Top 3 One Way Truck Rental Companies in The US

Hiring the best one-way truck rental is the best idea for your long-distance move. While there are many lists of popularly known 1-way truck rental companies online, the list of the best one-way truck rentals handpicked by Moving Feedback is all you need.

The list contains those companies that only offer one-way moving truck rental services.

Top 3 One Way Truck Rental Companies in The US

In this article

We consider the companies that offer the lowest rates, most availability, and most high-rate reviews on BBB and other review websites as our favorite truck rental companies for one-way moves. Costs such as insurance, fuel, and moving supplies vary depending on the type of move and customer specifications.





Move cost (less than 500 miles)

$91 (cheapest)

$145 (priciest)


Move cost (above 500 miles)

$927 (cheapest)

$1,424 (priciest)


Truck sizes

5 sizes

3 sizes

4 sizes


50 states

48 states

49 states

Sample quoted prices

$1,500 to $3,000

$1,500 to $3,000

$2,000 to $3,300

Guaranteed pickup




Ideal for

Flexible moves, lower costs, and wide availability

Discounts and long-distance moves

Reliable moving trucks, certain reservations, and detailed quotes

Note: moving costs are directly determined from company quotes and include a moving dolly and full coverage.

The guarantee given on 1-way moving makes it memorable and for positive parts. Load up your 1-way moving truck rental and be ready for an adventure. Since there is no rule that your move must be a straight drive till completion, take this time to have a great adventure.

Whether you are moving to a nearby location or to another state, you can get convenient 1-way moving truck rentals from moving companies.

With this type of service, you can pack up your household items and drive the moving truck to your destination home without the need to drive it back to where you picked it. The company and the agreement will determine rates, features, as well as the services included.

In this write-up, we will share some information about how you can find the company that perfectly suits your needs. We will discuss rental options, specifications of cargo vans, how to make reservations, and other useful tips.

What is 1-Way Moving?

When you are getting ready to move to another home, you might have assumed that your movers will consider your move to involve 1-way since your household possessions are just going on a 1-way trip. However, “one-way” only means that the locations and equipment you use to move your shipment, not only the direction of your move.

In order for you to get the best rates and more understanding of how your move is being classed by your moving company, know the pros and cons of a one-way move:


It is reasonably direct since it is the most popular of moving truck rentals, and is generally priced as shown above. You move on your own time arrangement.


The whole process is DIY. You pack all of your items in boxes, move them to the moving truck, and start driving to your new home. You are also responsible for fuel, and insurance is required as the driver. We suggest you consider the other options discussed later in this post if you cannot proceed on your own.

Best One-Way Truck Rental Companies

There are many 1-way truck rental companies to choose from for your move. When you are moving to another state or another part of the country, below are the three tested-and-trusted moving truck companies that offer 1-way moving truck rentals to suit your needs.

1. U-Haul


Truck sizes from U-Haul are the widest, so you can haul all your items from a studio apartment to a 3-bedroom home on a 1-way trip. You can even use a tow dolly or an auto transport to tow your vehicle.

U-Haul is one of the leaders and most popular truck rental companies in the U.S. They offer several moving truck rental options to customers and the option for a cargo van rental.

In addition, the company has thousands of rental locations across the country, making it simple for customers to get a rental vehicle for a 1-way trip.

Why Moving Feedback recommend U-Haul

Reason #1: U-Haul offers truck sizes that match every move and budget

Moving truck rental options offered by U-Haul include:   

  • 10-ft truck: Maximum load weight is 2,810 lbs and enough space to hold furniture from a studio or 1-bedroom apartment.
  • 15-ft truck: Maximum load weight is 6,385 lbs and enough space to hold furniture from a 1-2-bedroom apartment.
  • 17-ft truck: Maximum load weight is 5,930 lbs and enough space to hold furniture from a 2-bedroom apartment.
  • 20-ft truck: Maximum load weight is 5,605 lbs and enough space to hold furniture from the 2-3-bedroom apartments.

U-Haul offers a 9-ft cargo van that has the following features for rent:

  • Dimensions: 9’6” by 5’7” by 4’7” for length, width, and height respectively.
  • Highest shipment capacity: 4,000 pounds and 245 cubic-ft. of space.
  • Auto-transmission and seating for two persons (adults)
  • Cargo vans can hold furniture for a studio or small 1-bedroom apartment

Truck options and cost

Truck Size



Quoted Price


9’11” by 6’4″ by 6’2″

402 cubic-ft.



