Best Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Everyone loves traveling and sometimes what hinders us is the thought of the heavy expenses we are going to make during this exercise. Traveling itself is expensive, plus the right place to stay, etc so how can you travel without spending much money?

Best Ways to Save Money While Traveling

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1. When traveling, look into free activities

You traveled to a new place, and you’re bored. You want to have fun, but you can’t bear the thought of spending any more money than you already have. This is common with travelers on a budget.

Here’s what to do. You can look around the premises, or even ask a local for free activities you could try around the area. You can also request the community calendar which shows you just what should be occurring at a particular time.

You can also move around town in a little form of sightseeing. And branch into museums as They have pocket-friendly days at least once in a week.

2. Book a hostel instead of a hotel

The reason this is advisable is, hostels are a lot cheaper and might give you just as great service as a hotel would without the luxurious spending. Hostels also offer you rooms with refrigerators and a microwave.

They also provide you with a kitchen facility where you can cook anything you want. And this is a lot cheaper than spending all your eating hours in a restaurant. Most people do not exactly fancy the idea of cooking especially while on vacation, but it can help you save quite a lot of money.

Besides, staying in some hostels have the benefits of free breakfast. This also could cut down your cost output.

Another good reason for picking room with a microwave and refrigerator is, you do not have to throw away food you can’t finish, as you can put them in the fridge and microwave it when you’re ready to eat.

3. Be farmers market-friendly

One of the benefits of shopping at a farmers market is, you get really fresh fruits and at lower prices. Well, lower prices at the end of the day but that still counts.

Instead of going to a supermarket to get foodstuff, you would most likely see it in a better condition at a farmers market, why not opt for that instead?. Coupled with this, if you really want to try the cuisines, there are local stores that offer great services without ridiculous prices.

You can also buy a few things and cook them when you get to the hostel in your kitchen.

4. Research on where you intend to stay

Before you choose or as much as a book a hostel of your choice, you should be able to know of the nearest bus station or train stations around. You should also know if it has your places of interest around as this can save you on a lot of transportation cost.

The best idea is looking for a place in the center of the community, making it easier to go about without thinking much on Wasting all your money on transportation.

5. Carry your children’s need around

Traveling alone is one thing, traveling with your kids is a whole other. When going about exploring or sightseeing, kids would be very interested in getting something to eat. They always are. So you are to carry snacks around or water from the hostel or place you are currently staying it.

This could be cheaper than just buying food and water at any vendor as it could be more expensive. So before you head out for that adventurous outing or just a regular outing, be sure to throw in some of your kid’s favorite snacks and water in a bag.

6. Build up points for rewards

When traveling, especially to a particular area, try to stay in the same hotel or hostel as you did before, this can build your points as well as flying the same airline. Gift cards or a free night stay can be rewarded to you, and that saves you quite a sum. Your Gift Card helps you minus a night and some other free benefits from your expenses.

7. City tourism cards

Getting a city tourism card can help you explore more of it without quite spending as much money as intended. These cards can help you with free entries in a lot of places such as restaurants and shops and even give you free transportation and a free guidebook.

All this depends on your type of city tourism card, and you can always do more research to find the one available in your city of interest.

8. Room choice

Paying for a really big room might not be worth it in the end. You’re going to be exploring as much as walking around the community to notice all the shenanigans expensive rooms posses.

You do not have to get the best room to get the best experience. Getting a hotel or hostel with a pool and space basically cancels the idea of getting a room with all This as it creates more expenses.

Also, when booking a hotel, it’s is advisable you call in directly first and inquire about their cheap rooms, you’re to be sure to get a good discount waiting for you.

9. Flying options

When flying, try booking relatively low price seats as well as areas. It’s advisable you fly economy class instead of business and first-class as this would be you spending more money than you actually need to.

Find out cheaper dates for certain flights and see if you could take off on that particular date. If you’re searching for cheaper prices, you can go to the airline’s website; this should be done as a last resort.

This is because some airlines give cheaper tickets when you book online than directly. Also, if you’re a student, you can use your age to get a discount.

You should also try flying at odd and unpopular hours as this increases your chance of getting a discount. For example, getting an early morning flight can reduce your cost and give you a discount.

