Best Moving Marketplaces of 2022

Moving a home (whether local or long-distance) is not an easy task you can always face due to the nature of the job. While some people use Do-It-Yourself to move their homes, most people prefer moving services to move their belongings so they can save their strength for other things and avoid the stresses associated with it.

Hence, there is a need to look for a reliable moving company to handle your move. Do you just go only online and start searching for a mover? No! That is not the way to go. There are some dedicated places to view different moving services and choose the one that fits your move. These places are referred to as “Moving Marketplaces.” The task of hiring movers is made simpler and easier by moving marketplaces.

The platforms allow moving companies to list their services and get offers from people who are ready to move their homes. Also, consumers can enlist the items to move and get bids or quotes from various service providers.

Technology has influenced the way people do business and reduced the stress of searching for reputable services closed to you. With a moving marketplace, consumers can see and know all about a particular mover and request for their services as required.

A professional showcase of moving companies gives you the ample opportunity to choose the best moving service in the comfort of your home. As at 2018, only a limited number of moving marketplaces can be guaranteed as there are scams everywhere.

After a thorough review exercise on various moving marketplaces, Moving Feedback is using this post to present to you the best moving marketplaces of 2018. But for more understanding, we want to discuss what a moving marketplace is briefly?

Best Moving Marketplaces of 2022

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What is Moving Marketplace?

A moving marketplace is an online platform created to allow multiple movers and consumers to exchange services directly. The moving companies list their services on the platform with terms and conditions to receive bids from consumers who want to relocate their belongings and families to new homes.

The site is operated or managed by the site owner or operator. He or she is responsible for bringing users from both sides, providing an enabling environment, safety, and facilitating business transactions for both movers and consumers.

How do operators generate their revenues to run the platform effectively? While some take signup fees from the service providers, some usually charge a percentage from every sale proceed on the platform. Each marketplace operator has its terms and conditions to which every user is subjected, for the smooth running of the site.

In summary, marketplace operators act as a landlord; manage various moving vendors and consumers to enhance the smooth moving experience. Now, there are a number of these marketplaces, but only a few can give you what you want to achieve your goals.

This is the focus of this content; to recommend the best of them to both moving companies and consumers. This leads to the next headline…

Which Marketplace is the Best for you as a Mover or Consumer?

This question may look simple, but it is what makes our team a series of research and reviews before coming up with something perfect. Everyone knows that moving is not an easy task but getting the right mover to handle it can make it interesting and less-hassle.

Even if you are moving an apartment, undergoing the processes involved can be totally painful; starting from searching for a mover to moving your belongings to unloading your package to your new home.

The good news is that technology is here to make the task easier for you. While technology cannot move your home itself, it can assist you to streamline the moving process, save you time and money, and eliminate mix-ups as much as possible.

On the other hand, as a moving service provider, technology through the moving marketplace can help you generate sales and leads. You only need to list your services on the platform, and you will start getting offers from consumers all over the world. So, which one is the best marketplace to consider? Read on…

The Best Moving Marketplaces to List your Services

There are moving marketplaces out there, but they are not the same in performing their functions. Some platforms make sense than others. We have reviewed a certain number of moving marketplaces, and we have come up with a suggestion for both movers and consumers to have the best moving experience.

To make it easier for you, we have streamlined the list to the best two marketplaces that had stood the test of time in the current year running.

We will be discussing each of them; what they offer and how they operate. They are as discussed below:


iMoving is one of the best moving marketplaces founded to solve the hassles such as poor service delivery, sudden price increases, late show-ups from movers, additional charges as against agreed moving quotes, damage or loss of belongings, bad service delivery, and other moving scams experienced by many people on moving day.

iMoving creates a platform that offers transparency and trust between movers and consumers for smooth moving transactions.

iMoving is a secure platform designed to plan your move (either local or long distance) and manage your relocation from loading your belongings until they get to your final destination. iMoving allows moving companies and other services in the moving industry to list their services on the platform and drive targeted traffic to the site.

Consumers who are ready to move their homes only need to enter their move details, review and compare different quotes, choose a mover and book online at the same point.

As an iMoving user, you have access to select fully insured and licensed professional national moving companies based on users’ recommendations and reviews. Unlike your one on one dealing with movers, you tend to get fixed price offers, and all your transactions are protected and come with a full money-back guarantee in case there is an issue in your transaction.