15′ by 7’8″ by 7’2″

764 cubic-ft.



19’6″ by 7’8″ by 7’2″

1,016 cubic-ft.



26’5″ by 8’2″ by 8’3″

1,682 cubic-ft.


Parameter: A move to Orlando, FL from Chicago, IL on the 1st of April, 2020.  About 5 days of use and 1,456 miles are included in all U-Haul moving truck rental rates.

Reason #2: Booking 1-way truck rental from U-Haul is easy

Online booking of 1-way truck rental is the most efficient way to do it with U-Haul. Or, you may choose to make your booking over the phone. Your price for your long-distance trip with U-Haul includes a 7-day rental duration and a certain number of miles.

You can include additional packing supplies during the reservation process if required. These items include boxes, furniture dollies, as well as a tow for your vehicle.

What is factored into the rental price?

  • Environmental fee and taxes
  • Mileage and fuel costs
  • Insurance coverage (optional)
  • Rental period date
  • Desired to pick up the location for the truck or cargo van
  • The desired drop-off location for the truck or cargo van

Learn more about U-Haul on our U-Haul Review.

Pro Tip

Before you hop in the truck and start driving, be sure to check for dents, scratches, or other damage. If you notice any unusual thing in the truck, be sure to have the U-Haul agent note it down. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the entire or some of the fees added in your 1-way moving truck rental. Before you sign the quoted price, be sure you won’t be paying any unimportant fees.

2. Budget Truck Rental

Budget Truck Rental

Although Budget truck rental was not the cheapest moving truck rental company, its discounts help certain customers to reduce costs.

Budget’s pickup and drop off locations are not as many as U-Haul’s, so if you couldn’t find a Budget location for your need, consider U-Haul.

Budget rental locations are also spread across the United States. This means you shouldn’t stress yourself much before you can find a Budget location to drop off your rental moving truck.

Just like other companies we discussed, the Budget enables you to make online reservations for your trip. You can also get a towing dolly rental from Budget in case you need to tow a vehicle behind the moving truck. The company can also supply you with boxes and furniture pads if needed.

Why Moving Feedback Recommend Budget

Reason #1: Budget offers the most cost-effective truck options

Despite that other moving truck rental providers offer more truck sizes than Budget, the company still retains the best price offers. Below are the three moving truck rental options they offer:

  • 12-ft small moving truck: Highest shipment weight of 3,100 lbs, can hold furniture from 1-2 rooms.
  • 16-ft small moving truck: Highest shipment weight of 3,400 lbs, can hold furniture from 3-4 rooms.
  • 26-ft small moving truck: Highest shipment weight of 12,000 lbs, can hold furniture from 5-8 rooms

Truck options and cost

Your location and the size of your rental moving truck will determine the cost of your 1-way move with Budget. You can also save money with flexible dates. Many Budget locations only allow drivers of aged 24 and above to rent their trucks.

Truck Size



Quoted Price


11’ 8” by 6’ 3” by 6’ 1”

443 cubic-ft.

$1766.70 per trip


16’ by 6’ 3” by 6’ 7”

658 cubic-ft.

$1859.40 per trip


26’ by 8’ 1” by 8’ 1”

1,698 cubic-ft.

$2841.30 per trip

Note:You will have enough rooms to hold your items with Budget as it offers three 1-way truck rental sizes. However, the Budget is free and provides unlimited miles as a bonus.

Reason #2: Reserving Budget 1-way truck rental I straightforward

U-Haul offers the best pricing, and Penske Truck rentals offer more reliability. However, those who live closer to a Budget Truck Rental location or apply for discounts can consider the company.

Similar to U-Haul Truck Rental, the Budget doesn’t assure pickup. This implies that the truck available on the reservation might not be available on a moving day.

It would help if you considered that Budget truck rental was not the cheapest or most trustworthy rental truck provider when we make our comparisons.

Nevertheless, Budget’s discounts make them stand out among them all.

Read more about Budget on our Budget Review.

3. Penske


Penske offers some of the best vehicles in the moving truck rental industry. All their vehicles are properly maintained, cleaned, and inspected before they go for a rental.

Penske is the ideal company for people with higher budgets who are in search of reliable trucks and assured booking. Unlike Budget and U-Haul Truck Rental companies, Penske assures you of the exact type of moving truck you pick up for your move.

