving trailer rental companies will likely be an affordable and easy way of moving your belongings.

However, the process of getting the right size of truck could be tricky for some people.

And that is where we want to assist you. With a fast knowledge of the types of trailers and their capacity as well as utility, our write-up here will assist you to understand the right size of moving trailers you would need for your relocation. Let’s head straight to what you need.

How to pick the Right Trailer for your Relocation

Below are what you are to put into consideration to choose the right size for your move:

1. Weight of the Items

Before you select a trailer, you will need to determine the highest weight of shipment and passengers you can transport safely in your SUV, car, or truck. The gross vehicle weight rating of your vehicle (GVWR) is the overall combined weight limit, including fuel, cargo, all passengers, and fluids. When want to pick a trailer, you also have to consider the tongue weight (the number of forces placed by a tow hitch on your trailer).

The tongue weight is a factor as part of your shipment, which means that you won’t be able to load the complete weight capacity of your car with your goods. If you know the weight of all the goods you are moving, you can determine the right size of trailer you need to transport everything else with this information and beyond that weight limit.

2. Things you need to move

Not all trailers will have the right equipment to take care of various goods that you may want to transport. For example, if you are transporting fragile goods or antique objects, you may not want to move them inside a utility trailer because they are open carriers, which implies that all your belongings could be easily exposed to the element (weather and terrain). So, the items you are moving may determine the exact trailer you would need.

3. Size of your Inventory

Together with the type, your inventory’s size is one other factor that must be considered while choosing your perfect trailer. That is because each trailer is specially built to accommodate a certain amount of weight, and if you have more items to transport or need to carry lots of heavy furniture pieces, you may have to select the right trailer size.

4. Holding Capacity of your Vehicle

The vehicle that you planned to hitch your trailer to would be a major factor in determining the type and size of trailer that you could select. For this particular case, you importantly need to know the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of your vehicle (GVWR), and the Tongue Weight of your trailer. Companies like U-Haul have certain vehicle requirements for renting a moving trailer. You would be able to better determine the perfect trailer size that you need after you have checked the holding capacity of your vehicle to which the trailer shall be hitched to.

5. Distance of your Move

If you are moving within a local distance inside a town, you can make some trips between the locations, with your trailer. In a case like that, you may even pick a moving trailer that best matches your budget. For example, a cargo trailer may not be big enough for your apartment relocation, while a utility trailer, as big as it is, may not be perfect for you since it is not an enclosed trailer. So, we recommend that you also take the option of renting a moving truck into consideration, if you are transporting your belongings for a long-distance.

What is the Size of Train Do You Really Need for Moving?

The best size of trailer for your move is based on how much as well as the kind of belongings you are transporting. Moving trailers are available in different sizes, from a small, 4 by 8 cargo trailers (ideal for a few boxes) to a 6 by 12 utility trailer (perfect for lawn equipment or ATV).

Compare Sizes of Cargo Trailer

Cargo trailer size Weight limit (lbs.) Home size What it fits
4 ft. by 8 ft. 1,600 1 bedroom or dorm room Small personal belongings, boxes
5 ft. by 8 ft. 1,800 Studio apartment Twin beds, loveseats, small tables
5 ft. by 10 ft. 1,550 One to a two-bedroom apartment Dining room furniture, Queen-sized beds, couches,
6 ft. by 12 ft. 2,500 One to a two-bedroom home Queen-sized beds, L-shaped couches, pianos

Compare Sizes of Utility Trailer

Utility trailer size Weight limit (lbs.) Home size What it fits
4 ft. by 7 ft. 1,770 1 room Lawnmowers, tools
5 ft. by 8 ft 1,890 1 room Twin beds, bulky furniture
5 ft. by 9 ft. with ramp 1,650 One to two rooms Queen-sized beds, large tools, bulky furniture
6 ft. by 12 ft.& 6 ft. by 12 ft. with ramp 2,670/2,110 Many rooms Queen-sized beds, golf carts, ATVs

What is the Type of Moving Trailer You Need?

Open utility trailers are not good for transporting that Grand Piano that you spent a fortune to get. They’re specially made for quick, local moves or belongings you don’t mind exposing to weather and other elements. Consider tools, frills, and patio furniture – not heirloom furniture and Restoration Hardware dining room table.

Moving Trailer Type Cargo Utility Auto
Trip distance Long Short Any
Open or enclosed Enclosed, lockable Open, not lockable Open
What it’s best for Household goods Bulky furniture, rugged items lawn equipment Vehicles

Pro Tip

For households with many furniture and 2-4 bedrooms, you will need a complete moving truck. Look for a moving truck that satisfies your needs on our best moving truck rental companies list.

What is the Size of the Trailer That Is Ideal for Transporting a Vehicle?

Instead of paying an auto shipper to transport your car or motorcycle to your destination home, why not do the hauling yourself? To rent a vehicle carrier from Penske and Budget you need to rent one of the companies’ moving trucks to two that car carrier.

  • Tow Dolly: Tow dollies are great for front-wheel-drive vehicles and can be pulled at the back of your car or a moving truck. Understand that two of your wheels will be on the ground, which may not be ideal for long-distance moves.
  • Car carrier: These are more preferred to two dollies for the long-distance haul, but they do cost a lot more. Most car carriers have automatic brakes, security chains, and tilt-out fenders should you need to access your vehicle while it is on the trailer, a loading ramp, and ratchet-operated tire straps. Also remember that with a maximum towing capacity of 5,290 pounds, you may not be able to transport your pickup.
  • Motorcycle trailer: Tow a motorcycle to a near or far distance with this trailer. It comes fully equipped with a built-in chock and a loading ramp to help keep your bike’s front wheel in position, and tie-down rings to hold heavy motorcycles in place.
  • Utility trailer with ramp: For multiple motorcycles, oddly-sized vehicles, ATVs, or golf carts, a 5ft. by 9ft. utility trailer comes with an EZ-load ramp and can be towed right at the back of a personal car or truck. It also comes with tie-down rings as well as an integrated motorcycle chock support to keep and protect your bikes in position.
  • Boat trailer: There’s possibly no boat trailer for rent at any big moving trailer rental company, but you can rent a pickup moving truck from Enterprise or U-Haul that can tow your boat on its trailer.

FAQ about Moving Trailer Size

What are the different sizes of utility trailers?

The variety of sizes for a utility trailer starts from 10ft. to 24ft. long with an 82-inch wide deck. You can select single, or tandem axle styles and with capacity starting from around 3500 pounds through 5200 lbs., and up to 7500lbs.

What are the different sixes of flatbed trailers?

Flatbed trailers start from 48ft – 53ft long featuring 8.5ft. width and height, respectively.

Where do you find a hitch for your car?

Your car dealer can install a hitch on your car, but you may get a better deal at U-Haul (our best pick for professional ha itch setup).

What is the other name for box trailers?

Box trailers are famously known as enclosed trucks or dry vans. They are available in different sizes to match the needs of transporting almost any item, from building materials and farm tools to band equipment.

What trailer is the most versatile?

Flatbeds are some of the most versatile trailers on the market. They are in different sizes, starting from just above 1000 pounds to 30,000 pounds.


Moving trailers don’t have some big size as moving trucks but some of them are also as big that they can transport your goods. Now that you have a whole idea about the various sizes of trailers and their utility, you can conveniently choose if a moving trailer would be a perfect choice for you, or you would rather go with a moving truck to transport all your goods at once.

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