All the movers found on iMoving are committed to the vision of the platform to protect your belongings and ensure a hitch-free moving process. They handle items of their clients with care by using protecting materials to wrap and pack breakable items such as mirrors, electronics, paintings, fragile furniture, lamps, and much more.

iMoving screens and researches all its movers before they are handpicked and allowed to be on the platform for consumers to deal with.

They follow up every transaction made on the site and provide you with the required support and assistance through the moving process. iMoving ensures all their movers go through below process to screen and handpick them:

  • in possess of a Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • local state government or transportation department authenticate the moving company
  • have in-depth experience at least two years in moving business
  • iMoving team examines all claim through an interview
  • they enter an agreement with the platform to be held accountable for any discrepancy with a user and removed if found wanting in any of iMoving community standards
  • users are allowed to rate moving companies based on the standard set by iMoving and are held responsible for every information provided on the site.

Reasons for Picking iMoving

Many consumers prefer iMoving due to many qualities attributed to them. During our research, it was discovered that the platform is in the position to enhance users moving experience on both sides. Below are some of the qualities observed:

Professionalism: iMoving is equipped with a high level of professionalism, and this has been the basis of its success over time. Its team of professionals never relents on its efforts to constantly improve for excellence.

Always put up positive and helpful attitudes with ethical behaviors and integrity. iMoving believes that movers are offering services in their name; hence, they ensure the moving companies are at the same standards as them,

Transparency: Transparency is vital to iMoving mode of operating the site. Every marketplace is expected to be transparent because of the function they perform; standing as an intermediary between movers and consumers.

Transparency ranges from pricing, prompt and accurate inventory updates, to honest reviews and ratings of movers. iMoving is strict in ensuring the true picture of information provided on the platform.

Respect: All the users (both movers and customers) on the site are treated with respect, and they also encourage everyone to do so. This has been made it possible to have a mover-customer relationship that enhances an already established positive atmosphere for transactions.

Reliability: Everyone needs a reliable mover for his or her move. Moving Feedback sees the reliability of iMoving to be one of the values that put the platform on the top flight. This quality cuts across the selection of movers to the completion of each moving process.

Security: All the movers found on iMoving are secured and can be assured of professionalism, insured, and licensed to operate. As mentioned earlier, the site carries out screening before movers are handpicked to list its service on the platform.

Availability of accurate and quick quotes for the move: iMoving is equipped with professionals to assist in determining the exact price for a move after providing required information such as inventory, distance, packing needs, restriction, and other requirements as contained in the form to be filled.

Payment Protection: iMoving handles the payment part so that you don’t have to be afraid of your hard-earned money. Payments are only released to the movers seven days after the moving process has been completed, and you are satisfied with your service.

Any disputes that may occur are managed by the platform to ensure its customers are protected. If a mover cancels your job, iMoving will find you a new mover that matches your price quote.

Experienced Customer Support Team: All their customer support team is experienced and well-mannered to manage all your inquiries. Starting from the day you book your move until you finally reached your destination; iMoving support team is there to help you via phone, email, and live chat.


The second marketplace we also guarantee is Unpakt. If you have heard the name before, you would agree with us that Unpakt is more than a comparison website, but a place to plan, weigh different options, book, and manage your move smoothly and effectively.

Our team reviewed the platform as a tool that makes move booking easier and less stressful for consumers. Unpakt bridges the gaps between movers and consumers and making finding moving companies effortless and less-hassle.

You can get an exact price of your move on this platform without needing to share your personal details with the public. Enough of choosing a moving company and wait forever for your quote to land; and after you got one, it turns out to be exorbitant.

Unpakt is there to control this. You get a good deal from the different mover and choose the one that best fits your move.

It is simple as entering your move details on the site, compare different prices and as well as user reviews and rating on the movers, choose one and book online with the click of a button.

On Unpakt, you are in total control of your move; you choose a date, choose a mover, and change as required. Unpakt verifies all their movers and their team ensures they are reliable, experienced, insured, and licensed before allowed to list their services on the site.

How Unpakt work?

Plan – Distance, inventory, duration, etc.

Compare – Weigh different options in terms of price, reviews, ratings, and much more.