This is a welcome addition and makes the company loved by many. About two years ago, Penske replaced older models with newer ones to give their customers the best possible relocating and driving experience.

Why Moving Feedback recommend Penske

Reason #1: Offers more Rental truck and van options

  • 12-ft high-roof cargo van: Recommended for larger furniture or appliances, about to 1-room worth of items.
  • 12-ft truck: Highest shipment weight of 3,100 lbs and can hold furniture from 1-2 rooms, or a studio apartment.
  • 16-ft truck: Highest shipment weight of 4,300 lbs and can hold furniture from a 1-2 bedroom apartment.
  • 22-ft truck: Highest shipment weight of 10,000 lbs and can hold furniture from a 3-4 bedroom house.

Reason #2:All its truck options are at cost-effective and transparent

Finally, Penske has something called “mid-road pricing”. U-Haul’s costs of a local and 500-mile move were a bit costly than U-Haul but cheaper than Budget Truck Rental.

Penske’s long-distance truck rental is the most costly of all three, but you need a reliable moving truck for a long-distance move. Penske is transparent with its prices, and we like that. The company also doesn’t force you into adding extra features you don’t need.

Truck Size



Quoted Price


12’ by6’6” by 6’1”

78 square-ft.



16’ by 7’7” by 6’6”

120 square-ft.



21’11 by 8’1” by 8’1”

164 square-ft.



25’11” by 8’1” by 8’1”

192 cubic-ft.


Reason #3: Excellent follow-up assistance

Also, the company offers 24/7 roadside help, even though moving trucks don’t usually have issues. One of the bestselling features of Penske is the free unlimited mileage it offers on 1-way truck rental with guaranteed follow-up assistance in the case of issues on the road. This addition in rental cost makes the company perfect for moving on a 1-way trip on a budget.

Reason #4: Convenience booking

You can easily obtain a quote online, which includes all fees. Penske doesn’t ask for personal information before you can obtain the quote. You pay exactly what is quoted for your rental truck booking. You can easily use the website as it is well designed.

For online reservation with Penske, make use of the ‘Obtain a quote” button on the website to obtain a rental quote and conclude your booking.

Read more about Penske on our Penske Review.

Other 1-Way Moving Options

One of the best ways to save money and gain more control over your move is to rent a moving truck. In some cases, this option may turn out more expensive than expected or not worth the effort. There are many benefits to hiring a professional moving company.

Professional movers handle the tough parts of relocation, which include packing and unpacking or household tasks like cleaning, assembly, and disassembly of furniture, and installation of appliances. Those who really want to move aside from the driving part can go with the moving container options.

Let’s take a look at other one-way moving options.

Portable Moving Containers

Pick your desired date, pack up your storage unit in the company’s allotted time, and then expect pickup. That is a simple step. After pickup, your storage unit is transported to your new address. Each company offers different prices and features. PACK-RAT, U-BOX, PODS, and U-Pack ReloCube are the popular storage units.

Freight Trailers

Send a moving trailer and pack your belongings inside within a given amount of time. Then, allow the company to drive it to your desired destination. You can choose old Dominion Household Services, Estes SureMove, ABF, and U-Pack for your cross-country moving assistance.

You can omit the last-minute moving stress and allow someone else drives the large truck. You can save money by packing the moving truck yourself rather than choosing a full-service move.

Start Fresh

If you consider moving your belongings on a 1-way moving truck rental impossible spending, then try to sell, donate, or give away some of your items. You can get new stuff for your new place.

To reduce costs, try local thrift stores and flea markets at your new home. Pack up items that hold sentimental value to you and other items you don’t plan to replace, such as dishes or knives.

Load some of your items into the cars of any of your friends or family member, helping you move into the new home.

Professional Movers

Hire professional movers to handle your move when you don’t plan to handle hauling your personal belongings. Pick a date and allow the moving team to pack all your stuff into the moving truck.

Popular nationwide moving companies include Nationwide Movers, United Van Lines, and Allied Van Lines. You don’t have to worry about driving or planning how to move your cars to the destination home.

Even though this option is the most convenient, it can also cost you some of the highest amounts of dollars.

Shipping Your Belongings

Do you plan to fly to your destination home? Ship your clothes, books, and other items you like with the normal mailing options. Make a price comparison between USPS, UPS, and FedEx and find the best means to ship your belongings quickly. You will be able to skip the stress of moving additional loads and avoid huge luggage fees in the process.

