Off-Campus Apartment Essentials For Your Move

Dorm life can be interesting and at the same time be pretty limiting. Though you would enjoy the companies of friends and classmates, the ugly side of it can be challenging; no bathroom of your own (as you have to share a bathroom with tens of tens of students), you don’t have a kitchen of your own, no furniture of your own, just to mention but a few.

Moving to an apartment of your own, off-campus means more freedom, but can be extremely nerve wrecking and challenging. Many things are involved in setting up an apartment of your taste.

There are some college apartment essentials you need to budget for when you are planning your move. Unlike dorm life, you would be handling your cooking yourself; hence, you need kitchen equipment of your own.

Organizing your college apartment can consume much more, especially if you are moving to your first ever personal apartment.

This post will discuss those vital college apartment essentials to make your living an enjoyable one. Let’s proceed to the main business.

Off-Campus Apartment Essentials For Your Move

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College Essentials for your Apartment

Are you looking for tips to create a sensational space of your own? Do you want customized wallpaper for your room, picture frame of your friends and family, and other essential items to make your study easier? Below is a list of college essentials for an off-campus apartment:

1. Bed and Bedding

Bed and bedding are parts of the college essentials you must take along with you when you are moving off-campus.

It is your home, and you are expected to sleep comfortably on and under your bed and bedding respectively. The bed should be one of the essential items in your room.

Take along with you two sets of blankets, bedsheets, pillows, and a duvet or comforter for sound sleep. If you like, you can harmonize the color to suit your style.

2. Kitchen Gear

As a college student, you don’t need to have everything in your kitchen, but there are some essential ones you can’t do without.

You are just starting the home; hence, add the needful to keep you going and gradually improving it as time goes on.

To cook simple meals and occasionally have a tasty pizza, ensure you have the following based on your budget.

They include pot or saucepan, a mixing bowl, a wooden spoon, fry pan, dish sponges and soap, dish towels, potholders, cutlery and cutlery tray, microwave, blender, toaster, and other essential kitchen tools.

3. Dishes

In addition to your kitchen gear, invest in reusable dishes to show off your independence and maturity.

At least, have one bowl, one glass, one plate, a set of utensils for everyone in the apartment and as well as any guest that may visit you.

4. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies should always be part of your college apartment must-haves. Cleanliness will be needed in every corner of your apartment.

You can’t do without cleaning supplies for the bathroom, kitchen, living room, laundry and other parts of the house. Shop for a vacuum to clean floor, dish soap, tile and toilet bowl cleaner, window spray for glass and mirror, mop, garbage can, vinegar, sponges, baking soda, dryer sheets and detergent for laundry and other essential cleaning supplies.

5. Study Chair and Table

Your main business as a college student is to study, and this can’t be possible without having a dedicated study zone with chair and table.

Some students make use of their dining set for this purpose, especially for a group study and discussion.

Only a little you can do on your bed or couch, having a designated place with table and chair keep you in study mood.

6. Bathroom Supplies

Everyone needs both cold and hot bath as applicable to keep the body refreshed in the morning and after a long hectic study day.

There are some essential supplies for a college apartment to compliment your dorm life off-campus. To ensure your bathroom floor is always prevented from getting soaked, you would need a bath mat.

A shower curtain can as well provide the privacy you may need if you are not alone in the room.

Items such as bath and hand towel, toothbrush holder, shower caddy, trash bin, toiletries, toilet brush, toilet paper, washcloths, and much more are some of the essentials in your bathroom.

7. Furniture

Furniture can be a huge investment, but they have been found to add value to your apartment as a college student.

When you are moving to an off-campus apartment, a budget for the essential ones at a start and gradually adding them one after the other.

You would need a furniture in the living room, dining room, bedroom and sometime in the kitchen.

Some of the essential pieces of furniture in the college apartment are bed, couch, dining table and chair, dresser, etc.

8. Pictures and other Decorations to make it your own

To make the apartment your own, try to add some pictures and décor. You can hang your personal pictures and as well as that of your friends to rooms and living room walls.

Fill all the space on the wall with wallpapers and decorations to bring out the beauty of the place. Don’t forget to light up the apartment to your taste.

Other tips worthy of considering before moving to your off-campus college apartment are as follow:

  • Document the state of the apartment, keep a copy and send a copy to the landlord
  • Fumigate both inside and outside the apartment
  • Replace the current locks
  • Clean and decontaminate the fridge
  • Measure each room to know where each of your belongings can fit in.
  • Arrange utilities in advance
  • Go to the USPS platform and change your address
  • Familiarize yourself with the environment and neighborhoods


Congratulation! You are on your way to freedom; having got those college apartment essentials for your move. The above list was created from the experiences of our teams who have tasted both dorm life and off-campus freedom. It may seem much, but they are essentials to make your living worthwhile.

However, if you are moving with a roommate or friend, show the college apartment essentials to them so that you can share the burdens together. Happy moving!

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