Also remember to avoid flying during holiday periods and flying midweek might just be another cheap option for you.

10. Stay around a town and not a busy city

Staying in a place like a city could be more expensive to handle. You end up making more expenses than required. Cities also have bigger tourist attractions than other places, making the cost of accommodation higher.

There could be more beautiful undiscovered or under-appreciated places in your place of stay, but if you still insist on going to the city, then you can go to the particular tourist attraction and head back to your hotel.

11. When traveling with more people, rent

If you’re traveling with friends or kids, you would be required to get more room and you might want to opt for renting 2-3 rooms in a hotel. Here’s the thing. Don’t!. There are places you could rent at a whole cheaper rate for the duration of your visit.

Rent an apartment instead of having to get two rooms as this is a whole lot cheaper and you get to save more money for other activities.

12. Go at a less ceremonious period

Going on vacation in a place where a huge ceremony is taking place such as “essence fest” for example, increases the cost of living and Accommodation. This takes quite a great deal of money, and you would have most of that money saved if you considered going on an offseason.

When nothing big is going on. It’s just you and your places of interest. You also get to find cheaper accommodation as well as plane tickets. Plus you don’t get to be inconvenienced by the sea of people, and you can actually get to enjoy your vacation with a little more solitude.

13. Have more lunch

When you wake up, you can have a light breakfast which can be either free or prepared in your kitchen. You can then head out to restaurants with lunch specials and eat to your heart’s content.

You don’t just get to eat lots of good food; it’s not as expensive too. And when you’re done, you can always buy yourself some takeout and have a splendid dinner in your room later.

14. Avoid Tourist Destinations

Everything is more expensive where tourists are. Besides, it’s an avenue to make more revenue. Avoid these places. Do not eat anywhere close to a tourist destination or buy anything close by either. Find a restaurant that is just as good for you and can be found a few blocks from a tourist attraction and destination.

15. Use free days To a max

Going to tourist locations such as museums and other sites on their discount days is a really good idea. You can find out just a museum or tourist site is giving a discount by checking out their website. That way, you get to have a lot of fun as well as saving a deal of money.

16. Communicate with the Locals

Locals help you know the cheapest things around. Good places for sightseeing and so forth. This indeed is a good way of traveling. You can also create a bond with them as this makes them trust you and would do anything to help you.

Asking for directions or discounts from strangers wouldn’t be On your agenda anymore as these locals would gladly locate you to the cheapest but best restaurants or places of interest around.

17. Don’t be in a rush to explore

Not only does this take out the fun in exploring, but you also spend a lot of money when you decide to travel to a number of places in a lesser Period of time. This has a heavy hit on your savings, and at the end of the day, you may not have any at all.

When traveling, absorb the moment, feel the excitement and save up for another while going back to your job to help you fill in the amount of money you’ve already spent. This enables you to enjoy each holiday and adventure better.

18. Use the power of social media

Hotels, hostels, and so many places have turned to social media for awareness. You can use this to your advantage. From time to time, they could hold a giveaway for a free room, free breakfast, or even a completely free stay for a period of time.

You can participate in these giveaways and try winning yourself a price. You also know when they introduce a great deal that you can be part of too.

19. Stay over Sunday

Some hotels Have slots for Saturday’s as business travelers, and leisure travelers have the rest of the week. Booking a room on this day could give you a chance to get a discount.

20. Create a budget

Although listed last, this should be the very first thing of planning a holiday, for yourself or your family. Not only do you make a well-planned budget, remember to stick to it no matter what and don’t bend for any reason.

The only reason you can tweak it a bit is if it is a health-related problem. Then, by all means, you can add that to your list as “emergency cases.”


Remember you’re not in a war zone or a famine watch but rather a holiday you should enjoy either by yourself, with friends and family. Treat yourself once in a while. Have a meal at a fancy restaurant as you don’t get to do this every day. Let yourself loosen up and have fun. Enjoy both the day and nightlife of your choice of destination. These tips are to help you save money, not cut down all expenses, So when you go back to your everyday life, you’ll be glad you did it and would want to do it all over again.

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