How you can save money when rent a One-Way Moving Truck

Generally, it is important to remember that you have decided to opt for a 1-way moving truck rental instead of hiring a full-service long distance movers with just one purpose in mind – to save money possibly.

However, once you are done with the move and run your calculations again, you will discover that your pre-move calculation couldn’t have taken you to completion of the move, especially when looking to move affordably.

In order to save you some money when renting a truck 1-way, consider the following cost-saving tips:

Choose the cheapest 1-way moving truck rental provider:

This is a no-brainer but can be taken as a reminder to get your research done correctly, obtain price estimations from different rental providers, and carefully compare the obtained quotes before making your decision.

Pick a wise date for pickup:

This may not be obvious but renting a 1-way moving truck during the time when demand is higher for moves is more costly than doing the same in the off-peak season.

In addition, 1-way moving vans are in much demand at the start and end of the month when most rental leases often expire, so you should schedule your move out of these periods.

If it is possible to move regardless of the bad weather conditions in winter, it would have been the best season to go for a 1-way moving truck rental.

Reserve your 1-way moving truck in advance:

Normally, there will be flexibility in renting the vehicle you desire in the middle of the month in the off-season. We suggest you make your reservation as early as possible, maybe about a few months before your actual moving date to save money.

Choose the 1-way moving truck with the appropriate capacity:

You should by now know the importance of getting the appropriate size of moving truck. We suggest you consult experts from the rental companies if you are not sure of the truck’s right side for your need or go for a larger size of the truck than the one you initially planned.

Find good deals on 1-way moving truck rental:

You may find some moving truck rental deals better than others, so the question is on the amount of time and resources you can designate for more comprehensive research. Getting lower rates because of seasonal discount is one thing; obtaining a 1-way unlimited mileage is another thing entirely. Deals like unlimited mileage on 1-way moving truck rentals across the nation are a welcome bonus.

Stay away from avoidable fines and additional fees: 

You may be overcharged by your 1-way truck rental company if care is not taken and you neglect little details on your rental agreement.

For instance, late returning of the truck with less level of fuel in the tank as expected or dirty could result in overcharging for these offenses.

To ensure you stay right on track, go through the chargeable items carefully before you sign the moving truck rental contract.

Are You Ready To Rent A One-Way Moving Truck?

There are lots of moving truck rental providers to pick from when getting ready for your upcoming move. Just be sure you choose the one that perfectly matches your budget and needs. For further information and discounts on different rental truck providers, check the truck rental page on Moving Feedback.

For those who still like to go with moving professionals, you can do so with our cross country movers.

Kindly check our wide network of trustworthy and reputable moving companies. We assure you that all the movers in our network are licensed and insured, so you don’t have any cause to worry about how well your move will go.


Is a 1-way truck rental cheaper?

1-way truck rental may be cheaper than a round trip when moving long distances. It includes two days of rental, which is up to 221 miles. Renting that truck for a round-trip could cost about $700.

Do I need to make a deposit to reserve my moving truck?

This depends on the company. Some rental truck companies like Budget and U-Haul need a deposit to hold the truck you wanted. Other companies like Penske don’t require deposits for online reservations and payments through a credit card.

How can I obtain unlimited miles on U-Haul?

Whether you are renting a moving truck for an in-town or a 1-way move, there are no unlimited miles available with U-Haul. Local rentals are charged per mile. Longer moves get a certain amount of miles and days from U-Haul based on the distance between the starting and destination location with a little additional.

What are the kinds of hidden fees I should expect to find added to my bill?

You will be charged an environmental fee by some 1-way truck rental providers, as well as a tax or rental fees. Also, there are additional avoidable fees for things like leaving the truck dirty or lesser amount of fuel than it has during pickup. Make sure you check all your options very well to see the possible fees that may apply to you.

Why is an online quote not available on some moving truck rentals?

Some truck sizes, such as cargo van or pick-up truck, are used for local moves. Long-distance moving companies or cargo trailer rental 1-way trips need to be sure of the dates and locations before a quote can be issued.


There are many moving truck rental providers available to pick from when your next move is fast approaching. Just ensure you choose the company that best matches your moving needs and budget. For further information and discounts on different truck rental companies, click here to access Moving Feedback’s truck rental center. For those who would rather hire the help of moving professionals, you can also get things done at Moving Feedback.

Go through our comprehensive network of trusted national movers. They are all licensed and insured, so you can relax and know that your move will be in safe hands.

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