Book – Select a mover, enter your billing details, and book.

Move – Move and have great relocation. Go back to the site and review the mover.

Reasons for Picking Unpakt

Unpakt was chosen based on the qualities it possesses. Moving Feedback uses its criteria to screen Unpakt, and the platform was founded worthy to do the job better than others. It provides a positive environment for dealings between movers and customers with secured transactions. Below are our reasons for picking Unpakt:

Price guarantee: Unpakt guarantees movers will not change your price unless you change your plan. Consumers can see the actual cost of their move, as they are fixed and listed based on each mover’s rates.

Service guarantee: To ensure you are dealing with licensed and insured, Unpakt verifies that all movers and ensures they follow their Service Standards. If a moving company does not live up to the Unpakt Service Standards, they are removed from the site.

Satisfaction guarantee: Unpakt ensures the satisfaction of its users; hence, it makes sure you are satisfied before the transaction is completed.

Huge savings: You tend to save huge money with the Unpakt price comparison package.

Simple booking and smooth moving experience: Unpakt provides an enabling environment that supports where you don’t need to go through stress before getting your move booked. It follows a simple Plan, Compare, Book, and Move within minutes.

Live customer support: Unpakt has trained and dedicated customer support to answer all your questions through call, chat, or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money when choosing a mover?

One of the best ways to save money on moving services is to limit what you are requiring of the movers. For instance, requesting a full slate moving service will include packing, loading, unloading and unpacking, which can add to the cost.

Many individuals and families choose to pack most of their possessions themselves. That leaves protecting heavy furniture and loading everything onto the moving van, which the movers handle. It also carries a lower cost.

You could also consider donating or selling some of your belongings, especially if you are downsizing at your next home or apartment. When you have fewer possessions, it will take the movers less time to pack and move everything, which lowers the cost of your move.

What stops a mover from jacking up the price of my move after everything is complete?

It is very important to get a breakdown of the moving expenses from your local or long distance mover before you select them from the moving marketplace. Most movers advertise their rates as a flat rate depending on the size of your move, or on an hourly basis.

If the mover advertises an hourly rate, look at the fine print. Some movers require you to pay for a minimum number of hours, which may bring up the cost of a local move. Others attach a flat rate fee for supplies and fuel charges.

There is also the option of requesting a binding quote from the movers. A representative from the company arrives at your home or apartment, assesses your living space and provides you with a binding estimate of the cost of the move.

Do movers provide insurance plans for my possessions, in case an item is lost or broken in transit?

Yes, insurance is part of the package provided by reputable movers on moving marketplaces. Most movers offer multiple packages, depending on the level of protection you require.

The basic package is required by law in most states, and only compensates you a dollar value per pound of item that is damaged or missing. It does not amount to very much compensation, especially if the item damaged is a valuable electronics device or furniture.

It is best to choose one of the premium packages, as they usually compensate the amount of money it will cost you to replace the item in question.

Does the season when I move impact the cost of hiring a moving company?

Yes, moving during the peak season (May to September) may bring an added cost to your move. If you have the option, it is wise to move during the off season, as it is easier to book your ideal date and time with movers, and you may receive a discount on the price.

If you are unable to decide the month when you move houses, try to book your move early. Booking six weeks or a month in advance gives you a better chance of securing discounts from movers that want to book up their slots as soon as possible.

Do movers expect payment before or after the move is complete?

When you book a mover through a moving marketplace, your payment details are handled by the marketplace. It means that you enter your credit card details and may be required to make a small deposit.

The full payment, however, is processed after your move is complete. In fact, some moving platforms like iMoving keep your money in escrow a full week after your moving date. That gives you time to report any issues with the movers before the payment is released by iMoving.

Even if the platform does not offer that feature, full payment is not expected until after your move.


Moving marketplaces have been making an impact and will continue to grow and help the moving industry ensuring a smooth moving experience. More moving marketplaces are still coming up, and we believe by the coming year, we will have more to guarantee for use. However, Moving Feedback has reviewed the best moving marketplaces of 2022 and has recommended Unpakt and iMoving as the best for now. We will be researching more platforms related to the moving industry to come up with useful suggestions to enhance moving experience. Stay tuned to this page for more informative posts!

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