Cheapest Ways to Insulate Your Apartment Windows

Winter is around the corner and the time is coming when you need to patronize hot cocoa daily, get the matched bunny slippers, and perfect your window insulation work.

No one needs to tell you that the breezy apartment you moved into during summer will expose you to a drafty experience when winter finally arrives. There are many ways to prepare for the winter season, and one of these ways is to insulate your apartment windows. You have to be proactive in doing so before winter suddenly catches you unaware.

Winter is characterized by icy rooms, draughts, and high heating bills. Window insulation is a way of sealing out the cold air and prevents it from having access into the inside of the home so that you can play around your apartment freely without the need to be hiding under your blankets or wearing multiple sweaters at a go.

Window insulation is seen as one of the economical ways to arrest winter season by keeping the home warming and at the same time saving some cash on your heating bills. If you are just moved into your apartment, and the windows are not insulated or not properly insulated, it is high time you took a step and perfected your way to the winter season.

It may be difficult to convince your landlord to replace the entire windows; hence, insulating them is a good option to enjoy your winter. We have researched 5 cheapest ways to insulate your apartment window for winter and after you had finished reading this post you would be glad you stumbled to this page.

If you are looking for a way to control cold in your home and as well as reducing your heating charge without embarking on a big investment, herewith are 5 cheapest ways to insulate your apartment windows and keep your home warm in the winter:

Cheapest Ways to Insulate Your Apartment Windows

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1. Cover Window with Window Film

Window film can be described as a protective layer used to cover your window glass to insulate your window against cold air. It serves as an insulating barrier between your windows and the interior part of your home.

Window film strengthens the insulation properties of the windows; thereby keeping the cold air outside and maintain the warm air inside the apartment.

It is very easy to apply and does not take time, even if you want to install it yourself or seek the help of a professional window film installer.

The window film kits usually include everything you need to apply it and come with instructions.

You can get it online or in the stores that are selling related materials.

2. Install Removable Magnetic Insulation

Another effective window insulation technique against winter is an installation of removable magnetic on your windows especially if you love to be opening your windows in the winter to receive fresh air once in a while.

The magnetic tape offers a removable solution to your window by replacing insulation tape, thereby holding the vinyl firmly to the magnetic paint.

To install it, apply some coats of magnetic paint to your window frame and trim, properly measured, and cut to the size of the window.

The next step is to fix the magnetic tape to the vinyl and you get your insulated.

3. Use Bubble Wrap to cover your Window

You can also insulate your window for winter by covering your window with bubble wrap. Yes, bubble wrap can help you keep the cold out and make inside warm.

Bubble wrap is available online and in most of the stores. You can shop for enough ones based on the number of windows in your apartment.

Install bubble wrap on your window by first spraying a mist of water over the inner part of the window, then hold the side of the bubble wrap to the wet window, and firmly seal the edge with tape.

Unlike magnetic insulation, based on the tape you use, it may lift paint during removal.

4. Seal Cracks with Rope Caulk

If the above three ways of insulating the window are not suitable for you, rope caulk is another option to consider. Rope caulk can be likened to Silly Putty rolled out to form a long rope to cover spaces on your windows.

These chunks of rope are separated and used to insulate any large gaps or spaces around the window to prevent cold air from getting access into the apartment.

If your apartment is situated on ground-floor, you can do the same at the exterior part of the window for more effectiveness.

However, remember that this can only insulate the edge of the window and cannot prevent cold through the glass. You need to insulate the glass as well for complete window insulation.

5. Apply Thermal Curtains on your Windows

The application of thermal contains on your window is another efficient and cheapest way to insulate your window and keep cold air out.

This is an addition of special lining on your window designed to prevent cold air from entering the home and help keeps warm air inside. This lining can as well block light rays and noise.

Ensure that the lining completely covered your window for effective window insulation for winter.

Final Words

These five ways were selected after testing their effectiveness in insulating apartment windows for winter. Information is power – now that you have the knowledge of window insulation at your fingertips, explore as many methods as possible.

Remember you do not only keep the cold air out but also saving cost on your heating bill. If you have already moved into an apartment before you discover that there are chances that cold may affect you during summer, the above ways are cheap and easy to apply to enjoy winter.

There are numerous options to apply for your window insulation based on your goal. If you are more concerned about your apartment design, you can consider methods such as thermal curtains, and cellular shades, or draft snakes.

But if you are looking for a way to reduce your electricity bill, some techniques such as magnetic insulation, bubble wrap, window film, or sealant are worthy of exploring. Stay tuned for more informative posts on this page!

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